Why Having Less Stuff Can Make You Happier

24 Reasons Why Having Less Stuff Can Make You Happier

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Let me take a guess. You have too much stuff. I know because I do too and it has been a goal mine over the past year to have less and I’m slowly getting there and will continue to work towards a life with less stuff. It’s not easy. I sometimes like to buy things and often I don’t really need them but I want them. I will continue working towards having less stuff though because it has made my life better.
Even if it seems hard to buy less and get rid of things there are lots of reasons why having less stuff can make you happier and help improve your life. With the new year beginning this is the perfect time to start simplifying and decluttering your home and life. It will make you feel better and make your family happier. 

1.Less stuff=less laundry to wash:

My favorite reason this list comes in first. When you have less stuff there is less to clean. I love to go through our clothes, especially my 9-year-olds and get rid of too small or worn clothes. Fewer clothes mean less laundry and more room in our drawers.
Since I started going through Isabella’s clothing and getting rid of things it has helped cut down how much I have to wash. I also cut back on how much she was getting in new clothes. She loves clothes but she doesn’t need THAT much. 
2. When you have less stuff you have more room.
We have a pretty small home and when we start having too much stuff it starts to feel cramped and I know it’s time to go through and do some purging. I like the feeling of more space and less clutter

3.You will actually know where stuff is.

Having less stuff means you probably have space for everything. Then you get to actually know where things are. How much time is wasted looking for things you can’t find? If you’re like my family the answer is. Way too much.

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4. Having Less stuff means spending less money:

Another one of my favorite reasons on the list. When you start making the commitment to have less than it becomes easier to not buy things that you know you don’t need and will just turn into clutter. I’ve been trying to save more money and not buying things we really don’t need helps out a lot. 
I’m not perfect at this but I can see that over the last year or so I’ve gotten better at buying less for me. Unfortunately, I live with two people who like stuff and I’m still working on getting this message through to them but it’s getting better.

5. It will make you just feel better:

I love buying things so I understand how good it feels to shop. Then I would feel broke and like I wasted money which I didn’t like. Then I had more clutter which I didn’t like either. Having less just feels better. I know that when I buy something I really need or want it and won’t regret it and I’m not feeling like I spent too much on junk all the time.

6. Less stuff= feeling more peaceful:

This has been so true for me and it’s because being surrounded by clutter is stressful. Even when you want to relax it becomes hard to do so. If all I can see is stuff that I should be dealing with and organizing it’s hard to relax.
I still have too much stuff I know but as the amount has gone down so has my clutter. I notice I can let myself relax more and not let it bother me as much.  

7. The things you have mean more.  

Having lots of stuff isn’t hard. You just buy things. Other than having less money it isn’t a challenge to have stuff. You just end up with a lot of stuff you don’t need and even things you don’t want.
It’s so much better to look around your home and see things you love or at least like. Not things you just have because they were impulse buys. My shelves and drawers are no longer bursting with stuff and I like it that way.

8. It will set a good example:

I’m sure your kids always want new things. My daughter sure does and almost every kid I know is the same way. Then they don’t appreciate what they have and we get frustrated.
Well, where did they learn this from? From us. We have more than we need or could ever use and our homes are unorganized and cluttered. We are teaching kids these bad habits. It’s one of my main reasons I’ve started living with less stuff. So that my daughter can learn to live with less.

9.You can tidy up on a hurry:  

Even as you declutter and purge your home you still will have things. I don’t think I can get you down to nothing or an empty house because we need belongings. To wear, to cook with, to write with and to entertain,etc.
Since you still have stuff you will still need to clean up your home and the nice things it will be so much faster to do so. Less clutter everywhere means less to pick up and a spot for everything. So Yay! Your cleaning time will be slashed and you will be able to get it done so much faster.

10.Your days start to run smoother:

Things will just start to flow better. Your days will feel more productive than ever before. You will be able to get through more of your to-do list because you will have more time. Why?
You will know where your car keys are and your phone, you won’t be searching for 30 minutes in your closet for what to wear because everything you have in there will be things you want to wear.

11. Less stuff can make you healthier:
Like I mentioned less stuff makes cleaning easier and you’ll do it more which means your home will have less dirt and dust that can make you sick. You will be able to clean in less time because there will be less to dust off and an empty space instead of clutter.  
Having Less stuff also means less stress which will make you more relaxed. Less stress means better health and just more feeling better. 

12. You won’t buy as many duplicates:

because you will actually know what you have. We all end up with so many duplicates. Two pizza cutters, too many sets of towels, extra hangers, too much food that won’t get eaten. Extra clothes or jewelry that we don’t need.
Sometimes we mean to get these extras or duplicate and sometimes we’ve lost what we have or we have so much we forget what we have. So we buy more which costs us more money and takes up more space. We need less so we know what we have and where it is.

13. You can have people stop by unannounced:

 You won’t have to worry about your home. Once you start having less stuff your home will automatically look neater and it will take moments to tidy up quickly if someone drops by.
There won’t be that moment of panic! That oh no my house is a wreck and there is nothing I can do about it now sinking feeling that comes when you have too much stuff everywhere.

  14. You can still have the memories

You don’t have to hold on to the stuff. I understand the impulse of wanting to keep things for sentimental and emotional reasons. We have things that remind you of people who are no longer with us, who we don’t see enough and of memories that we love.
I would never say don’t have any sentimental things because I will always keep a few treasured things. It’s just a matter of being more selective with what and how much you keep. You love your grandma who passed and you want to have something to remember her. I get it but do you need 10,20 even 50 things to remember her by. No,  you don’t so it’s time to choose what really matters and what you can let go of.

15. The stuff you have will be better quality:

When you are not buying as much when you do need something you will want to make sure it lasts. So it will be of better quality because it is meant to last and not be as disposable.
Instead of buying a new shirt for $10-$12 once a month that will last 6 months or so you can save up and buy a much nicer top for $40 or $50 that will last the year and beyond. The same goes for furniture and decor. What you buy will be more expensive because you want it to last a long time. Not be something you can easily replace every few months.

16.Less fights with your family or roommates

I’ve never lived with roommates but I know people who do and I know that just like when you live with your spouse and children that issues of cleaning and clutter can cause major disagreements and fighting.
When you make the commitment to have less stuff and downsize your belongings to a more manageable amount then you will have less clutter. Which will mean less to argue and fight about with the people you live with. If you can get them to live with less as well then it will be a much more peaceful home life.

17. It will get easier to have less:

Not right away but over time you will start to break the bad habits you’ve created in your life of overbuying and having too much stuff. Eventually, it will be a habit to think twice before purchasing something new and to actually make shopping lists that you stick too.
It will become easier as you start to see the positive changes that take place in your life as you buy less and get rid of things you don’t need. I can now actually stop myself from throwing things I don’t need into my cart at Target. I ask myself will this be used or just end up as clutter. If I know it will just be clutter I can pass on it. Not always but most of the time. 

18. You will have more money to save:

Do you find yourself struggling to have enough in savings? Most families, mine included do not have enough saved up for when an emergency happens. We all know the emergencies will happen but we aren’t financially prepared.

19.Less stuff can help ease anxiety:

I have suffered from anxiety for a few years now and since I started having issues with it I’ve been looking for ways to help lessen it and to hopefully someday eliminate.
Having less clutter and less stuff helps me to better relax and feel less anxious. I think it’s a combination of not constantly being surrounded by things I need to get done and just a peaceful feeling that having a tidy house gives me. It’s not the only thing I do to help my anxiety but it helps quite a bit.

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20.The stuff you get rid of can help someone else.

Like the saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The stuff you have around your home that is of no use to you or your family anymore can be of great use to someone else. You can either sell the things you no longer need on Craigslist or in a yard sale or donate them to a local thrift shop.
If you sell things you get to make a little of your money spent back. So I tend to do this with larger items that we no longer need. We also tend to do a yard sale every couple of years. Even though you don’t make any money donating you get the good feeling of giving things you no longer need to people who can use them and you have less clutter and stuff around.

 21.Spending less on stuff can give you more to spend on experiences.

This took me years to learn as a parent but it is such a valuable lesson. It is so much better for your child to spend less money on stuff as gifts for birthdays and holidays.
Instead, put that money towards experiences and family outings. That’s what they will remember when they grow up. The trips to the beach or amusement park, not the dolls and legos.  

22. Your kids will remember the memories, not the stuff:

Especially now as my daughter is getting older. She will be ten in two months How did that happen!? I can start to see what she remembers from being younger and what she values. She still has way too much stuff!
I do try to give her more experiences and to encourage our family to give gifts like passes to places or having her visit. Those are the things she remembers and appreciates more. The toys just sit in her room most of the time.

23.You will sleep better:

Have you ever noticed you sleep better in a hotel? Unless the bed is bad, which is a totally different issue. I noticed though that if I was in a hotel or staying somewhere else I seemed to fall asleep easier and sleep better.
I came to realize it’s because in a hotel there is no clutter, piles of stuff out, things that you should be taking care of. You just lay down and get to relax. This wasn’t happening at home and it was making going to sleep harder.
So I make an effort to keep my nightstand cleared off especially. Also to try and stay on top of laundry, which I hate doing. That way things are clear by my bed and I don’t see all this laundry that I should get to. I’m not perfect at it but I know that when I do these things I sleep better so it’s more of a priority.  

24.Less stuff means less to move:

We use to move every year or so the first 5 years of our marriage. Every time I was shocked that although we had purged a lot during our last move a year before we somehow had so much more to move the next time.

Now we have been in our home for six years and I know that when we eventually move we will have so much to take with us. That is motivation for me to try and have less stuff. That way there is less that we need to move to a new home.  

So there you have it. 24 reasons why this is the right time for you to start having less stuff in your life. It won’t be easy and probably take you awhile but eventually, it will just be so worth it. Your home will become a more peaceful place and you will be under less stress. So start small and begin getting rid of a few things a week. Also, make the effort to stop buying things you don’t really need. 

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