Short on Time? Here Is What You Can Organize in a Few Minutes

I am so excited about this post. Getting organized is something that so many people struggle with and for a long time, I have to confess I was a big slob. My home was always cluttered and a mess. I’m glad to say though that I’ve learned how to be less of a mess and have a more organized home and life. 

I wanted to share tips on how to quickly clean and organize your home. Sometimes you need to clean up quickly because you are having guests. I also like to do a little bit of cleaning every day so that it doesn’t build up and become an all-day job to get my home clean.
So what can you clean and organize when you are short on time. When you only have 30 minutes to an hour but want to get the most you can do and make things look as nice as possible.
None of these tasks should take you over 30 minutes so often you can get them all done in a day. So often we put off doing tasks because we think they will take forever but then if we actually time them it takes us a fraction of the time. 

Make the Beds and Clean off Nightstands:

Making the beds will take your bedrooms from looking cluttered to tidy in minutes. Spend a couple extra minutes clearing off your nightstands of any trash and dishes for a more orderly bedroom. 

Pick up floors and vacuum:

First in the main living spaces and then if you have time the bedrooms and other private rooms. Having a clean floor makes your space look so much nicer.  If you have lots of toys and kid clutter getting that picked up can a room look clean and organize when you are short on time.

Do a Quick Declutter

Take a trash bag and a laundry basket and make a trip around your house. Throw away any trash you find and put anything that is in the wrong place in the basket to then be put away. Your home will look so much more organized and in order. 

Wipe Down Counters and Sink:

Doing this will make the kitchen and bathrooms look much neater and more organized. The counters and sink being dirty instantly make these room look the worst. 
I use to think that doing the dishes took forever when I was growing up. As an adult, I realized that it really doesn’t take that long unless I let them build up for too long. So take 15 to get the dishes done and the sink wiped down and it will make all the difference. 

Anika Gandhi

Anika Gandhi is on a mission to declutter and organize all the things around her and is here to inspire and encourage you to do the same!

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