12 Uses for Shaving Cream You Wouldn’t Have Guessed!

We all love a good life hack—a way to do something easier, quicker, or cheaper. Taking something meant for one task and using it for multiple other uses is a win for your wallet and your life. Shaving cream is one of those products.

Almost all shaving cream brands have the same basic ingredients. Stearic acid, triethanolamine, glycerin, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate, and water. Soap contains stearic acid too, so it makes sense that shaving cream could do some of the same things soap can do. Triethanolamine is a surface-acting agent that helps shaving cream remove stains or clean grease from hands.

Here are twelve uses for shaving cream you may not know.

1. Makeup Stain Remover

makeup stain on white shirt
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Makeup stains on clothes are a common experience, but you don’t have to spend money on costly stain removers to tackle the problem. Shaving cream cuts through the oil from the makeup, and a regular wash afterward will get that foundation right out. So don’t retire your favorite shirt. See if shaving cream will save the day.

2. Chrome Polish

Cleaning a chrome faucet
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Hard water stains can take the shine out of chrome fixtures, and shaving cream isn’t the first solution to come to mind, but it might be the best. Apply shaving cream to a clean cloth and wipe down the metal. Use shaving cream to tackle the hard water spots and revive those chrome bathroom fixtures to their original sparkle.

3. Stainless Steel Appliance Polish

cleaning stainless steal refrigerator
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Don’t let the fingerprints or water stains get you down. Use shaving cream to polish those stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel polish typically has a harsh odor, but with shaving cream, you can get lasting results with no offensive smell. 

4. Defogging a Mirror

Young woman cleaning a bathroom mirror
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When rushing to get ready in the morning, a fogged bathroom mirror can put a wrench in your timeline. Try adding a thin layer of shaving cream to the mirror before you shower, and watch in amazement as the mirror remains free of fog.

5. DIY Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Close-up Of Person's Hand Cleaning Stain On Carpet With Sponge
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Carpet stains can be frustrating, and you can try every cleaner on the shelf, and you might not see results. Foam shaving cream is a simple low-cost stain remover. So next time you see a carpet stain or spill some nail polish, check the bathroom closet for the solution first.

6. Puffy Paint Crafts

kids painting a rainbow with puffy paints
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If you are looking for a fun activity to do with kids, puffy paint is made from shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. Let your little one’s artistic side ring true with this simple DIY craft project.

7. Clean Jewelry 

Female hands wiping a ring clean
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Daily use of cleansers and moisturizers can dull your jewelry’s sparkle, but you don’t need to run to the jeweler every time this happens. Shaving cream can help break through the daily grime without stripping the finish on your favorite rings, necklaces, and earrings.

8. Spot Clean Suede

Hands cleaning men's camel suede desert shoe with a brush.
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Do your favorite suede shoes have stains? Don’t give up on them. Grab the shaving cream and watch the magic happen. Applying a small amount of shaving cream to the stain is a quick way to alleviate the problem.

9. Remove Nail Polish From Skin

Woman removing polish from nails with cotton pad at table, closeup
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An at-home manicure can get a little messy, and the cleanup can damage all of the hard work you put in. Acetone can strip the polish from your nails, but shaving cream will remove the nail polish from your skin without ruining your nails.

10. Defog Eye Glasses

cleaning eye glasses
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It works for mirrors, so why not your glasses? Apply a small amount of shaving cream to the lenses of your glasses and rub dry with a soft cloth. Your glasses will no longer fog up when you come inside from the cold or open your oven or dishwasher!

11. Remove Sweat Stains

sweat stained white t-shirt
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Nothing is more frustrating than ruining a perfectly good shirt with a sweat stain. Imagine not being able to wear your favorite T-shirt ever again. No worries! You can save it by pre-treating the stains with shaving cream. Add it directly to the stain and work it in. Allow it to sit, then wash as usual. Bye-bye, sweat stain.

12. Remove Grease or Paint From Your Hands

Washing grease from hands using shaving cream
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Are you out of your favorite grease cutter? Grab that can of shaving cream and wash away grease with ease. It also works great for cleaning paint off your hands.

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