12 Genius Uses of Dawn Dish Soap That Have Nothing to Do With Dishes

Dawn dish soap is the superhero of grease busters. It cuts through grease on pots and pans and easily cleans spills and splatters from stovetops. The company is well known for saving over 150,000 aquatic birds and animals caught in oil spills and is committed to safety and sustainability.

It contains no phosphates, no phthalates, and no triclosan. The packaging is made from 35% recycled plastic, which is great for the environment, and their newest addition, Dawn dish spray, allows you to switch out the bottles with refills and reuse the sprayer repeatedly.

Dawn dish soap is excellent at tackling grease on your cookware, but there must be other ways to use this amazing product, right? You bet! Here are 12 genius uses for Dawn dish soap that you need to know.

1. Homemade Ice Pack

female hands nursing an injury on ankle with an ice pack
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Life with kids means scrapes, bumps, and bruises, and traditional ice packs leak, making a huge mess. Dawn dish soap frozen in a Ziploc bag works just as well as a gel ice pack. Fill a Ziploc bag halfway with the dish soap and then place it in your freezer; in no time, you will be ready to nurse the next ouchy!

2. Deicing Your Walkways

man cleaning snow from the road
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With the harsh winter weather moving in, it’s time to start prepping for icy conditions, but what happens when you run out of icemelt unexpectedly? Dawn dish soap mixed with rubbing alcohol and hot water will clear the ice from your steps and walkways without refreezing. The recipe is available online.

3. Pest Deterrent for Plants

woman spraying a spider plant with dawn dishsoap mixture to keep plant pests away
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Houseplants are great additions to a space, but the pests they attract are not. Dawn dish soap can be a deterrent for those annoying pests that plague your healthy houseplants. Mix a few drops of Dawn dish soap into a spray bottle of water and apply directly to the leaves. Voila, no more pesky pests!

4. Hair Product Build Up

Woman is washing her hair with dawn dish soap
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Did you know that even with daily shampooing, your hair products can build up on your hair over time? A once-monthly shampoo with Dawn dish soap works as a detox and safely removes the buildup leftover by your hair care products. It’s not recommended for daily use because it will strip the natural oil from your scalp and hair, so be sure to follow with a good conditioner when using it to detox your hair.

5. Defogging Your Glasses

cleaning glasses lens to be clear with dawn dish soap
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During the wintertime, your glasses will get fogged up frequently, especially when moving from one climate to another. Dawn dish soap will work to keep your glasses from fogging up during these frigid temperatures. Apply a drop to each lens, then wipe clean, and the film won’t be noticeable.

6. First Aid for Poison Ivy

Warning sign of dangerous poison ivy ahead
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Poison Ivy causes a severe rash with uncomfortable itching, and you can spend a fortune on over-the-counter remedies. The oils released by the poison ivy plant can linger on the skin, under the nails, and on clothing. Washing the affected area with Dawn dish soap has been known to give relief with its oil-fighting properties.

7. Unclog a Toilet 

Male hands with a plunger unclogging the toilet using Dawn dish soap
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A clogged toilet can get messy, and the chemical solutions are expensive. Dawn dish soap can be an answer you never thought about. Add a cup of Dawn to the toilet bowl and let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then add hot water and watch the clog run clean.

8. Mattress Cleaning

Male hands inspecting a clean white mattress
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Mattress stains can be unsightly and embarrassing, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on professional cleaners. Add a mixture of Dawn, peroxide, and baking soda to a spray bottle and spray the affected area; once the area has dried, you can vacuum the surface clean.

9. Driveway Oil Stains

Engine oil stains of car Leak under the car
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Cars leak fluids frequently, and those spills can leave stains on your driveways and garage floors. Dawn dish soap and some elbow grease will lift those stains away, revealing the beautiful driveway underneath.

10. Soap Scum Removal

cleaning the shower faucet by using a commercial soap scum remover
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Your shower can get soap scum build up after a while, and all the chemical cleaners can cost you a pretty penny. A simple mixture of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar can make a powerful soap scum remover. Spray the mixture directly on the soap scum, let it sit, and lightly scrub the area clean.

11. Flea Killer

treatment of dogs from ticks and fleas using dawn dish soap mixture in a spray bottle
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Pet owners know the struggle of treating fleas on their pets, and keeping them away can be a struggle. Dawn can be used to kill fleas by dehydrating those pests. A mixture of water sprayed on the affected area will allow you to vacuum up the remains, and if in a pinch, shampooing your dog with Dawn will kill the bugs on-site, providing significant relief for your furry friend.

12. Bubbles

curly blonde girl happily playing with dawn dish soap mixed with water bubbles from a large air gun
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Last but not least, bubbles. Little ones love bubbles, but the containers typically leak, leaving a mess and disappointing kids. Dawn dish soap, corn syrup, and water will make the perfect bubbles to entertain your littles for hours.

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