10 Things to Clean With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a versatile household product that can be used on almost any surface. Here are 12 things you can clean with rubbing alcohol in your home.

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Most households have a bottle of rubbing alcohol, maybe you store yours in the bathroom for first aid or in the kitchen for disinfecting, but the uses are endless. Bacteria are common in every home, and rubbing alcohol is an effective way of protecting your family.

In this article, we will talk about 12 things to clean with rubbing alcohol, some of which you might have never considered. Consider this list the next time you buy a specialty product where rubbing alcohol would work just as well.

1. Jewelry

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Our jewelry collects a lot of dirt and bacteria. I for one am guilty of wearing my rings while cleaning dirty dishes and more. Rubbing alcohol is an effective tool for getting that jewelry shining like new again. Let your precious metals soak in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and then wipe clean with a soft lint-free cloth.

2. Sofa Stains

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Microfiber sofas are popular in a lot of households, and combating stains from everyday life can have you scratching your head. Cleaning microfiber with water can allow the stain to penetrate deeper into your furniture, but rubbing alcohol will not. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean white cloth to eliminate stains from your favorite lounge spot.

3. Electronics

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Our screens have become a part of our everyday lives. Your phone, computer, and smart TV are some of your household’s most used and expensive belongings, and cleaning them with an inferior product can damage them. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly and is the best product to clean and sanitize those screens without the risk of water damage.

4. Permanent Marker

permanent marker drawing made on wooden counter by a child
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Have your little ones made an art project on your kitchen counter without the canvas? A permanent marker can leave a permanent frown line on your forehead trying to remove it. Rubbing alcohol will lift the marks from your counter with ease and save you the elbow grease.

5. Venetian Blinds

female hand wiping and removing dust from Venetian window blinds
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You could spend a weekend deep cleaning your home and still find areas that look worse for wear, like your blinds. Dust and general yuck can get trapped in the folds of your blinds making them look unkempt. Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth will get those blinds refreshed and renewed.

6. Sticker Adhesive

female hands removing sticker adhesive on window
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Decorating with stickers is a fun activity for little ones and teens alike, but when they outgrow that dinosaur sticker they are left with a mess of sticky residue and half-peeled stickers. Alcohol can work to lift the gunk that stickers leave behind; apply the alcohol directly to the sticker with a clean cloth. For trickier stickers, soak a cloth in alcohol and allow it to sit on the area for a few minutes.

7. Appliances

woman wiping microwave with a cloth and spray bottle
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You spent all of that money getting the appliance package of your dreams, and now you are plagued with little greasy handprints everywhere. Isopropyl alcohol will turn those greasy fingerprints into figments of the past. Just spray and wipe clean.

8. Windows

woman cleaning widows with a spray bottle
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A mixture of rubbing alcohol and water can make the perfect no-streak window cleaner. Use it just like Windex and as a bonus, the alcohol will work to keep frost from your windows during the winter. Rubbing alcohol makes a de-icer for car windows too.

9. Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes cleaning in a bowl with rubbing alcohol
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You would be appalled at the amount of bacteria your favorite makeup brushes are concealing. Isopropyl alcohol not only cleans but sanitizes your brushes so your makeup always looks fresh and flawless.

10. Sponges

hands holding colorful kitchen dish sponges
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Your kitchen sponge cleans away bacteria each and every day and after a few washes how clean is it leaving your dishes honestly? Once weekly soak your sponge in rubbing alcohol to disinfect any gross bacteria that might have accumulated.

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