12 Unique Uses for Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a summer must-have, but they aren’t just for lounging at the pool on a lazy July afternoon. Here are 12 unique uses for pool noodles you need to try.

Colorful pool noodles in the swimming pool
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The Dollar Tree is decorated with pool noodles starting mid-May, and it has me wondering what these super cheap tools can be used for besides the obvious. Pool noodles have uses throughout the home and more to make your life easier.

Whether you are looking to protect your property or a little one’s noggin, or you want a little help getting organized or trying a new craft, pool noodles are the answer.

1. Trampoline Springs Cover

close up of trampoline springs
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Trampolines and children are a match made in a suburban paradise, and this backyard staple makes your house the talk of the neighborhood. With this simple hack, keep those tiny hands and legs safe from the inevitable pinch of the trampoline spring. Pool noodles cut to size and split will easily encapsulate the spring, making the area a pinch-free zone.

2. Container Plant Drainage

bottom of a planter with holes
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Container plants can be finicky. You need to have the right watering routine, the proper soil drainage, and the perfect location to give them all the best sunlight. Well, pool noodles can easily solve the drainage issue. Placing pool noodle pieces in the bottom of the planter will increase airflow and drainage for your soil, resulting in happy plants.

3. Boot Tree

female brown leather boots over anr gray background
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With a good shoe, you can take on the world, and those adorable tall leather boots are a fall staple in every wardrobe, but how do you help them keep their shape? A dollar store pool noodle can help you protect that leather investment for years to come when used as a boot tree. It will hold the shoe’s shape preventing creasing and cracking.

4. Floating Beverage Chiller

chilled beverage in a bucket
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Keep beverages chilly and close by while lounging in the pool all summer long with a floating beverage chiller. A clear bin and a pool noodle can be crafted together to create this floating bar and make the pool parties that much more fun.

5. Bumper Rails

edge of a wooden brown dining table
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Is your little one in the cruising stage where every table corner and counter edge is a risk for a goose egg on their forehead? Pool noodles are great for lining sharp edges to protect toddlers and other little ones from injuries and, as a bonus, help helicopter parents relax a little more.

6. Under-The-Door Draft

pool noodle used underneath the door
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If your door isn’t lining up well, it can spell disaster for your utility bill. Pool noodles make a great draft guard when added to the bottom of a door, saving you money and cold nights.

7. Spill-Free Bucket Filling

Metal bucket full of water
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Like mopping isn’t enough of a chore, filling the bucket with water can be like fitting a square peg in a round hole with the wrong tools. With just a pool noodle you can turn your stationary kitchen faucet into a water hose and skip the spills when filling up your mop bucket.

8. Headband Holder

hand holding colorful headbands over a blue background
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Display all of your headbands for easy access with just some fabric and a pool noodle. The noodle’s circumference is perfect for holding your headbands, and they will be easily visible to pair with your favorite outfit.

9. Cord Protector

cords lined up together in a socket
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Loose cords can get tangled and damaged easily, and that drawer with the various ethernet cords and HDMI cables, which are totally important, is probably getting overwhelming. Storing those loose cords in split-open pool noodles will keep them untangled and organized.

10. Paint Tray Organizer

yellow paint tray and white roller set up for use
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Painting your walls requires rollers and paint brushes of varying sizes, and nothing is more frustrating than grabbing a handle that has fallen in a glob of paint. Attaching a pool noodle to the end of the paint tray will allow you a space to organize the handles of all those tools to keep them clean and ready for use.

11. Wrist Rest

pool noodle used as wrist rest on the edge of a desk

Anyone who works in front of a computer understands the pain inflicted on your wrists by the edge of the desk. There are only so many wrist flexes you can do before you get fed up. Adding a pool noodle to the edge of the desk will add a level of comfort so you can work or game to your heart’s content.

12. Wreath

wreath made out of a pool noodle
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Hobby stores sell wreath bases for upwards of $5 a piece and they are pretty small too. A low-cost pool noodle from the dollar store will give you the same quality at a fraction of the cost, so you can craft beautiful wreaths for every season.

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