15 Genius Uses for a Magic Eraser

That little white sponge is truly magic. There are many uses beyond cleaning up everyday spills. Here are 15 uses for a magic eraser sponge to take note of.

magic eraser and box sitting on counter

Are you spending time and effort cleaning up messes, and you think “there has to be an easier way”? There is an easier way!

Magic eraser sponges were invented, and they quickly became the go-to product for cleaning up hard-to-clean stains and messes.

They eliminate the need for specialty cleaners, so they don’t just make cleaning easier, they’re easy on the budget, too.

Ingredients in a Magic Eraser

Magic eraser sponges are made from melamine resin foam. They contain no chemicals and clean with just water. You should rinse surfaces that have contact with food after cleaning with a magic eraser.

The magic happens with the texture of the sponge. Melamine foam is porous and slightly rough; when wet, the magic eraser sponge is lightly abrasive, allowing it to remove stains.

What Not to Clean With a Magic Eraser

A magic eraser isn’t safe to use on all surfaces. Because it is abrasive, it can cause scratches, so test it on an unseen area before using it. Here are surfaces to avoid when using a magic eraser sponge.

  • Stainless steel
  • Wood surfaces
  • Your car
  • Walls with glossy paint
  • Granite or stone countertops
  • Non-stick cookware

How to Use a Magic Eraser

Wetting magic eraser sponge in the sink

They are simple to use. Wet your sponge in the sink or use a bucket of plain warm water for larger cleaning projects.

wringing out the magic eraser sponge

Wring out the excess water, then gently scrub the area to remove dirt or stains. No other cleaning products are needed.

Uses for a Magic Eraser

cleaning tile floor with magic eraser

1. Cleaning a Phone Case

Your cell phone case collects dust, grime, and scuff marks. Many people take the lazy way and wipe it with their sleeves, which gets the dirt on their clothes. It also causes smearing. A Magic Eraser will clean it up easily and leave it looking new.

2. Cleaning Shower Curtain Liners

We all know we should routinely spray our shower curtains to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. We also know that we usually neglect to do so.

Once they appear, those sprays work, but then you have to deal with the cleaner running down the curtain. With a Magic Eraser, you can target the exact spot(s) without hassles.

3. Cleaning Hair Tools

Flat irons, curling irons, combs, and other hair devices see a buildup of grime and dirt. They come not only from your hair and skin but also from the hair products you put in it or on the devices.

A few quick wipes with a Magic Eraser will make your hair tools look new. Avoid using them on ceramic hair tools as they may scratch or damage the ceramic.

4. Removing Spilled Nail Polish

Spilled nail polish can be challenging to remove, especially if it dries. If you spill some, the Magic Eraser can save a lot of laborious scrubbing later. It’s also more economical than having to go out and buy a specialized nail polish removal product.

5. Removing Pet Marks and Prints from Glass and Walls and Floors

Although we love them, pets come with their cleaning challenges. Nose prints on glass doors and muddy footprints on the floor or furniture are just a couple that come to mind. Spot-clean those areas using a magic eraser as they happen so it doesn’t become a bigger chore later.

6. Removing Carpet Stains

There always seems to be a stain or two that regular carpet cleaners won’t take care of. Hiring a professional cleaning service might work, but that seems like a lot of money for just a stain. Use a magic eraser instead. Scrub the stain to remove it.

Test it on an inconspicuous spot first to ensure you won’t damage the carpet fibers.

7. Cleaning a White Board

Over time, whiteboards keep smudges and “ghost letters” that the cleaning sprays they come with don’t remove. A magic eraser will wipe it away and leave the board looking like you just got it.

8. Getting Rid of Coffee and Tea Rings

You’ve probably noticed that no matter how well you wash it, a coffee mug or teacup you use frequently develops rings inside it.

These stains can be especially hard to remove, and although they aren’t unhealthy, they look ugly. A magic eraser can remove them and leave you smiling each time you pour your favorite brew.

9. Cleaning Vinyl Siding

If your siding needs a good cleaning, renting a power washer or hiring a company that cleans siding is best. But if a smaller spot needs attention, a magic eraser can get the job done and save you a lot of money. It will work on grime, dirt, pollen, watermarks, and more.

10. Freshening Up Grout

The grout on backsplashes and bathroom floors collects grease, grime, and other materials that make it look discolored and can damage it.

The slightly abrasive texture of the magic eraser is amazingly good at cleaning grout. You don’t even have to use special cleaning agents or scrub brushes.

11. Wiping Up Grease Splatter

When cooking, getting grease splatter on the stove, backsplash, and nearby countertops is inevitable. Cleaning it up with paper towels is wasteful.

A regular sponge will get saturated with hard-to-remove grease that can get on other things. Once again, the magic eraser provides an easy answer to the problem.

12. Cleaning Up a Computer Keyboard

Dirt, oils, and other particles from our fingertips and nearby objects, especially foods, cause grime buildup on computer keyboards. There’s no need to buy products specially marketed for cleaning keyboards. Just turn the computer off and grab a magic eraser.

13. Removing Crayon Marks from Walls

This is the most common reason we think of using a magic eraser. When your young artist uses the wall as a canvas, you can be assured it will take it all off. Just be sure not to use it on high gloss paint because it will remove the shine, and you’ll have to repaint it.

14. Removing Rust Residue from a Countertop

Have you ever left a can of shaving cream sitting on a counter or in a tub or shower for a while? If you have, you’ve probably discovered that there’s often a ring of rust left on the surface the next time you lift the can. A quick swipe with the magic eraser removes it.

15. Whitening Up Your Sneakers

One of the real bummers about buying new white sneakers is knowing they’ll eventually lose that clean new look. That happens before it’s time for a new pair, so how can you restore that look? By now, you shouldn’t be surprised that a magic eraser can come through for you!

A magic eraser sponge is great for many things, but you should always test a small area first to be sure it won’t damage the surface.

Do not use them on your skin, as they can cause an abrasion, and be sure to keep them out of reach of pets and small children to keep them from being ingested.

You can visit the Mr. Clean website for a complete list of ideas for using your magic eraser sponge around the home and outdoors.

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