15 Astonishing Uses for Coffee Filters That Aren’t Making Coffee

Coffee filters can be used for a wide variety of tasks around the house. Check out these 15 uses for coffee filters that have nothing to do with brewing coffee.

man holding snack in a coffee filter

With the invention of one-cup coffee makers and coffee pods, using coffee filters for making coffee has almost become a thing of the past. We know there are still some die-hard coffee pot users, and we applaud you for staying the course and not giving in to convenience for a good cup of Joe.

Coffee filters are among the most underutilized kitchen items. Sure, they are great for brewing your pot of morning coffee, but did you know there are many other ways to use them? You can pick them up at your local dollar store for cheap, making using them for these 15 uses a no-brainer.

1. Covering Bowls in the Microwave

Coffee filter covering a bowl in the microwave
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Cleaning up the mess of splattered food in the microwave is a chore no one wants to do. It gets everywhere, and you’ll no doubt miss some when cleaning it up. Use a coffee filter to cover that bowl in the microwave, then throw it away when you’re done. There will be no messes to clean up, and that’s a win-win!

2. Protect Your Good China

plates stacked together with pieces of paper between
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Whether you display your good china dishes or pack them in a box for safekeeping, it’s important to protect them from chips and breakage. Place a coffee filter between each dish to cushion movement that may damage your family heirloom.

3. Catch Popsicle Drips

fruit popsicles in a white plate on a wooden table
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Popsicles are a great treat in the summer, but the summer heat can make it a mess. Place the popsicle stick through the coffee filter for an instant drip catcher. If it’s too big, you can cut the filter down to a manageable size for little ones.

4. Apply Shoe Polish

male leather shoes polished to perfection
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Polishing shoes is a lost art, but if you’re still shining your best shoes before wearing them, use a coffee filter to apply the shoe polish. No more dirty rags in your shoe shine supplies. Throw it in the trash when you’re done.

5. Strain Cooking Oil for Recycling

straining cooking oil using a coffee filter
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When you want to be able to reuse cooking oil, you need a way to clean it up for its next use. Place a coffee filter in your strainer to catch all the food particles for clean oil you can use again.

6. Line a Plant Pot

woman holding basil plant in a flower pot
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Losing potting soil through the drainage holes in the bottom of a pot isn’t ideal, so how do you stop it? Line the bottom of the pot with a coffee filter. Water will still drain out, but the soil will stay put.

7. Hold Tacos

woman's hands holding a taco from a plate
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No more taco sauce on your favorite shirt! Use a coffee filter as a taco holder. The filter will absorb the oil and catch any ingredients that fall out of the taco, so you can make sure you get to eat the whole thing.

8. Soak up Grease From Fried Foods

hamburgers sitting on coffee filters to soak up grease
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Save on paper towels by placing a coffee filter on a plate to absorb excess grease from fried foods before eating. Perfect for bacon, chicken, french fries, and more. You’ll save money in the long run at the price you pay for 1000 coffee filters versus paper towels.

9. Storing Christmas Ornaments

female hands taking down Christmas ornament from a Christmas tree
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Wrapping Christmas ornaments in coffee filters is a cheap and safe way to protect your collectible and most cherished ornaments. Wrap them up and store them away having piece of mind that they won’t be broken when you unpack them to use next year.

10. Remove Finger Nail Polish

female hands with red manicure nails
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Out of cotton balls and need to remove your finger nail polish? No worries! Grab a coffee filter and take it off with ease.

11. Hold Ingredients When Cooking

woman cooking in the kitchen
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Eliminate extra dishes to wash when cooking using coffee filters. Place ingredients in coffee filters when prepping instead of using all your dishes. This is a great idea to hold chopped ingredients and dry goods for baking, and clean-up is a breeze because all you have to do is throw away the filter.

12. Waxing Strips for Eyebrows

coffee filter cut and used as an alternative for waxing strip for eyebrows
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If you’re lucky enough to have a wax machine, save money by cutting coffee filters into strips to remove applied wax. It’s cheaper than buying precut strips and takes the wax off just as well, if not better.

13. Use as a Spoon Rest

Spatula sitting on coffee filter on the stove
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Coffee filters are great to use as spoon rests when cooking. They absorb the liquids from cooking, then throw them away when you’re done. You’ll need several to absorb grease or oil, but they are also biodegradable, so they won’t clog up the landfill.

14. Weigh Food on a Kitchen Scale

digital kitchen scale placed on a gray tabletop
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Use a coffee filter the next time you weigh ingredients or portions on your kitchen scale. You can use a different one for each ingredient to eliminate cross-contamination and reduce the number of dishes that need to be washed. They don’t weigh much, but make sure to reset your scale for the weight of the filter.

15. Clean Windows and Mirrors

woman washing windows
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If you used to use newspaper to clean your windows and mirrors but don’t get the newspaper anymore, use a coffee filter instead. They are lint-free and will leave your windows sparkling and streak-free. Read the complete guide to streak-free windows here.

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