Toilet brush and plunger set that will match your bath decor

Cleaning your toilet is probably the least attractive part of home maintenance. It is, however, a crucial task, because it can and will tarnish, and without the appropriate tools to clean it, you will certainly never want to use it again.

Toilet brushes aren’t all similar, despite the fact that it’s difficult to imagine much distinction between them. So, which toilet brushes will be the best? Eventually, it comes down to a few aspects, such as your budget, favored cleaning method, and overall bathroom theme. You don’t want to have the typical black bathroom plunger sitting as an eyesore beside your bequeathed toilet bowl, there are some toilet brush and plunger sets that will perfectly compliment your bathroom ensemble.

And these best toilet brushes and plunger sets listed below are among them.

Toilet brush and plunger set for black decor

This awesome 2-in-1 compact toilet brush and plunger set is set to make your bathroom stand out as a good choice in functional decor.

This fantastic confined toilet brush and plunger set is modern, exquisite, and of high quality. Sitting next to your porcelain throne or against the wall near the shower, this ToiletTree Product brush is equipped with a stainless steel finish, making it look trendy.

The toilet brush and plunger will always be invisible with this duo hideout canister set, which is accessible in the back. You just need to lift and detach the brush or plunger from the back of the item, then slip them back when finished. Doing this helps keep the menial tasks of cleaning your bowl inconspicuously tucked away.

The black rubber plunger structure offers a solid grip and utmost suction power. As a result, it effectively clears clogs so you can easily flush them again. In addition, this well-made, sturdy, and the convenient plunging tool will help to clear out a backed-up toilet within only several pumps. As such, you’ll be back to simple flushing in an instant.


Offer a secure and sturdy stand

Come in a trendy, 2-in-1 design

A corrosion-resistant base prevents rust


The plunger is a bit small

Plunger and toilet brush set for white decor

This Amazon Basics toilet brush and plunger set is made with exceptionally enduring metal construction, including 80% of iron and 20% of zinc alloy. As a result, it may well last a lifetime.

Coming in a sleek, white style with a sparkle nickel finish, the toilet bowl brush is ideal for pairing with different bathroom interiors, especially with modern white bathroom decor. 

The plunger set comes with a compact base for making the most of the space, and is ideal for anyone with minimal floor space in a bathroom.  

The plunger happens to be a little on the harder side, so it will need a lot of strength to push downward and outward to get drains unplugged.

This selection might be ideal for a bathroom that has few plumbing problems and good water pressure.


The sleek design is easy to match with other interiors

Super easy and take less time to assemble

Ideal for limited bathroom spaces


The plunger is a little stiff and requires extra force

Toilet bowl brush and plunger set for farmhouse bathroom decor

Upgrade the look of your farmhouse bathroom decor with this rustic bathroom toilet scrubber. The Autumn Alley’s toilet brush provokes a brand-new silver dash of practical style in any bathroom setting with its sturdy, thick design and amazing galvanized finish. It’s as if it were a breeze to blend in.

The brush holder is typically made to last a long time. I love the idea that the interior is lined with plastic to keep your brush enclosed and fully prepared for use while maintaining the galvanized finish. More importantly, this brush makes toilet cleaning a breeze and ensures a squicky clean toilet bowl.

This delightful toilet brush set adds a simple but elegant touch to any bathroom. It complements a wide range of bathroom interior design styles with glamorous, good-looking versatility.


Come in a premium bristle scrub brush

Add a modern touch to your bathroom

Long-lasting with high-quality materials


The handle needs to be attached more securely

Toilet plunger and brush set for modern bathroom decor

The mDesign’s toilet brush and plunger set will help you maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom. One (1) plunger with a built-in lift & lock cover and the drip-catching base is included. Moreover, there is a brush with a separate holder for after-use storage. So, each product has its own holder for easy and discrete storage.

A rubber plunger head produces a secure seal to unclog kitchen sinks, shower and bathtub drains, and toilets. For a gleaming bathroom, you can use the solid-bristled brush to thoroughly clean difficult-to-reach areas. When not being used, the brush can be kept inside the holder while the splashes are kept at bay by the round disc.

I really love the clean and elegant design of this toilet brush and plunger set as it pairs with any decor. Moreover, it comes in a space-saving design, making it perfectly fit into small bathroom areas. In addition, it makes storage much easier when not in use. 


Come in a compact design for small spaces

Free-standing construction for ease of use

Keep the floor dry and clean with drip trays


The color might not be as bright as shown

Toilet brush and plunger caddy set for wooden bathroom decor

This durable brush arrives at an exquisite beechwood stand for effectively scrubbing toilet bowls till they brighten. In particular, the brush is attached to a stand for handy and vertical storage and access. 

It comes in a really charming aesthetic that blends in with any bathroom or home decor. The solid yet flexible fibers are suitable for rinsing brushes and comprehensive cleaning and are made from an all-natural pig bristle that is sturdy enough for everyday use.

Made entirely of natural beechwood, both the handle and stand are extremely enduring and resistant to chipping, gouging, chipping, and normal tear and wear.


Simple yet beautiful design to be easily blended in

Come in an easy-accessing and space-saving design

The bristle is super strong and long-lasting


It does have a light smell

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