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15 Tips for Decluttering From the Experts

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When dealing with clutter there are some people who are just good at controlling it and there are people who are bad with clutter. I am not good with clutter and always have too much. So I’m looking for tips for dealing with clutter from the experts. Hoping that more organized people will have ideas and tricks that I haven’t thought of and maybe you haven’t thought of them either.

I’ve learned that being an expert just means that you know more than the people you are teaching. So any bloggers who are more organized and better with clutter than I am are experts. They can teach me new ways to do things which I love learning because it’s an area of my life I’m constantly trying to grow and improve in.
1.To show it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to declutter. Redefined Mom shares 16 ways to declutter in 5 minute time periods.
2. Learn about the different types of clutter and how to deal with them from I heart Planners. Knowing the types can help you plan out how to deal with them.

3. Let Ruth from Living Free Spending Less teach you how to ruthlessly purge and become clutter Free. I learned a lot from her because purging was a struggle for me.

4. Some really great tricks to organize your home from Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog. I need to get better at number 5 on her list.

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5. Decluttering means getting rid of things you don’t need. Trying to get rid of things can be tough and here are 101 things you can get rid of without much regret. Organize my house came up with some great ideas of what to get rid of.

6. Budget Dumpster has put together a really thorough guide to decluttering your home. Lots of great information on how to handle organizing and clutter in each room of your home.

7.  Over on Simplified Bee she shares some guidelines for how to deal with clutter. Giving you some good questions to ask yourself when decluttering.

8. We know that clutter can cause us stress. It also causes your family stress and can affect them emotionally. Figure out how it does and how to solve it over on Your Modern Family.

9. Check out how I got my kitchen organized earlier this year. Getting rid of things and organizing to make my small kitchen more functional and user-friendly.

10. Figuring out how to have less will make life much easier and tidy. Here are three things you can simplify now to save time. It will also help you go through areas to clear clutter and purge extras.

11. Over on Clean & Scentsible she as a month long household Organization Diet that will get you organized. Here are twenty things you can declutter from your kitchen. It’s a good jump start on getting rid of stuff in the kitchen.

12. Over on, I found this article on 6 organizing tips from professionals. I figure if it’s good enough for Oprah it’s  got to be some good information and it was.

13. Some really handy and smart organization tips. I found these seven great tricks over at real Simple and need to try out myself. 

14.Now that you have purged some of your clutter what should you do with it? Well, one option is to sell it. So here are some helpful tips to selling your stuff on Craigslist

15. If you are questioning whether to get rid of something. Then check out this post on whether to declutter or keep something. 

I’m hoping these 15 articles will help you get a handle on the clutter in your home. I completely  understand how overwhelming clutter and being disorganized can be. I have been working hard to get control of my own spaces. 

Having too much stuff out and around can start to make me feel stressed out and overwhelmed. There is enough going on in life that I can’t control that are stressful. So I’ve been working hard on making my home less stressful and less cluttered and chaotic. 

So here are my favorite clutter busting tips that have worked for me as well sharing tips for dealing with clutter from the experts above in the post. That way you get some of both. Luckily I agree with the posts I shared. 

  1. Have a spot for donations in your home: This makes it easy to place something when you discover a duplicate or it doesn’t fit anymore. When you have enough donate stuff. 
  2. set limits: Not something I’m great at but one area I’m working on. Have a specific amount of an item you will keep in your home. Like with shoes, purses, books, movies, etc. Don’t go over that number, purge if you want more. 
  3. Declutter and clean in time chunks. Don’t try to do too much at once and become overwhelmed with dealing with your clutter. Take it a bit at a time and do what you can. I personally like 30-minute time chunks. I can get a lot done but don’t get too tired and frustrated to do it. 

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