15 Simple Tips for Decluttering From the Experts

Are you trying to get your clutter under control? Here are 15 tips for decluttering from experts around the internet that you can implement today and take control of!

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Contrary to popular belief, I’m not always good at controlling clutter. It’s a topic I write about, but that doesn’t mean I’m always perfect.

My home gets cluttered, I get frustrated, and I don’t want to deal with it, just like you. I know exactly how you feel!

You have to take a deep breath and dig in. One room, one space at a time. Staying clutter-free is an ongoing process. It’s not a one-and-done event.

I still let things pile up when I shouldn’t or sometimes buy things I don’t need. We’re all human, so give yourself some grace.

Benefits of Decluttering

I have said these things before, but they must be repeated.

  • Less stuff = less to clean
  • You’ll be able to find things you’re looking for
  • Less stuff = less stress
  • No more buying duplicates; you’ll know what you have.
  • You’ll have more time to do other things when you aren’t always dealing with clutter.

See more about the benefits of decluttering.

Check out these tips from the experts and start decluttering today. You’ll feel better once you just get started!

Expert Tips for Decluttering

1. 100+ Things You Can Declutter Today

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Trying to get rid of things can be tough, and here are 101 things you can get rid of without much regret. While organizing my house, I came up with some great ideas of what to eliminate.

2. How to Start Decluttering

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Knowing where to start when everything is a mess can be overwhelming. You have to put a plan in action so you can get started, and I’m sharing with you exactly how I do it.

3. Purge and Become Clutter Free

Let Ruth from Living Free Spending Less teach you how to ruthlessly purge and become clutter-free. I learned a lot from her because purging was a struggle for me.

4. Tips to Organize Your Home

Here are some really great tricks to organize your home from Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog. I need to get better at number 5 on her list.

5. Guide to Decluttering

Budget Dumpster has put together a really thorough guide to decluttering your home. There is lots of great information on handling organizing and clutter in each room of your home.

6. How to Deal With Clutter

Over on Simplified Bee, she shares some guidelines for how to deal with clutter. She gives you some good questions to ask yourself when decluttering.

7. How to Solve the Problems Clutter Causes

We know that clutter can cause us stress. It also causes your family stress and can affect them emotionally. Figure out how it does and how to solve it over on Your Modern Family.

8. Expert Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

woman filling plastic containers with dry goods

Check out how I got my kitchen organized earlier this year. Getting rid of things and organizing to make my small kitchen more functional and user-friendly.

9. How to Have Less

Figuring out how to have less will make life much easier and tidy. Here are three things you can simplify now from I Heart Organizing to save time. It will also help you go through areas to clear clutter and purge extras.

10. The Organization Diet

Over on Clean & Scentsible, she has a month-long household Organization Diet that will get you organized. There are actionable steps every day of the month to help you get organized.

11. Organizing Tips From Professionals

Over on Oprah.com, I found this article on 6 organizing tips from professionals. Find out what your clutter personality is and how to conquer it.

12. Expert Tips for Decluttering With a Decluttering Schedule

Getting consistent with decluttering and setting up a schedule makes decluttering manageable and less of a chore. Doing it weekly, monthly, and yearly is a great way to stay on top of clutter!

13. How to Sell Your Decluttered Items

Now that you have purged some of your clutter what should you do with it? Well, one option is to sell it. So here are some helpful tips to selling your stuff on Craigslist

14. Decluttering Tips for Busy Parents

Busy mom being pulled by her kids.

As parents, we have busy schedules, and finding time to declutter as often as possible is hard. These tips for busy parents make decluttering a whole lot more manageable!

15. Having Less Stuff Can Make You Happier

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There are so many reasons decluttering and eliminating stuff from your home will help you. In fact I came up with 24 reasons having less stuff will make you happier. Consider these when you think that decluttering isn’t worth it.

Remember, decluttering and living clutter-free is an ongoing process. It won’t happen in a day or even a week. Maybe not even in a month.

It takes time to declutter and learn new habits that keep you from settling back into the same routine.

Deciding to get started is the most important step, and these expert tips for decluttering will get you headed in the right direction!

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