Tips for an Organized Mudroom

Mudrooms can become cluttered and unorganized. Use these tips for an organized mudroom so you can begin and end your day with ease.

Tips for an organized mudroom.
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A mudroom tends to be one of the most challenging rooms to organize since it’s likely one of your home’s most, if not the most, utilized rooms.

Guests, kids, and all household members walk through the mud room, dropping possessions they brought in or grabbing items as they walk out. We understand the true struggle of keeping any mud room mess-free and organizing it.

Built-In Organization 

When considering furnishing your mudroom, choose the option that allows optimal storage. You can give your mudroom the storage amount you need by choosing a built-in organization. Try the following built-in mudroom organization solutions: 


Enclosed storage and organization are some of the most important aspects of a mudroom. When backpacks, jackets, and various sports gear all come together in one space, specifying them all for each individual makes the most sense.

More importantly, when your children are less than organized, and you haven’t had time to clean up after them, it gives them an easy place to hang up their possessions and close away the clutter.

Use a Bench 

mudroom bench with shoe storage
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A bench where people can sit makes sense in a mudroom where everyone keeps their shoes. However, built-in benches in your mudroom can be more than merely a place for people to sit while they put on and remove their shoes; they can also serve as storage.

You can have a built-in bench in your mudroom with storage options on the bottom to keep items. This addition can be both stunning and useful! 

You can DIY your own and save money. Get the plans and follow the tutorial to make this one for your mudroom

Add a Closet 

A coat closet can be game-changing for your mudroom organization. Not only can it control clutter, but it can also help you keep hidden things you may not want out in the open. You can hang coats and hats on hooks outside and the interior can be used for shoes, sporting equipment, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items. 

Upper Cabinets 

Upper cabinets in a mudroom.
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Adding upper cabinets can be exactly what you need to solve your organizing dilemmas. You can add upper cabinets flush to the ceiling where they’ll take up the least amount of space. Not only are they convenient for storage, but they’ll also look creative and add an elegant touch to your space. 

Wall-Hanging Solutions

A big issue for most mudrooms is the constant clutter scattered on the floor. It’s not just frustrating but dangerous as well. Here are a few wall-hanging quick fixes to try in your own space:

Coat Hooks 

mudroom organizing with coat hooks
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Do you have coats, hats, and sweaters scattered everywhere during the colder months? You’re not alone. In an attempt to escape the frigid temperatures, everyone merely drops their coats seeking the glorious warmth indoors.

An easy solution to this is to use coat hooks. It only takes a few moments for everyone to stop and hang up their coat or jacket, substantially impacting the mess accumulating in the mudroom. Coat hooks can be purchased for just a few dollars and will save you countless minutes cleaning up everyone’s mess. 

A Line for Gloves and Mittens 

Mittens being hung from a clothes line.
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Do you have dozens of pairs of gloves and mittens that come in soaking wet and end up creating puddles on the floor? If you’re willing to get creative, you can create your own organizational technique for those gloves and mittens.

String a line and then hang the gloves and mittens with clothes pins. This way, they’ll dry without making a mess, and you’ll have things more organized! 

Organizational Storage

Once you have designated space for storage it’s time to organize that area. Here are some organizational storage ideas for a functional mudroom:

Add a Calendar 

A calendar of events and communication.
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With busy schedules and people rushing through the door, there’s no better place to put your calendar than the mudroom. This location will get optimal traffic and ensure everyone in your family sees it easily.

Buy a calendar or whiteboard that can serve as your space to write down everyone’s schedules and what you have upcoming for the week ahead. You can also put small reminders or communication for your busy family. 

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Use Baskets and Bins 

One of the biggest problems with mudrooms is that people don’t want to stop and put items away in their haste to get to where they are going. Coming home from an exhausting day and rushing to bed, you probably aren’t thinking about neatly removing your shoes and putting them on the rack.

This is why you want to consider easier options, such as baskets and bins, that decrease the workload. With baskets and bins, you and your family can simply toss your shoes, jackets, purses, and whatever else may be on hand into them. This will increase your chances of the room staying tidy as it will be easier for everyone to put their items away. 

Create a Sports Section 

Duffel bag of sports equipment
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With kids in school and sports, it can be difficult to transition from activity to activity once they get home. Simplify this by creating a section in your mudroom that’s devoted to sports.

The best way to do this is to use bins labeled with each sport’s name so your children can easily find their equipment. If kids are running late, they’ll be able to easily grab their items while on the go

Create a Paperwork Section 

Get ahead of the mountain of school papers and bills on your kitchen counter by creating a paperwork section in your home. Designate a drop zone for bills and other outgoing mail, and also for each child’s newest art project and test score.

Then, when you come, ensure you take any paperwork and put it in the correct locations. Every week, you can go through these sections and clean them out, creating new room for fresh papers during the week. 

Unique Mudroom Ideas

Getting creative with your mudroom will help you get the most out of the space. These unusual additions can make all the difference during your morning routine:

Umbrella Storage 

Umbrellas stored in a basket.
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You need a home for all your umbrellas; the mudroom is the perfect location. An umbrella storage system can be as simple as a bucket or basket. Here, you can house your umbrellas, canes, field hockey sticks, and baseball bats as needed. 

Use the Door Storage 

Over-the-door storage organizer
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When dealing with a small space, it’s important to utilize every inch of space you have available. This includes your door. Over-the-door storage units can be perfect for your mudroom, giving you the extra space you need. Use over-the-door storage units to put shoes, purses, hats, and anything else that is handy and might be needed. 

A Charging Station 

Charging station for electronics
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Are electronics always dead when you go to bring them to school? An easy solution is to create a charging station in the mudroom to ensure that all electronics will always be charged. Here, your children can remember to plug in their Chromebooks right when they get home, and they’ll be charged again in the morning.

Dedicate a space, whether a shelf or a table area, where they have an extension cord equipped with a variety of chargers for any of their electronic devices. Then, they can simply charge them all as they get home every day. 

With these ideas and tips for an organized mudroom, you’ll be able to keep the space neat and tidy and check it off your to-do list.

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