100 Things to Declutter From Your Home Right Now

Is clutter taking over your home? Tackle that clutter and get rid of that stuff room by room now with these 100 things to declutter from your home.

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Are You Struggling With What to Declutter?

Getting started is the hardest part of decluttering. Knowing what to keep and what to get rid of can be overwhelming.

You aren’t alone! I’m the same way. What if I need that someday? It doesn’t take up that much space. Where do I even start? These are all things we tell or ask ourselves about the stuff that takes over our home.

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Reasons to Declutter

Decluttering will free up space for things you really need and want.

Getting rid of old, unused, or broken items will make you feel better and happier.

Having less mess and clutter will allow you to free up your time so you don’t have to struggle to keep it organized.

Decluttering and getting rid of stuff will actually reduce stress. Trust me, it does!

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100 Things to Declutter From Your Home

A lot of the items on this list can be thrown away. Yes, I said it. Straight into the trash and don’t look back.

You may have items that are still in good repair that someone else could use, so consider donating those items or finding someone you know that could use them.

Let’s get started decluttering room by room with this list of 100 things to declutter from your home right now.

Your Decluttering List Room by Room

The Kitchen

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1. broken or unwanted magnets

2. old and expired food in your pantry

3. broken utensils or cooking tools

4. cleaning supplies that you don’t use or like

5. Recipe books that you don’t use. Mostly because you get all your recipes online.

6. excess baking trays, pots, pans, and dishes that you don’t need (these can be donated if in good condition)

7. Any paper clutter like receipts, manuals, bills, etc. put away what needs to be saved and toss the rest

8. Anything in your fridge that is past its prime or you know you won’t use.

9. Any old or almost empty spices and oils that can be trashed or bottled together to save space. Do you really need 3 half-filled garlic salts? Nope

10. Novelty cups that never get used but take up space. You know the ones from amusement parks, sporting events, restaurants, etc.

11. Extra Tupperware or pieces without lids ( put sets together and get rid of unmatching pieces)

12. extra plastic bags from stores. We use to have tons of these until California stopped using them and you have to pay for them.

13. Any paper or plastic plates, cups, and utensils that are not going to be used. Donate or toss them!

14. baby/kid cups, plates, and utensils that are no longer needed

15. broken appliances or parts from old appliances you no longer have

16. ketchup, sauce packets, straws from fast food/take out

17. empty jars or bottles that you don’t need

18. mostly empty bottles of cleaning sprays

19. Serving dishes that are never used

20. small appliances or specialty tools that are never used

Living Room/Dining Room

blankets and pillows on the list of 100 things to delcutter in your home

23. Magazines and newspapers

22. Books you aren’t going to read or won’t read again

23. Any old or worn blankets, pillows, or rugs.

24. Any dead or dying plants

25. unused storage boxes or bins

26. any paper stacks that can be filed and thrown away

27. Any games with broken or missing pieces

28. Old CDs or DVDs that can be thrown out or given away

29. Any broken or unused electronics like TVs or DVD players

30. unused or unwanted candles or air fresheners

31. broken or damaged memorabilia and decorations

32. old pet toys and supplies that are not used or needed

33. broken picture frames or wall art

34. damaged or ruined furniture that you need to let go of.

35. Old decor that you no longer use but have random pieces of

36. Knick knacks you no longer want or like

What to Declutter in the Master Bathroom

declutting old medication

37. old or almost empty medications

38. old or gross makeup

39. towels or rugs that are worn or damaged

40. old hairbrushes and combs

41. products that you didn’t end up liking or are empty or have gone bad

42. empty tissue boxes or toilet paper rolls that need to be tossed

43. old toothbrushes

44. toiletries that are expired or extra

45. broken hair ties or hair accessories

46. expired skin care products like creams and lotions

47. old nail polishes and perfumes that can be tossed out

48. Old baby or kid products if they are no longer in use

49. product samples that you don’t need and just have

50. old or worn washcloths and rags

51. expired medication or vitamins (Here is how to dispose of old medication properly)

What to Declutter in the Bedroom

man holding box of old shoes

52. worn or damaged sheets

53. extra blankets or bedding that can be donated

54. clothing that is stained or ruined

55. Clothing that is outdated or no longer fits

56. Earrings that are missing a pair

57. Any broken or outdated jewelry that is no longer worn

58. broken or unused electronics that can be donated or recycled

59. scarves and belts that you don’t want or wear any longer

60. unused or unwanted purses

61. unworn or damaged shoes

62. storage boxes or containers that you don’t need

63. Worn out undergarments and socks

64. old candles that are burned down or you don’t enjoy

65. Pillows past their prime (animal shelters would love these)

What to Declutter in Kids’ Bedroom/ Playroom

box of old and broken toys on the list of 100 things to declutter from your home

66. broken toys that can’t be played with

67. toys that no longer get played with and can be given away

68. Games with lost parts or pieces

69. puzzles with missing pieces

70. toys that have been outgrown and can be given to younger kids

71. baby items that are no longer needed and can be given away

72. clothing that no longer fits

73. shoes that no longer fit

74. Stuffed animals that are worn or frayed

75. damaged or destroyed books

76. old markers, crayons, and art supplies

77. DVDs and books that have been outgrown and no longer interested in

Things to Declutter in Your Office

bins of notebooks and pencils with cork board to declutter

78. old textbooks or books from work courses

79. notebooks that have been written in and you don’t need

80. pens and markers that don’t work any longer

81. old receipts

82. outdated coupons and flyers

83. old phones and chargers

84. old and outdated papers and documents

85. batteries, keys and other things found in a junk drawer

86. broken or unneeded electronics that can be recycled or given away

87. wrapping paper or bags that you don’t need

88. old manuals that you don’t need

89. broken or unwanted holiday decorations

90. excess children’s art work or school work. You don’t need to keep it all.

91. crafting supplies that you don’t use or want

92. Old and outdated calendars and planners

93. old greeting cards that you don’t want to keep

94. photos that are not good enough to keep in albums or scan onto the computer

Other Places and Stuff to Declutter

cleaning and decluttering broken and unused tools

95. clean out your glove compartment

96. clean out your wallet and purse. Clean out those receipts, trash and junk

97. throw out broken outdoor toys or tools

98. toss old paint and spray paint cans out

99. old gardening and yard supplies

100. Exercise equipment you don’t use (if you still have inner thigh trainers and every other infomercial gadget ever sold, say goodbye! A set of weights and a yoga mat will do!)

101. Old sports equipment you don’t use (outgrown hockey equipment or abandoned lacrosse sticks can be traded in for new equipment!)

102. Extra bags & suitcases (Keep one set of good quality luggage and a couple of extra bags for sports, and sleepovers, etc..)

103. Broken and unrepairable tools. It’s good to take stock of the tools you have and make sure they are all in working condition.

It’s a long list and no one expects you to declutter your entire home in a day. Just take it one day at a time, one room at a time. You’ll feel so much better once it’s all done!

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