15 Things That Make a Home Look Cluttered

Every house gets cluttered from time to time, but how you deal with it makes a huge difference in how cluttered your space becomes. Leaving things to pile up creates frustration and overwhelm that will leave you paralyzed when it comes to decluttering.

Everyday items create the most clutter and dealing with them is really all about creating a routine to keep the clutter at bay. Here are 15 of the most common things that make a home look and feel cluttered and ways you can change it for the better.

1. Stacks of Mail

a bunch of mails laid on the kitchen table
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Stacks of mail sitting on a kitchen counter, table, or desk contribute to the clutter in your home. The best way to eliminate this is to deal with mail when you get it and designate one place to keep it. Here is what you can do to reduce the amount of mail you receive and deal with what is necessary.

  • Throw away or shred junk mail immediately and call to be removed from mailing lists of things you don’t want to receive.
  • Designate a place for items that need to be dealt with, like bills and correspondence. Add a basket to keep them in, or if you have a home office, a wall-mounted filing system is great for keeping things organized. Once you take care of them, be sure to file what you need to keep and throw away what you don’t.
  • Consider going paperless when it comes to bill paying. Almost all bills you receive have an option to receive email instead of paper. Not only does this save you from the headache of dealing with paper clutter, but it also cuts down on what goes into a landfill and saves trees.

2. Unfolded Blankets on the Couch

unfolded blanket on couch
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Who doesn’t love to curl up on the couch with their favorite blanket and read a book or binge-watch their favorite series on Hulu or Netflix? Leaving that blanket lying there once you’re done adds to the cluttered look of your living room. Take a minute to fold it up and put it away to neaten up the space.

3. Cluttered Coffee Table

cluttered coffee table
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Coffee tables are magnets for clutter. The key to an uncluttered coffee table is to set it up for how it will function best for your household. A beautifully styled coffee table may look great, but it will look cluttered when there are too many things on it. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding what should live on your coffee table:

  • How do you use the coffee table?
  • Do you have little ones that get into everything on their level?
  • Are you constantly moving things around on it to be able to use it?

4. Too Many Collectibles

cluttered living room
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Decor and collectibles are great in small doses. When you have too much, your spaces will begin to look cluttered. Look around at how much you have and ask yourself if you really need it all. Keep a few of your favorite pieces, and get rid of the rest. Keep what you truly love that represents who you are. Use the rule of three if you’re wondering how much you should keep and unclutter your spaces.

5. Laundry Not Put Away

woman putting laundry away
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Laundry is a time-consuming chore, and most people don’t enjoy doing it. Have you seen the Facebook meme that says:

” Me: How many loads of laundry can this hold? Salesperson: This is a dining table. Me: And…”

It’s funny until it’s your dining table that is covered in laundry. We’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another, but laundry lying around that hasn’t been put away adds to the clutter in your home. Take the time to put it away or get the other people in your house to help you. You’ll feel much better when the table is clear.

6. Too Much Furniture

cluttered room with too much furniture
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Too much furniture will make your home look cluttered. You only need enough furniture for the rooms in your home to function the way they need to. Oversized furniture in a small space has the same effect. Get rid of extra furniture pieces that serve no function and enjoy a clutter free home.

7. Unmade Beds

unmade bed
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The most organized people make their bed everyday and so should you. An unmade bed sets the tone for the day and you have to straighten it up to go to bed anyway. Walking in and out of the bedroom during the day and seeing an unmade bed adds to the cluttered feel of a room, so make your bed each morning and have a better day. See habits of organized people here.

8. Visible Cords and Wires

jumble of cords
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A jumble of cords next to the sofa or visible underneath the television adds to the visual clutter in a space. Untangle them and use a cord organizer to keep them neat and tidy. Unplug cords not being used and put them away until needed.

9. Overflowing Closets

Overflowing closet of clothes
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Overflowing closets is problem a lot of people have, so you’re not alone. Do a ruthless purge and get rid of items you don’t wear or use anymore. Once it’s done you’ll be able to close the door again and find what you’re looking for when you need it.

10. Out of Place Items

Table top with clutter
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Tools don’t belong on the coffee table and hair ties don’t belong on the entryway table. Out of place items add to the cluttered look of a home and can quickly get out of control. Put things back where they belong when you’re done with them and teach everyone in the house to do the same for clutter free spaces.

11. Empty Boxes

Empty boxes
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Amazon and other delivery boxes can accumulate quickly and make the corner of your living room look a hot mess. Break them down and throw them away. You aren’t going to need them any time soon and there are plenty more where they came from.

12. That Pile of Shoes at the Door

DIY bench with shoe storage in entry
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It’s great that everyone takes their shoes off when they come in the house, but they don’t have to become a cluttered pile in the entryway. Add shoe storage to your entryway to keep them organized or employ a hard and fast rule so that everyone puts their shoes away when they come in the door. Plans to make an entryway bench with shoe storage here.

13. Pet Toys and Supplies

Pet toys in a wire basket
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Pets are like children and their toys and other supplies can easily clutter your home. Designate an area for food and other supplies and keep a basket handy to store away their toys when they aren’t playing with them.

14. Unwashed Dishes

Kitchen cluttered with dirty dishes
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Doing dishes is a chore no one likes. It’s even worse than doing laundry. Letting dishes pile up in the sink and on the counter makes your kitchen cluttered and dirty. Clean dishes as you go while cooking and load the dishwasher after each meal to help keep your kitchen clutter free.

15. Unused Exercise Equipment

Treadmill with socks and pants hanging on it
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At one time or another everyone has bought a piece of workout equipment with the good intentions of putting it to use. As time goes by all good intentions fall to the wayside and you end up with a treadmill or stationary bike that becomes a magnet for clutter. If you aren’t using it anymore, get rid of it and free up valuable real estate inside your home.

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