The Best Long Lasting Scents for your Home with Air Fresheners

Nothing is more unpleasant than returning home to the smell of a pet, last night’s meal, or lack of ventilation. While a thorough cleaning and/or a powerful air purifier might help eliminate these bad smells, an air freshener is a quick and affordable way to eliminate lingering odors and keep your room more welcoming. A suitable plug-in air freshener should smell fresh and clean and altogether remove odors rather than just masking them without being overwhelming or fading too quickly.

Usually, these come in various styles and work by vaporizing or aerosolizing fragrances by heating wax or oil. Some types of air purifiers disinfect the air by filtering out dust, pet dander, mold spores, and other contaminants. But these are the 2 best long lasting plugin air fresheners available out there. 

Best plugin air freshener

A plug-in air freshener is a simple and efficient way to get rid of odors and refresh your home. It takes fewer tasks than lighting candles or using a can of air freshener. Simply plug the air freshener into the wall, set your preferences, and sit back and unwind. 

But there are several essential things to consider when it comes to the best plug-in air fresheners. These include the length of use, scent, control settings, and refillable tank. Also, don’t forget to think about the material if it is safe for your pet or not. When in doubt, the best overall option is the Air Wick Botanica Plugin (2 Warmers + 6 Refills) Caribbean Sweetgrass & Sandalwood – Lasts 60 Days.

Air Wick Botanica Plugin (2 Warmers + 6 Refills) Caribbean Sweetgrass & Sandalwood – Lasts 60 Days

The Air Wick Botanic Plugin Air Freshener comes with 2 warmers and 6 refills. The scent is produced with the inspiration of natural fragrance. As such, you can enjoy the warmth of Sandalwood blended with the freshness of Caribbean Sweetgrass. 

Besides, the natural essential oil smells really good. It might help reduce stress after a long day at work. No excess ingredients or chemical propellants are included, which is safe for you and your pet’s health as well.

When it comes to the length of fragrance, this air freshener provides a notably long-lasting scent. Each refill can offer up to 2 months of continuous fragrance under a low setting. There are 2 warmers so you can use them in different rooms (living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.) so that your home will always feel relaxing and welcoming. 


Natural essential oils are safe for pets

The soothing scent of Caribbean sweetgrass and sandalwood

Fragrance lasts up to 60 days under continuous diffusion

Offer 5 different levels of fragrance 

Easy to refill with a compact design


Might have a strong smell initially 

Longest lasting plug in air freshener

A good plug-in air freshener should last for a long time. It will become tedious to change it every few days if it only lasts just several days. So, look for the one that can last up to a month so you can get a month’s worth of use out of your air freshener. And here is the longest lasting plug-in air freshener you can count on:

Botanica by Air Wick Plugin (10 Refills) French Lavender & Honey Blossom – Lasts 60 Days

Let’s travel to the Lavender field of Provence with these essential lavender oils. Blended with the sweet nectar of Honey Blossoms, it is sure to give aromatic freshness. Your room will be filled with the fragrance of natural flowers and grass, dispelling worries and sorrows.

It comes with 10 refills in a small design so that you just need to plug it in and forget about it. There will be fresh and welcoming fragrances released around your room. In addition, the scent can last very long, up to 60 days under a low setting.

Since there are no chemical propellants, no phthalates, no dyes, and no excessive ingredients, you can rest assured that this essential oil is safe for your health and your pets too. With such natural ingredients, they not only make your room refreshing and welcoming but also help ease stress.


Bring a refreshing scent to your room

The fragrance’s length is up to 60 days

There is no harm to you and your pet’s health

No chemical odors or clumps

Easy to adjust the level of scent


The scent tends to be too strong for some

Conclusion – Why you should buy the longest lasting plugin air freshener

You can have clean, fresh air without putting in the effort with the best plug-in air fresheners. Simply plug them in and ignore them.

Always heed the product’s safety recommendations to see whether it is safe for your pet’s safety or not. In addition, think about the scent, the control settings, length of use, and whether the item can be refilled. This way, you can choose a suitable plug-in air freshener for your needs and wallet as well.

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