States with Affordable Gym Memberships

Considering starting a gym membership to get fit and healthy? Working out in a gym and having the routine of going somewhere to do your workout is proven to keep you on track for your fitness goals. The best part is that working out with others in a gym environment fosters a feeling of community with other like-minded individuals.

Unfortunately, gym memberships also mean an added expense. The following ten states have the most affordable gym memberships based on average monthly income and income after paying a house payment. At under 2% of post-house payment income in these ten states, you can get healthy without spending too much.

1. Wyoming

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Wyoming has the most affordable gym memberships in the United States. The average gym membership in this state is $42.70 per month. With an average monthly income of over $4500, membership users use 1.44% of their take-home pay to get fit and healthy.

2. Vermont

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On average, getting fit and healthy in Vermont will cost you $46.60 per month. It ranks second nationwide with the most affordable monthly gym membership cost. The average monthly income in Vermont is around $5000, so gym members use 1.47% of their take-home pay to workout.

3. Deleware

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With an average monthly income of $5100 or more, Deleware is ranked number 3 for the most affordable gym memberships nationwide. If you live in Deleware, you will spend 1.53% of your take-home pay to get fit and healthy, with the cost for a membership being $54.50 per month.

4. North Carolina

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North Carolina comes in 4th in the nation for affordable gym memberships. An average membership costs just 1.54% of your take-home pay.

5. Rhode Island

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Rhode Island gym memberships cost just a bit more than those in North Carolina, costing just 1.55% of post-home-payment income rounding out the top 5 of most affordable gym memberships in the US according to Pricelisto.

6. Virginia

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Virginia is one of two states on this list of 10 with the highest average income within this list nationwide. If you live in Virginia, an average membership will cost you 1.66% of your income after paying your house payment, $58.92

7. Maryland

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Maryland’s average income is at number 6 nationwide and is the other top-income state on this list. A gym membership costs roughly 1.67% of your income post-house payment, or $62.08.

8. Montana

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The average gym membership in Montana will cost you $45.98. This may be lower than some of the others above, but the average income in Montana is one of the lowest on this list, making a gym membership cost 1.676% of income post-house payment. What does that really mean? While the actual cost may be lower, you’re paying more of your income to be a member of a gym.

9. Indiana

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Coming in at number 9 is the state of Indiana. A gym membership in Indiana will cost you $53.45. The average gym membership costs 1.682% of post-house payment income. The average monthly wage in Indiana is $4458. Although housing costs are lower than in Montana, the average income is slightly higher.

10. Kentucky

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Kentucky is number 10 on the list of states with the most affordable gym memberships. A monthly membership costs $50.45, or 1.7% of your post-house payment income. The average income in Kentucky is the lowest of the 10 on this list at $4291 monthly.

Based on a study by Pricelisto.

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