15 Must-Have Spring Cleaning Supplies

Getting ready to spring clean your home? Here is a list of the must-have spring cleaning supplies you need to get it done quickly and efficiently.

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The snow is melting away.

The weather is getting warmer… or at least we can imagine it will soon. Spring is almost here!

This is also a great time to purge and declutter. Be sure to check out the 100 things you can declutter today!

Spring is the perfect time to give the house a thorough cleaning! After months of cold weather, it’s nice to open up the windows and let fresh air flow in!

Having the right supplies on hand will make the entire task SO much easier and more efficient.

Here are the spring cleaning essentials you need to have in your kit.

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Spring Cleaning Supplies

1. Rubber Gloves

Rubber cleaning gloves protect your hands from all the harsh chemicals and also keep them dry while cleaning. Be sure to clean the gloves and let them dry at the end of your cleaning spree so they are ready to go for the next time.

There are many great options available like these simple cleaning gloves or these patterned ones.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners are essential to help clean floors, carpet, furniture, and more. There are many options. A good handheld vacuum like this one is a great versatile addition. We also have this robot vacuum which we’ve had for over 3 years and love!

3. Mop

A mop is a must-have for floors making it easy to clean up large messes quickly and effectively and give the floor a nice wipe down and shine. Of course, you want to use liquid cleaners specifically meant for your floor type. This Bona floor mop is one of my favorites and I can simply switch out the spray liquid.

If you are looking for a simple mop, this one is a great choice and is also aesthetically pleasing.

4. Dusters

Dusters are essential to catch all that dust, get into those tight spaces, and clean delicate items like light fixtures and window treatments. I love this one.

If you are looking to clean the blinds, this blinds duster is a great option too.

5. Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning sponges are great for wiping down counters, walls, and even furniture. These Swedish dishcloths work wonders and are reusable. I also use them for everyday cleaning in my kitchen.

If you need to get rid of more stubborn marks, Magic Eraser is absolutely amazing! They come in large sponges as well as sheets.

6. Microfiber Cloths

Excellent for picking up dirt and dust from electronics, furniture, and other surfaces without leaving a residue behind.

7. Spray Bottles

Having a few empty spray bottles is very useful – especially if you are formulating your own cleaners.

8. Scrub Brush

Sometimes you need a little more elbow grease to get out the dirt and grime – especially in a bathroom – the tiles, the tube, and faucet, etc. A scrub brush is very handy. You can use a manual one but once you start using this power scrubber, you will never go back!

9. Broom & Dustpan

This classic combination makes it easy to sweep away dirt from floors and corners.

10. Cleaners

Every surface has a specific type of cleaning especially formulated for it to get you the best results. My new favorite is The Pink Stuff. It comes in various formulations for various applications. I love that it is not only absolutely amazing for all types of applications, it smells great and is also environmentally friendly.

Another favorite of mine is the Bar Keepers Friend to shine my brass decor, steel utensils, and pots as well as clean the counters.

11. Cleaning Caddy

You know we are all about the organization in this house. A cleaning caddy to organize and carry all your cleaning supplies is definitely a must-have.

12. Toilet Brush

It’s not the most glamorous tool in the cleaning supply list but it is extremely essential to scrub away all the germs and dirt. You can easily find one that works with your aesthetic and decor. This one is one of my favorites.

13. A Squeegee

A Squeegee is a great helpful tool, especially when cleaning bathrooms and windows. The rubber blade allows for streak-free results without leaving behind water spots or smudges. It’s also much faster than using a cloth and can be used to quickly wipe down glass surfaces in minutes.

In fact, we keep one in our shower and have made it a habit to squeegee the shower door after every shower. It takes 10 seconds and keeps it nice and clean.

14. Carpet Cleaner

Carpets may need a little extra attention. – more than just vacuuming. This little portable carpet and upholstery cleaner is great to clean out any spots and stains – especially if you have little kids or pets.

15. Trash Bags:

It’s always great to have trash bags handy to quickly dispose of unwanted items as you clean.

Having the right cleaning supplies is the most important part of any cleaning project and to make quick work of it. Don’t delay, stock up on all the essentials today!

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