15 Ingenious Hiding Spots for Spare Keys

People have been hiding a spare key outside their homes for decades. Locking yourself out of your house happens more often than you may think, so having an extra key that is easily accessible makes sense. But where do you hide it to keep it out of the hands of thieves looking for easy access to your home?

Say goodbye to predictable hiding spots and discover the art of safeguarding your spare keys in ways you never thought possible. There’s no guarantee that a burglar won’t still find them, but it will be a lot harder, and they may, hopefully, give up the search and leave.

1. Under a Patio Chair Leg

Rocking chair and swing on a front porch.
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Whether the chair is on the porch or back patio, it makes a great location for hiding a spare key. Simply attach the spare key with tape or secure the key in a hide-a-key security box before attaching it to the chair leg. The hide-a-key box can be purchased for just a few dollars and will give you extra peace of mind.

2. In a BBQ Grill

Gas grill with an open top on a patio.
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Most families have a barbeque grill in the backyard and what would you say if I said they are good for more than just delicious grilled cuisine? You can easily secure your hideaway key on the inside door of your barbeque grill with a magnet. Make sure to remove it before you host any summer cookouts, but you can be assured the spare key is secure.

3. On Top of a Privacy Fence

Key hanging from a blue-painted privacy fence.
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Nothing says security like a privacy fence right, so why not store that hide-a-key in plain sight. All you need to do is hang the key from a strategically placed nail and you are good to go, or if you are looking to be a little more stealth-like, store the key in a security box fastened to the fence post.

4. On a Nearby Tree

Willow tree in a yard.
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If you live in an area with trees, they make a great spot for hiding a key. You don’t have to get fancy with special tools. Just attach the key to an easy-to-access spot on the tree with a simple nail. Make sure to check the location after any storms or heavy winds so you don’t lose your key.

5. In a Combination Lockbox

Combination lockbox on a red front door.
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Skip the clever places to hide your spare key and purchase a key lockbox. Realtors use them for easy access to a home, and they make great options when dealing with teenagers losing keys every other week. They are fairly inexpensive with one being under $15 on Amazon.

6. With a Trusted Neighbor or Friend

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Give a spare key to a reliable neighbor or friend who can assist you in emergencies. You will know exactly where to find them or how to reach them if you need to. With their assistance, you’ll never worry about being locked out again.

7. Dryer Vent Hood

dryer vent hood on the outside of a house
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You can hide a spare key in the dryer vent hood. It’s not a place people usually look, so your key stays safe. Stick a magnet to the key using hot glue and put it into the dryer vent. Just ensure it’s hidden well so nobody finds it by mistake. This way, you can quickly get inside your home when needed.

8. Fake Sprinkler Head

sprinkler head above the ground
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A fake sprinkler head is a clever way to hide your spare key. Most people won’t suspect it, providing a secure spot. Just be sure it blends in well with your yard, allowing you quick access to your key when you need it.

9. In the Grill

Grill sitting on a deck
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Hiding a spare key in your grill is a smart strategy. It’s an unexpected place less likely to be checked by intruders. Just ensure the key is securely tucked away and won’t fall out. Also, be sure to remove it before firing up the grill.

10. In Outdoor Decor

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You can easily hide keys in your outdoor decor. Outdoor lamps are a great example. The top can be opened to place a key inside. Or, hot glue it under hollow decor. Birdhouses are another great example. Make sure that the key is concealed and protected from the weather.

11. Inside a Planter

Planter outside on a porch
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Hiding the spare key under the planter is a no. But you can add the key to a medicine bottle and bury it inside the planter. If you want to know where you buried it, mark the location with a small decorative rock or garden decor. You can even build a planter with a secret compartment. If you want to build your planter, here are some awesome ideas.

12. In a Metered Box

Meter box on the outside of a house
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Chances are you have meters and boxes all around the house. Most of them have a door that opens. You can easily tape the key inside the meter to hide it. You can even tape it underneath the meter to keep it out of sight.

13. In a Fence Cap

White picket fence
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You can use fence caps to hide your keys, depending on your kind of fence. Remove the fence cap, add a piece of tape to a key, and place it inside the fence cap. Place the fence cap back onto the post. That’s it! It’s hidden away.

14. DIY Fake Poop

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You read that right! A quick project to hide your spare keys in plain sight that no one will touch. Use spray foam to make the shape on cardboard, paint it with burnt umber paint, and hide the key under it. That is it!

15. Get a Smart Lock

smart lock on a front door
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The best way to hide spare keys is not to have any at all. Get a smart lock that is easy to install in place of existing locks, and you can easily control access to your home using your smartphone or digital code. No more worrying about losing keys. Say goodbye to hidden keys and welcome a convenient, keyless future.

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