7 Small Bathroom Storage Solutions to Beat Clutter

Having enough storage in a small bathroom can be challenging. These small bathroom storage ideas will help you organize and beat the clutter.

towels, soap, and toothbrush on a floating shelf

Small bathrooms come with a whole host of problems, but storage is something that most small bathrooms lack. Without storage solutions, a small bathroom can soon become cluttered, and keeping it clean will be overwhelming.

Adding storage solutions where you can will help the entire family stay organized. Everyone will know where things belong, even your kiddos, and can return them to their proper place when they’re done using them. That’s a win-win for you!

We don’t have a linen closet in our main family bathroom. I struggled to find a home for everything to make it function as efficiently as possible.

There’s nothing worse than using the bathroom only to discover you’re out of toilet paper! Having nowhere to keep clean towels or extra toothpaste or having to put makeup on in the bedroom under poor lighting.

Here are storage solutions that have worked for us and a few other ideas I thought of to help you get more storage space in your small bathroom.

Where Can You Add Small Bathroom Storage?

Here are some of the spaces that can be utilized to add more storage in your bathroom:

  • Under the vanity
  • Vanity drawers
  • On the vanity top
  • Use vertical wall space
  • Create storage in the wall between the wall studs
  • Use creative storage solutions for the space between the vanity and bathtub.

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1. Storage Ideas for Under the Vanity

A vanity cabinet, even if small, can be organized to hold all the essentials you need in the bathroom, including cleaning supplies!

woman organizing under the bathroom vanity

Use your vanity cabinet for backup and extra everyday items when you don’t have a linen closet in your bathroom. Items you can store include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Clean towels
  • Soap
  • Hygiene products like soap, deodorant, and toothpaste
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies

Use plastic containers, baskets, or even pull-out stackable drawers to keep everything organized and easy to access.

2. Add Storage to the Back of the Vanity Cabinet Door

Cabinet doors are one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. They are the perfect place for adding storage. You can use over-the-door hooks and baskets to help you stay organized. Use your vanity doors to store these items:

  • Hair dryer
  • Curling iron or flat iron
  • Hand soap and lotion
  • Hair brushes

3. Vanity Drawer Storage

small bathroom storage in vanity drawers

Having drawers in your vanity is amazing, but they can quickly become cluttered. Use drawer dividers or small bins and baskets to keep these things organized. These are my new favorite dividers. Some things you can store in the drawers are:

  • Cotton balls and Qtips
  • makeup
  • hair styling tools
  • first aid supplies
  • washcloths
  • toothpaste, deodorant, body spray

4. Storage on the Vanity Counter

The vanity counter can be used for storage if it has enough space. You can add stylish storage solutions that match your decor and organize everything.

Vanity top organizing
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Soap dish
  • Makeup organizer
  • A basket to hold clean washcloths

5. Go Vertical With Storage

Going vertical in a bathroom is the most obvious way to add extra storage in a small bathroom. It doesn’t take away your floor space, and there are many ways to add vertical storage.

  • Floating shelves are great above the toilet and give you a place for clean towels and extra toilet paper. Use small decorative containers for cotton balls and extra bars of soap.
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

This floating ladder shelf is stylish and functional, and it’s an easy DIY project you can make yourself. Not into DIY? These rustic shelves are an affordable option.

  • Medicine cabinets store toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, first aid supplies, and medicine. Your vanity can be wall-mounted or recessed, depending on its placement.
recessed wall niche in the bathroom
Image Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter
  • Over-the-door organizers have come a long way and aren’t limited to those flimsy plastic shoe holders anymore. You can get them with pockets or baskets or even wire shelves. They’re great for holding shampoo and conditioner, lotion, clean washcloths, and much more.

6. Storage in the Bathtub and Shower

Storage solutions for the products you use in the bathtub and shower will eliminate the clutter around the bathtub’s edge and help you keep it clean.

A shower caddy can be hung over the shower head or attached to the corner of the shower wall for shampoo, body wash, soap, and bath toys!

7. Storage in Narrow Spaces

There is usually a bit of space between the wall and the toilet or the vanity and the toilet, and it’s a great place to add a narrow rolling cart. Store extra toilet paper, your hairdryer, toiletries, or anything else you need easy access to.

Small bathrooms have enough challenges without worrying about where you will store everything. With these small bathroom storage ideas, you will get it organized quickly. Once everything has a home, make sure your family knows where everything goes so they can work to help you keep it that way!

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