20 Quick Win Home Tasks That Take 5 Minutes

Clutter can feel overwhelming. You want to clear it up, but it can feel intimidating because there is so much to do, and you don’t know where to start! And it just keeps piling up like an endless cycle.

The best way to start decluttering and organizing is in bite sizes. Set apart 5 minutes every day for a quick declutter. This can be just before you go to bed or anytime in the day when you need a quick break.

If you do this daily, you will slowly see clutter in your home melting away. As you do this more and more, you can increase the amount of time little by little and tackle multiple areas. Soon, your home will be clutter-free!

Here are 20 areas in your house you can declutter in under 5 minutes.

1. Nightstand

woman organizing shelf of wardrobe with stacks of clothes in just 5 minutes
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Does a messy nightstand plague you? This small area can completely change the feeling of your bedroom and will only take a few minutes to organize. Throw away trash, take those water bottles or cups into the kitchen, and wipe everything down to have it back to normal in just a few minutes. Keep only your nighttime essentials handy on the nightstand to keep it organized daily.

2. Drop Zone

a clean entryway with console table organized in 5 minutes
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Everyone has a drop zone where items collect, like a kitchen island, entryway table, or desk in a home office. It seems every household comes equipped with its drop zone. This area can accumulate clutter quickly and become chaotic with numerous items. Dedicate a few minutes to organizing the drop zone quickly, putting away items, and returning the space to normal.

3. Coffee Table Clutter

an organized coffee table with home interior decor
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As the living room centerpiece, it’s unsurprising that your coffee table gathers numerous items and quickly becomes cluttered. Just taking a few minutes to quickly go through that clutter, sort it, put it away, and wipe down the table can make a huge difference.

4. Toys

businesswoman picking up her children's toys
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Toys get messy no matter how great your organization system is. Having kids will ensure your house will be in a toy hurricane at any point during the week. This can be overwhelming, so taking 30 seconds to quickly run around and sort the toys can be game-changing and make a difference.

5. Clothes

woman picking up clothes
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Clothes are similar to toys because they can quickly get everywhere and consume your bedroom. You might not have the time to completely organize your closet and go through every article of clothing, but it is possible to go around your room (or the entire house if you’re feeling up to it) and pick up all the clothes off the flour. If they’re dirty, toss them in the laundry basket; if they’re clean, put them away.

6. Clean Up Your Desk

man cleaning up his desk in 5 minutes to work on
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A desk can be a prime spot for clutter to gather. Take a few minutes and review some of the clutter on or around your desk. Put your pens and pencils in their correct location and stack your notebooks and papers.

7. Any Drawer

organized drawer in 5 minutes
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Five minutes is enough to organize any drawer, even the one you dread opening. If you dedicate five minutes to organizing a drawer, you’d be surprised at the difference it can make in your home. If you gave five minutes for one drawer every week very shortly, you could have all your drawers organized.

8. Your Car

cleaning the interior of a car in 5 minutes
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Nobody likes a messy car, and although it’s not technically in your home, it’s still something that you can quickly organize, and it will have an impact. Taking five minutes to clean and organize your car can change every experience you have driving in it. Just five minutes spent decluttering and cleaning your car can make a significant difference.

9. Remove Paper Clutter

Cluttered papers on the desk
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There’s no denying that when paper clutters your home, even if everything else is organized, it can still look messy. Take a few minutes to sort through all the paper clutter in your home, recycling any recipes, old bills, or letters you have sitting around. This can make your home look significantly less cluttered and more organized!

10. Clean Out Your Purse

image of a messy purse
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With so many items in your purse, losing your keys and other items can be easy. Take a few minutes to dump out all the contents of your purse and go through each item. Throw away any trash in it, put away items that don’t belong, and then reorganize it so it’s clean and conveniently organized.

11. Your Cords

plugging in untangled codes into an extension
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Do you have a massive tangle of cords hiding behind your desk? This task shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes, but it will be convenient and help you stay organized. Grab some Velcro or rubber bands to keep them together and ensure you have a permanent solution to the messy problem.

12. Make Your Bed

woman making her bed with white sheets in 5 minutes
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Perhaps one of the easiest things you can do, and yet the one that will have the biggest impact, is to make your bed. Take thirty seconds to fluff the duvet and pillows and make your bed look pretty again. This can substantially affect how clean and organized your bedroom looks and feels.

13. Tupperware

organized Tupperware in the cupboard
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Tupperware is one of those things that is always disorganized, and there’s no doubt you have a cupboard of Tupperware containers with missing lids. However, it can take only a few minutes to take all your containers out and place them in after being organized by size so they take up the least space. Ensure that the cupboard space is clean and that you only have usable Tupperware.

14. Cosmetics

female hands organizing cosmetics
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Take a few minutes to review your items, including cosmetics and toiletries. Throw away anything old and past its expiration date, or you don’t use anymore. Then, organize all your items according to what needs to be used soon and what you use daily.

15. Create a Donation Area

woman carrying a box full of items for donation
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Do you have a designated donation spot for items that you’re donating? If not, then taking a couple of minutes to create one is well worth it. Set aside a space in your home, a corner of a closet, or a bin, and put items there until you can donate them.

16. Find All the Remotes

remote controls over a white background
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Every house has a million remotes, and when you need one, you can’t seem to find it. Spend a few minutes gathering all the remotes and placing them in one location, whether it’s a box or tray. This will only take a few minutes but can help your home feel more pulled together.

17. The Fridge

woman cleaning her fridge in 5 minutes
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Let’s be honest; unless you’ve just gone grocery shopping, your fridge always needs to be cleaned. Remove anything expired or that doesn’t smell as fresh as it should. Wipe everything down and then organize it so it’s aesthetically appealing when you open your fridge.

18. Your Mugs

finely arranged mugs in the cupboard
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The mug cupboard is always hoarding a collection of mugs, both your favorite that you use daily and those untouched. Take five minutes to sort through all your mugs and clear out the unused ones. Start by taking any mugs you haven’t used in the last few months, tossing or donating them, and then organizing the remaining ones.

19. Closet

unorganized closet being worked on in 5 minutes
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Your closet can easily become messy; donating a few minutes to organize it can make a significant difference. Sort your dresses with other dresses, shirts with shirts, and such. Simply taking a few moments to organize your closet can make getting dressed far easier and less of a chore.

20. Label the Recycling and Trash Bins

recycle and trash bin side by side
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Have you been tossing your trash and recycling in the wrong bins? The easy solution for this is to label your bins. Take a few minutes and create labels and attach them to your bins, saving you from future mix-ups.

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