10 Quick Cleaning Tips To Make Housework a Breeze

Are you looking for some quick cleaning tips?

I’m not very good at sticking to a cleaning routine. Then, unfortunately, I married a man who also hates sticking to a cleaning routine, and we created a daughter who no surprise also doesn’t like to clean. This makes it way too easy to just ignore the mess and put off needing to clean. Until it gets so messy, I can’t ignore it at least. This is why I love these quick cleaning tips.

These quick clean up tips help me and my family have some order in our home and get what needs to be done actually done. If I can do things with less effort and in less time I am more likely to do and to keep doing it. This not liking cleaning routines is also why we are starting to live a life with less stuff. Less stuff means less to pick up and less clutter to clean around.  

My favorite quick cleaning tips

1  Keep your floors cleaned

I have realized that dirty floors make a messy home. So cleaning up stuff on our floors is one of the tasks I do most often. It’s usually shoes, clothes, dog toys so easy stuff to put away. Doing that instantly makes the room look tidier. Then either vacuum or sweep and mop the floors and things are perfect. 

So one of the best quick cleaning tips is simply to keep your floors picked up and clean.

2. pick up a little at a time throughout the day

I’ve found that there are two types of people those who want to clean everything in one swoop and those who don’t. My mom liked to take a whole day and clean the house. I just could never get used to this method when I cleaned. I start and clean for a while get frustrated or bored and take a break. Then probably not get back to it that day. 

So I started doing a little cleaning throughout the day and then when I really am in a cleaning mood I will do a deep clean of the dirtier rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s not a perfect system and I’m sure I should clean more frequently, but this gets the job done and keeps the house in decent condition. 

3. have what you need on hand to clean

I think that it makes cleaning so much quicker and easier if you have everything you need on hand. That way when you want to clean you don’t have to go out and get supplies. Also, I find it helpful to make a few cleaning kits for around the house, so the cleaners and tools you need are in the room you want to clean when you want to clean it. 

4.  make a regular effort to declutter

The key to my quick cleaning tips list is this one right here. You need to regularly declutter and get rid of things you don’t use or need. Not only will having less help your home naturally look less messy and cluttered it will also make cleaning faster and less of a major task.

You will have fewer clothes to wash and put away. Less to dust and organize in each room. Those pesky cleaning tasks will take so much less time. That’s why this is the best of my quick clean up tips.

5. Have a place for your things to go

You really will struggle to clean up with ease if the things you have don’t have a home. If something doesn’t have a home then ask yourself if you actually need it. This is what I’m always telling my daughter. I will ask her to pick up her room and eventually she’ll say I don’t know where anything else goes. So I tell it’s either time to make a place for those things or put them in the giveaway box. 

That lesson works for me and everyone. If you have something you don’t like enough to give it a place in your home then why are you keeping it? So find it a place or let it go.

6. Get your sink cleaned out each day

Growing up doing the dishes was always my least favorite chore. I never understood why my mom made such a big deal about getting them done every day. Why couldn’t we miss a day? It wouldn’t be a huge deal I thought. 

Now that I’m an adult and it’s my kitchen I realize how much of a difference a clean and empty sink makes in how your whole kitchen looks. So I try and make sure I get the dishes done every day now. In my house, we don’t have a dishwasher and I’m stuck handwashing which I hate but if you skip a day they build up and are harder to wash. 

7. Everyone who lives in the house is required to help

Such an important step in keeping your home clean process. I hated it growing up when I was required to do chores and I know my daughter isn’t a big fan of it. It’s part of life though and everyone makes messes so we all need to clean it up. 

I try to make it pretty fair with the three of us each having the right amount of jobs. I am home the most so I do the most. Isabella is pretty busy with school, homework, and activities so I try to not give her too much to do. We did recently add to her chore list this year. Then my husband does do a pretty good job pulling his weight with housework as well. 

8.  Make it fun to clean up

When you can make cleaning fun. It won’t always be possible and sometimes it will be a real burden. If you can though make it fun. Put on some really fun upbeat music, do it together as a family, make a game or competition out of it. Whatever you can think of to make your chores seem like less of a chore do it. The less miserable it makes you the more likely you are to do it more often. 

9.  Set a timer

I’ve learned that sometimes when I have a lot to do around the house. That the overwhelming feeling of having too much to get done can lead me to procrastinate and not do anything. I start thinking about how long everything will take and don’t want to get started. Been there before? Well, the solution to this problem is simple. 

Set a timer. Give yourself 15,20 or 30 minutes and just clean. Then take a little break and get back to it. You’d be amazed at how much can be accomplished if you just get to work for any amount of time.

Using a timer has made the biggest impact on me avoiding procrastination when it comes to housework. I just tell myself do 20 minutes. Then I feel so good with what I get done in those 20 minutes that I usually want to do more. 

10.  Reward yourself for a job well done

Don’t forget this last one of the quick cleaning tips. You want to reward yourself for the work you’ve done. It doesn’t have to be something big but the more enjoyable you make the process of cleaning up the more likely you are to do it more often.

So after you do some work and accomplish some of those tasks around your home make the time to reward yourself. Make some time for you to do what you enjoy, take a bath, take a walk, whatever it is that you enjoy making a little time for you to reward and pamper yourself.

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