15 Essential Pressure Washer Uses for Homeowners

A pressure washer is a versatile and powerful cleaning tool that saves time and effort. Here are 15 uses of a pressure washer to make cleaning extremely satisfying.

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Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools that can make quick work of various everyday cleaning tasks.

A pressure washer uses water at high pressures to blast away dirt and grime – without the need for harsh chemicals – saving you time and effort while delivering impressive results in a fraction of the time it would take with other cleaning tools. Plus, you can use this tool to clean various surfaces, not just hard surfaces.

A Pressure washer can be used in many applications, from the home’s exterior and driveways to cleaning cars.

Power washers are handy and should be part of every homeowner’s tools. Since it is not used daily, you can even share your pressure washer with a neighbor or family member to reduce costs.

Important Things to Remember When Using a Pressure Washer

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use the tool safely and effectively.
  • Always wear protective gear such as eye protection and gloves.
  • Don’t aim the pressure washer at people or animals.
  • Be mindful of the pressure setting you use. A high-pressure setting can cause damage.

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What Is the Best Pressure Washer to Buy?

When purchasing a pressure washer, there are many models to choose from, each with its features and benefits.

There are two types of pressure washers, gas-powered models and electric ones.

Choose a model that meets your needs and fits your budget Depending on the tasks you’ll be using it for, as well as your budget. I use this pressure washer which is very reasonably priced and perfect for occasional and seasonal use. Another great option is this compact pressure washer. It is easy to store and works great for light-duty applications like car cleaning.

They often go on sale for significant discounts in the spring when everyone is spring cleaning and around Father’s Day, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Here is a video giving you a summary of pressure washers and their differences.

So, what can you clean with a power washer? Let’s take a look!

Pressure Washer Uses

Pressure washers are mainly used outdoors, where you must remove much grime and dirt. Most items outside your home are strong enough to handle a power washer without issues. Plus, since it is on the exterior, you don’t have to worry about where the water will drain to.

1. Clean the Exterior of Your House

Man cleaning the siding of the house - one of the many pressure washer uses

Over time, your home’s exterior and garage doors can become covered in dirt, grime, and algae, making it dingy. Pressure washing can effectively remove these unsightly stains, dirt, grass stains, and moss or mold buildup, restoring your home’s beauty and curb appeal.

When using a pressure washer, be sure to use a low-pressure setting and avoid getting too close, which can cause damage.

You can use a power washer on all home exteriors; check the manufacturer’s instructions before starting.

2. Clean Concrete Driveways and Patios

Concrete driveways and patios can become stained, especially if frequently exposed to oil and grease. 

A pressure washer can make quick work of these stubborn stains, removing them and restoring the appearance of your driveway and patio.

When cleaning concrete surfaces, use a pressure washer with a detergent attachment for best results. This will also work on stone tiles if you have them on your patio or pool decks.

You can use your power washer to remove grass that has grown over on your driveway and sidewalks for the perfect edging or to remove moss or slippery algae from these surfaces.

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3. Wood Decks and Fences

cleaning a wooden fence with a pressure washer

Wood decks and fences can become discolored and covered in dirt, grime, and algae over time. A pressure washer can clean and restore their appearance, bringing new life to these outdoor structures.

When cleaning wood surfaces, use a low-pressure setting and avoid getting too close to the wood. The result is wood that looks almost brand new.

4. Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture, such as patio chairs, tables, and umbrellas, can become covered in dirt and grime over time.

A pressure washer is a great way to clean these items by removing dirt and grime and restoring their appearance. You can use your power washer to make preparing your patio furniture for spring easier than ever.

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5. Cars and Boats

washing a car is one of the seven things you can do with a power washer

Cars and boats can become dirty over time, especially if exposed to the elements. A pressure washer can clean these vehicles, removing dirt and grime and restoring their appearance.

When using a pressure washer to clean a vehicle, use a low-pressure setting and avoid getting too close to the paint, which can cause damage.

In the spring, pull out your power washer to skip the car wash and still wash off all the salt from the roadways to help prevent your car from rusting.

Pay attention to the undercarriage and use the low setting if possible. You can pull your car floor mats out and use your pressure washer to clean them in a few simple swipes.

6. Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can become stained with grease, oil, and other substances in commercial settings.

In your home, your concrete basement floor can hold on to stains and leave your basement smelling odd. A power washer is one of the most convenient ways to clean your concrete basement floors.

When cleaning concrete floors, use a pressure washer with a detergent attachment for the best results.

7. Garage Floors and Workshops

Garages and workshops can become dirty and cluttered over time, making it difficult to find what you need and work efficiently. A pressure washer can clean these spaces, removing dirt and grime and restoring order.

When using a pressure washer in these areas, use a low-pressure setting and avoid getting too close to electrical outlets and fixtures.

8. Garbage Cans

There is nothing more disgusting than an outdoor trash can. You throw your trash bags in it, and they may bust. It rains, and the water pools in the bottom. This leads to a slimy, smelly mess that is hard to clean.

A power washer can quickly clean that garbage can, and you don’t have to stick your hands down to get the job done. You can even do your indoor trash can too.

9. Grilling Racks

Getting your grill ready for the season can be quite a job. Leftover food and debris may be stuck to the rack and be a beast to clean off by hand.

A pressure washer will make quick work of cleaning your grill rack. Spray on some oven cleaner, let sit for the recommended amount of time, then power it off with your power washer.

10. Get Rid of Spider Webs

Spiders will make their webs high up on your house, in the eves, or downspouts. They may even make them between your home and garage.

Rather than set your house on fire to eliminate spiders and their webs, use your pressure washer to evict them quickly.

11. Exterior Windows

Cleaning exterior windows is a breeze with a pressure washer. Spray your windows, then dry them with a squeegee or paper towels.

I personally just let them dry without touching them after I spray them. The sunshine and outdoor air do a great job of drying them streak-free.

12. Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor lights will get dirt and bugs inside them and even cobwebs. Using your power washer to clean them up makes quick work of this task. Be mindful of the pressure setting so you don’t damage the light fixture.

14. Outdoor Rugs and Mats

Outdoor rugs and mats collect dirt and debris and can have tough stains that are hard to remove. Clean them easily using your pressure washer.

Test your pressure setting to ensure you don’t damage the fibers—pre-treat carpet stains before washing.

Be sure to lay your rugs or mats in the sun or over a deck railing to dry completely to avoid getting mold or mildew on your outdoor fabrics.

15. Asphalt Shingles

Clean off leaves and other debris from your roof with a power washer. Take safety precautions and always have a second person with you in case of an accident.

It is a good idea to always spray in the direction the asphalt shingles are lying to avoid dislodging them. You can also check your gutters while on the roof and clear out the leaves and debris using the power of a pressure washer.

Be sure to use the proper nozzle for the job so you don’t cause any long-term damage.

These are just a few great ways to use a pressure washer. From restoring the appearance of your home’s exterior siding to cleaning concrete floors and cleaning tough messes, a pressure washer can make cleaning more accessible and efficient.

Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or business owner, a pressure washer is an essential tool to help make your life easier.

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