12 Clutter Busting Pantry Organizing Ideas That Work

Are you ready to organize your pantry once and for all? No more digging around looking for what you need, no more buying duplicates because you can’t see what’s in your pantry. A little bit of simple pantry organization and your problems with that frustrating space will be gone forever!

If you’ve ever watched a Facebook reel of an influencer with a perfectly organized pantry, you may be thinking no way can that be real life. Who spends that much time and money on organization? How do they keep it that way?

Organizing your pantry to suit your family’s needs can be frustrating. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your pantry organized. Here are some great real-life ideas for simple pantry organization.

1. Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

an organized walk-in pantry
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Organizing your pantry can be done in 7 steps. These will set you up for success and help you keep it organized.

  1. Empty everything out. Yes, everything.
  2. Discard out-of-date items. Be sure to check your spices, they aren’t good forever despite what we think.
  3. Clean all surfaces and make repairs if needed. Add new shelving or any changes you are making to the space.
  4. Group like items together.
  5. Place the most used items on the middle shelves so they are easy to get to.
  6. Place less used items on top shelves.
  7. Set heavier bulkier items, like cases of water, on the floor.

Now, let’s take a look at some simple storage solutions you can buy cheap or DIY.

2. Lazy Susan Storage

clear lazy susan storage in a pantry
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A lazy Susan in the pantry adds extra storage and organization. Turning it to see and access what’s in it is a convenient idea that works for large and small pantries.

3. Chalkboard Labels

organizing baskets in pantry with chalkboard labels
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Labeling storage in a pantry helps to keep it organized, lets everyone in the household know where things are kept, and makes putting groceries away easier. With the ever-changing stock in a pantry, being able to change labels is critical to rotating food in and out. Chalkboard labels fit the bill and are a practical storage solution in a pantry. You can purchase them, or you can make your own using chalkboard paint.

4. Vegetable Storage Bin

DIY divided vegetable bin simple pantry organization
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This DIY project is a simple pantry organization idea that you can make in an hour or less. It’s perfect for storing root vegetables in your pantry. Its easy design will fit on a shelf or you can even sit it on the floor. Learn how to make your own!

5. Clear Container Pantry Storage

clear containers used for simple pantry organization
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Clear containers come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for pantry storage. Because they’re clear, there’s no need for labels. Who needs them anyway when you buy different stuff at the grocery store? See these pantry organizing tips!

6. Leather Pantry Labels

putting snack in bin in the pantry
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Less is more with this DIY label idea for your pantry. Add simple leather labels to your wire mesh organizing containers for a minimal look in the pantry. They are easy to make and a simple pantry organizing project anyone can do. Make your own!

7. Stackable Wire Bins in the Pantry 

vegetables in stackable wire bins
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Stackable wire bins keep vegetables and fruits in your pantry nice and organized. More airflow around them helps to keep them fresh longer. This is just one storage idea in this small pantry. Check out this small pantry organization!

8. Under Shelf Wire Organizers

pantry shelves with under the shelf wire baskets
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Under-shelf wire organizers are a simple pantry organizing idea that can be used on any shelf and moved around wherever you need them. They simply slide onto the shelf above. See all these pantry organizing ideas!

9. Woodburned Pantry Storage

wood crates with wood burned labels in the pantry
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Woodburned labels are glued to the front of premade crates so that you know exactly where to put your grocery items. Woodburning isn’t hard, so don’t be intimidated. Even if you have never done it before, you can do it! Make your own wood-burned pantry labels!

10. Spice Packet Organizer for the Pantry

drawer used for spice packet storage
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Free up an extra drawer in your kitchen by adding a spice packet organizer to your pantry. It’s an easy project anyone can build and the handle makes it easy to pull out to get to the packet you need. Tutorial to make your own!

11. Repurpose Ice Cream Containers

ice cream buckets used for snack storage
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Gallon ice cream tubs make great snack storage, and you can use them over and over. They eliminate the half-bags of chips and other snacks that inevitably go stale because they can’t be closed. Everyone can see what’s in the tubs and you can stack them on top of each other in your pantry.

12. Mason Jars

woman organizing a pantry
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Mason jars aren’t just for canning. They come in all sizes and can be used for baking goods, pasta, and other pantry staples. If symmetry is your thing, you’ll want to invest in mason jars to get your pantry organized.

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