19 Simple Pantry Organization Ideas

Organizing your pantry to suit your family’s needs can be frustrating. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your pantry organized. Here are some great ideas for simple pantry organization.

woman organizing pantry shelves with text

Are you ready to get your pantry organized once and for all? No more digging around looking for what you need. No more buying duplicates because you can’t see what’s in your pantry.

A little bit of simple pantry organization and your problems with that frustrating space will be gone forever!

Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

  • Empty everything out. Yes, everything.
  • Discard out-of-date items. Be sure to check your spices, they aren’t good forever despite what we think.
  • Clean all surfaces and make repairs if needed. Add new shelving or any changes you are making to the space.
  • Group like items together.
  • Place the most used items on the middle shelves so they are easy to get to.
  • Place less used items on top shelves.
  • Set heavier bulkier items, like cases of water, on the floor.

Simple pantry organization can be done with DIY projects or by purchasing inexpensive items to make your organizing easier to maintain.

Let’s take a look at these 19 simple pantry organization ideas that I know will make your life easier!

Simple Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Vegetable Storage Bin from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY divided vegetable bin simple pantry organization

This DIY project is a simple pantry organization idea that you can make in an hour or less. It’s perfect for storing root vegetables in your pantry. Its easy design will fit on a shelf or you can even sit it on the floor.

Learn how to make your own!

2. Small Pantry Makeover from Lovely Etc.

door organizer for canned goods in the pantry

Pantry organization doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out this door organizer used for canned goods. It’s adjustable so you can use it for taller pantry items as well.

See more of this small pantry makeover.

3. Organized Spice Rack from Jen Woodhouse

acrylic spice organizer for the pantry

How many times have you bought duplicate spices because you can’t see what you have in your pantry? It’s happened to me! This spice rack organization can be installed on the back of your pantry door and you’ll never wonder what spices you have again.

Learn more about this pantry organizer!

4. Pantry Door Organizer from Love and Renovations

DIY pantry door organizer for kitchen wrap and baggies

Free up an entire drawer in your kitchen by adding this simple pantry organizing idea to your pantry door. It’s perfect for holding all your kitchen wraps and baggies for easy access. It’s an easy DIY project that you can customize to fit your door.

Build your own!

5. Slide out Pantry from The Honeycomb Home

slide out pantry cabinet for small spaces

This DIY slide out pantry is perfect when you don’t have a dedicated pantry closet. It’s slim and can be built in next to the refrigerator or anywhere else you have a bit of space in your kitchen. Organize all your pantry items in one place with this simple pantry organizing idea.

Learn how to make your own!

6. Clear Container Pantry Storage from Remodelaholic

clear containers used for simple pantry organization

You can buy clear containers in all shapes and sizes and they are ideal for pantry storage. Because they’re clear there’s no need for labels. Who needs them anyway when you buy different stuff at the grocery anyway?

See these pantry organizing tips!

7. Dry Goods Pantry Storage from Angela Marie Made

Jars and containers labels for pantry organization

Store your pantry staples in labeled jars. They’re great to use for items you replenish on a regular basis. I love the font of these organizing labels and everything is easily accessible when you need it.

Make your own pantry labels.

8. Galvanized and Fabric Bins in the Pantry from The Design Twins

Simple pantry organization using galvanized and fabric bins

Galvanized bins and fabric bins add extra organization to this pantry. Everything is labeled so you will know what goes where after a trip to the grocery. It’s also the perfect system to be able to see what you need when you go to the grocery.

Read the five tips to organizing your pantry.

9. Custom Pantry from Handmade Weekly

organized pantry with wallpaper, shelves, and pullout recycling bin

This custom pantry has it all! It even has pretty wallpaper. Wire shelves were replaced with custom built shelves, cabinets were installed with pull out dog food storage and a recycling bin and the shelving layout makes the most of the space allowing you to walk in and get what you need.

See all the organizing DIY’s

10. Leather Pantry Labels from The Merry Thought

pantry organizing labels made of leather on mesh bins

Less is more with this DIY label idea for your pantry. Add simple leather labels to your wire mesh organizing containers for a minimal look in the pantry. They are easy to make and a simple pantry organizing project anyone can do.

Make your own!

11. Spice Packet Organizer for the Pantry from 100 Things 2 Do

DIY spice packet holder

Free up an extra drawer in your kitchen by adding a spice packet organizer to your pantry. It’s an easy project anyone can build and the handle makes it easy to pull out to get to the packet you need.

Tutorial to make your own!

12. Stackable Wire Bins in the Pantry with Harlow and Thistle

vegetables in stackable wire bins

Stackable wire bins make keeping vegetables and fruits in your pantry nice and organized. More airflow around them helps to keep them fresh longer. This is just one storage idea in this small pantry.

Check out this small pantry organization!

13. Farmhouse Pantry Organization from Cherished Bliss

wooden bins with chalkboard fronts for simple pantry organization

Wood crates make perfect pantry organization. These crates have a chalkboard front making them easy to label for whatever you put in them. Chalkboard labels are great for pantries since you can wipe them off whenever you need to change your label.

See this farmhouse pantry makeover.

14. Using a Lazy Susan in the Pantry with 2 Bees in a Pod

Lazy susan used for pantry organization

Pantry organization doesn’t have to be fancy, try a lazy Susan to add more storage to your pantry. It will make it easy to see what you have and easier to get to on wire shelving.

See these simple pantry organizing ideas.

15. Under Shelf Wire Organizers with Young House Love

pantry shelves with under the shelf wire baskets

Under-shelf wire organizers are a simple pantry organizing idea that can be used on any shelf and you can move them around wherever you need them. They simply slide onto the shelf above.

See all these pantry organizing ideas!

16. Open Pantry Organization from Place of My Taste

Organized pantry without a door

Would you dare to take the door off your pantry and leave it open for all to see? With organizing solutions like these I bet you would. Perhaps having it open to view all the time will help you keep it organized.

See all the details here!

17. Tiered Spice Rack from Saws on Skates

DIY tiered spice holder

Here’s a DIY project you can make for your spices. It’s a tiered shelf that will let you see what you have without having to constantly move your spices around on the shelf. It would also be great for can goods.

Make your own!

18. Woodburned Pantry Storage from The Inspired Hive

wood crates with wood burned labels in the pantry

I love this creative pantry labeling idea! Woodburned labels glued to the front of premade crates so that you know exactly where to put your grocery items. Woodburning isn’t hard so don’t be intimidated. Even if you have never done it before you can do it!

Make your own wood burned pantry labels!

19. Chip Storage Rack from Practical Whimsy Designs

single board used for chip storage in the pantry

Don’t you just hate potato chip bags laying on a pantry shelf without a clip getting stale? Or worse, spilling everywhere? This chip storage rack is the perfect solution! No more losing chip clips either. They’re attached directly to the board.

Make your own!

So! There you have it!

So many easy-to-implement ideas. Which one will you implement today?

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