10 Easy Hacks for Organizing A Small Home Or Apartment

As we accumulate stuff in our lives it can make our homes more cluttered and disorganized. If you happen to live in an apartment or small home that can happen very quickly as you don’t have the extra space for the excess stuff you have. So if you are struggling with organizing a small home or with organizing an apartment these easy hacks will make your small space organized.

Organizing your home can be challenging no matter what size home you live in but if you live in a small home or apartment that comes with its own set of challenges that can make it harder to keep your home organized and find the storage that you need.

If you’ve lived in a small space for a while I’m sure you realize just how important it is to declutter often so that you have the least amount of stuff to try and organize in your limited space.

The best tips for organizing a small home

Declutter each room

Before you try to make your home more organized or worry about systems for small space organization the first step is to purge all the clutter and get rid of as much as you can so you have as much space to use as possible.

If you need help decluttering I’ve got just what you need. Here is a list of 100 things you can declutter from your home today. Go through your home and get rid of these things that you don’t want or are in poor condition.

Give everything its own space

Once you have spent time decluttering you should now have more space for things and so if you want your home to look and feel more organized it will really help uf you give everything it’s own space.

That way you and your family will know where to find an object and also where to put things back after it’s been used.

Hopefully, these next few tips to organize your small home will give you ideas on how to give your stuff their own spaces so that your home is more organized even if it’s small.

Use the back of Doors

A great and often underused space in apartments and small homes is the back of doors. When you don’t have a lot of square footage you need to use every part of your space to get the most storage.

You can use these Wire shelving like they used over at OrgJunkie. This is a great option and one that looks great and gives a lot of extra storage. You can also use a shoe organizer on the back of a door. We used this method in our daughter’s room for small toys and random things she had.

You can also use the backs of cabinet doors to hang extra storage on or pot lids on so that you have more space for your kitchen items than your limited cabinets give you.

Extra bathroom shelving

If you live in an apartment then you probably don’t have the bathroom space you would like. Our bathrooms are pretty tiny in our apartment and we knew we had to figure out how to get more space.

So we got bathroom shelving that goes above the toilets. This gives us a ton more storage space and places for things that we didn’t know where to put them before. We got pretty simple shelves because they were inexpensive. They are very functional even if they aren’t very pretty.

Here is how the shelving looks in my daughter’s bathroom. Filled with hair products and makeup. This is great because her bathroom has almost no counter space and only an under-the-sink cabinet so she had almost no space.

Under the Bed Storage

Another great place that often gets overlooked is the space under the bed. You can get a lot of great storage containers that go under the bed. You can store extra clothes, shoes, bedding, etc.

We use this plastic under-bed storage to store old items of my daughters that she’s outgrown.

Your beds are such a big percentage of your bedroom so the space under them can really be wasted. Utilizing that space gives you a lot more space to store things or in the case of my daughter’s room, we got her a loft bed that has her desk under it. That way her desk area and bed are all using the same space and footage.

Maximizing hanging closet space

In a small home, you probably don’t have tons of extra closet space and it’s important to use that space wisely. A great way is to use hangers that allow you to hang more than one item at a time. I love how they used them over at organization obsessed.

Utilize your closet space

Another great way to make the most of small closets is to use hanging storage. We use a hanging shelf like this one to put folded clothes on because we don’t have a lot of drawer space and needed somewhere for t-shirts to go. You can also use the shelves to store purses, shoes, or accessories.

You can also use and shelving in your closets and use fabric bins to store things like purses, shoes, scarves, etc. That way your stuff has its own space and the thing I love about bins is that you can get them in so many colors. We have teal and grey in our living room and black and white in our master closet.

Use vertical space

This is a great organizational tip no matter what the size of your home is. Even if you have a larger home. If you are living in an apartment or small home using as much vertical space as possible will help you to maximize your space.

To get extra vertical space you can put up shelves on the wall so that you can store things on your walls.

Another great idea is to use a pegboard on the wall. You can use this to store accessories on and get them out of drawers or surfaces in the bedroom or bathroom. Using vertical space is a great tip for organizing a small home.

To make your small home more organized getting stuff off the floor and onto shelves and vertical space can make a big impact on the mess. One area that was a mess issue in my home is too many shoes strewn about the living space. So to keep this mess from taking over my floors I got a small shoe organizer for by the front door to keep shoes in one place and give them a home.

Using Command Hooks

Another great way to better use vertical space when you are organizing your apartment or small home is to use command hooks to hang things on the wall. We live where it’s cold and only have a small hall closet by the front door and we have a lot of winter coats.

So I began using hooks to hang up some of my coats, the ones I wear most frequently. This keeps them from being put on chairs or tables when the closet is full.

Bring in Less Stuff

If you are serious about how to organize a small home then you need to realize that when you get your home organized then you need to manage that organization by not just filling that small space back up with more stuff.

I klnow that it can be so tempting to hit add to cart on Amazon or to walk through Target picking up this cute thing or that cute thing. The problem is how often do these cute things and impulse purchases just end up being clutter?

If you are like me and lots of people I know that happens way too often. So once you declutter and organize your apartment or small home you need to really start thinking through what you buy and how much you bring into your space.

Really start to think through purchases before you make them and check to make sure you don’t already have something before you get it. When you are living in a small space you don’t have room for duplicates. When organizing a small home you need to think through what you bring into your home.

Do you have any helpful tips for organizing a small home? I’d love you to leave a comment and share your best tips.

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