10 Odd DIY Hacks That Still Got the Job Done

You come up with solutions to problems during the day that make your life easier without even realizing it. We can all find a workaround to make do with what we have so we don’t have to use more time than necessary to get things done.

We’re sharing easy DIY hacks that will save you time and money by using items you already have around the house to solve common problems. Whether hanging a picture, trying to organize a jumble of cords, or organizing a cleaning closet, you don’t have to be an expert DIYer to use these 10 hacks to make your life easier.

1. Hanging Pictures

Woman hanging pictures
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Hanging pictures with wire hangers can be difficult. Where does that nailhead go when trying to put the wire over it? Place the nailhead between the tines of a fork with the handle facing up, then use it as a guide to hang your picture. Pull the fork out, and your wall decor will hang perfectly.

2. Shoe Storage Solution

box of wine bottles
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When ordering wine in bulk, you receive a box with slots for every bottle. When removed, the slots make great shoe storage. The box keeps shoes nice, organized, and stable so they will not get knocked over or mixed up.

3. Pool Noodles

orange and blue pool noodles
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We all have the space in our car between the seat and center console where if something is dropped, good luck getting it. To fix this, stick a pool noodle in that space to prevent anything from being lost again. This also works to keep dog toys from getting lost under the sofa. No more whining pup or getting on your hands and knees to retrieve lost toys.

4. Paint Pourer

masking tape over can of paint to direct pour
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When pouring, the paint will inevitably get onto the rim. To prevent that, use painter’s tape in a V-shape on the rim to create a channel to pour paint. This will keep paint from getting on the rim and make for a relatively mess-free pour. Learn tips and tricks for storing leftover paint here.

5. Milk Jug Scoop

Empty milk jug
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Cutting the top off a gallon of milk makes the perfect pet food scooper. Most people use a random cup to fill the animal’s food bowl, but then that cup gets used by people, too. To prevent that, the top of a milk jug with the cap on provides the perfect amount and size portion for the animal.

6. Bread Tab for Labeling

orange bread bag tab
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Bread tabs may seem useless, but putting them at the base of a cord can tell you which one is which. You can either write what the cord is or color-code it to know which one is which, so the next time you need to unplug something, you don’t remove power to the wrong thing.

7. Clothespin Nail Holder

using a clothes pin to hold onto a nail while driving it into the wall
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Avoid smashing fingers when using a hammer to drive a nail. A clothespin can hold and support a nail while hammering to prevent smashing a finger, keeping your fingers nice and far away.

8. Paper Towel Cord Storage

empty paper towel roll
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We all have cords lying around that are tangled up, and we have no idea where they even go. To solve this, taking an empty paper towel roll and wrapping the cord in them is a great way to organize them. Not only does this contain them, but you can also label the outside of it to know which is which.

9. Zip Ties for Hanging Cleaning Tools

red, blue, green, and yellow zip ties
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Hanging up a broom or mop is a great way to keep your cleaning closet organized, but the handle doesn’t always fit on hooks from the store. Add a zip tie to the handle to hang it from any hook anywhere! They are also great for cord management.

10. Dusting Made Easy With Slipper Socks

multi colored slipper socks
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Who doesn’t love a good pair of slipper socks? What if I told you you could repurpose your old pairs into dusting mits? Spray with dusting spray and wipe away the dust. You will have more control and can dust small decor more easily with the sock than with a dusting rag.

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