Best Linen Closet Organization Ideas

Is your linen closet a hot mess? Help is here! Learn how to declutter and get it under control with these easy-to-implement tips and linen closet organization ideas.

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Staying organized can be challenging, especially when storing a variety of items. A linen closet holds many products, and fitting everything can be tricky. It can quickly become a mess even if it only holds the necessities it was designed for.

Once it’s organized, you’ll be able to find what you need, know what you need to restock and you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief that this area of your home is tidy.

Are you ready to organize your linen closet? Let’s get started with these helpful linen closet organization ideas!

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Steps to Organize a Linen Closet

small linen closet organization ideas

The steps to organize a linen closet are the same whether it’s located in the bathroom or an adjacent hallway, and they include the following:

  • Decluttering
  • Taking inventory
  • Cleaning and adjusting shelves
  • Create categories
  • Create labels
  • Fold linens and towels
  • Put everything in its new place. 

Some essentials you will need before you get started are:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Notepad
  • Variety of storage containers
  • Blank labels
  • Black permanent marker
  • Label maker (optional)

Once you know what to expect and gather all your supplies, it’s time to start. Let’s look at each step in detail:

1. Decluttering

Linens set on bed for organization

Decluttering is sometimes daunting, but it is the best way to give your linen closet a clean slate. Follow these steps to declutter a disorganized linen closet:

  1. Remove everything from the closet. 
  2. Throw out any trash or damaged linens. 
  3. Make three piles: donate, move to other space, and linen closet.

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2. Take Inventory

Once the closet is cleaned out, it’s time to take inventory of what you have. Doing so will help you to know what you have on hand and what needs replacing.

Inventory looks different for everyone. Some ideas may be the number of bath towels, proper-sized bed sheets for everyone, necessary medicines, and any other items that belong. 

3. Clean and Adjust the Shelves

Before putting anything back, use the following steps to help you prepare the shelves:

  1. Vacuum out the entire linen closet, using the hose attachment to dust all the shelves.
  2. Wipe down the shelves with soapy water and allow them to dry.
  3. Adjust the shelves to accommodate larger and smaller items.

4. Organize in Categories

different colored towels folded and rolled to put in the linen closet

Looking at the piles of items you are putting back into the closet, create some categories for everything. Here are some examples of possible categories:

  • Medical
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Bed linens (separated into sizes)
  • Bath and hand towels
  • Toiletries and other bathroom supplies
  • Cleaning supplies

Once you have categories created, organize your items based on the category

5. Create Some Labels

Labels are beneficial when organizing. Here are some ideas for what you can use to make labels:

  • All-purpose label stickers: come in various sizes and are self-adhesive.
  • Blank address stickers: smaller than label stickers, but are very similar.
  • Index cards: are great for writing what is in each storage container. Adhere with packing tape.
  • Sheets of paper: use white printer paper to print out labels you can tape to shelves and containers.
  • Sharpie marker: a black, permanent marker that is easy to read. 
  • Packing Tape: sticks well to wood and plastic and comes off when necessary. 
  • Label maker: a label maker ensures all labels are the same style and size.

Labels are worth the time to keep your space organized and functional.

6. Gather Storage Containers

Some items can go into containers, and others will sit on the shelf. The easiest way to decide how many containers you need and what sizes is to note what you have and how you want them stored. 

Before venturing out to buy new storage containers, check around the house for boxes, baskets, and bins that aren’t in use. Recycling storage containers is a great way to keep this task budget-friendly.

7. Start With the Bigger Items

It’s time to start putting everything back. Start with oversized items like bed sheets, bath towels, toilet paper, etc. They take up more space, so putting them in place first will help you to fill in around them. 

Bath towels and bed sheets might go right on a shelf, but placing them in large baskets helps maintain organization and appearance.

Don’t ignore the floor space in the closet. A basket on the floor can hold toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or towels. 

8. Add the Smaller Items

After the larger things are in place, it’s time to add the smaller items. Use bins, boxes, and baskets to store smaller items, such as toiletries, medicines, and anything else you keep in the linen closet. 

Look for areas that aren’t obvious if you need more space. You might be able to squeeze a small container in between the sheets and towels or other larger items.

9. Attach the Labels

You have done the most challenging part of organizing. Now, add the labels to shelves and containers so you can see what is there without pulling everything out. 

20 Items to Make Storage Easier

Bed linens closet neat arrangement

Planning for organization day will help things go smoothly. Now that you know how to do it, here are 20 items to make organizing easier.

  1. Wall-mounted towel racks can be attached to the back of a door.
  2. Metal baskets designed for the pantry are sturdy and work great on the shelves.
  3. Rope baskets are flexible and work well on the shelves or floor.  
  4. Bedsheet organizing bands are a lifesaver when the closet is full of sheets of various sizes. 
  5. Vacuum compression bags help store linens. The vacuum sealer compresses bed linens into a compact size until you need them. 
  6. Use this electric air pump with the vacuum compression bags.  
  7. Rack risers turn one shelf into two creating additional storage. 
  8. Small storage trays hold smaller items like travel-size toiletries or first aid. 
  9. Zippered storage bins keep the linen closet neat. Try zippered storage bins for seasonal items such as beach towels and flannel sheets. 
  10. Many pantry solutions are helpful in the linen closet, like stacking storage bins. Try them for replenishing items like shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste. 
  11. If you use some shelves for various items, shelf dividers will help keep everything in its place. 
  12. To make the most of the wall space in the linen closet, hanging baskets are attractive and useful. 
  13. Over-the-door shelves will give your linen closet four more shelves. 
  14. Use a silverware drawer organizer on a shelf for miscellaneous bathroom items.
  15. Freestanding wine storage racks can hold cleaning supplies, bottles of body wash, or shampoo.
  16. Use a tall laundry hamper for sheets or towels. 
  17. Stackable storage drawers come in various sizes and are clear, making the items inside easy to identify.
  18. The top shelf of the linen closet often holds spare blankets. These blanket storage bags will keep the top shelf tidy. 
  19. If you keep cleaning supplies in the linen closet, add a cleaning supply caddy to grab it on cleaning day quickly. 
  20. Another helpful organizer for smaller items is a tiered organizer, which is excellent for rotating items that expire. 

Small Linen Closet Organization Ideas

woman organizing a small linen closet

Organizing a small linen closet is essential to prevent an overflow to other places in the house. Here are some organization ideas:

Use Hooks

Using adhesive hooks that stick to the wall will expand your small linen closet storage space. They are easy to add and remove from the closet and on the back of the door. Here are some ways to use adhesive hooks for storage:

  • Towels
  • Robes
  • Storage bags with closet items
  • Baskets filled with closet items

Over-The-Door Storage

An over-the-door pantry organizer can hold a large supply of toiletries. A shoe organizer is great for medicine, skincare, hair accessories, and more. The pockets are clear, making it easy to find what you need. 

Storage must be thought about so you can optimize the space. Keep these things in mind when organizing a small linen closet:

  1. Be strict with your inventory. Remove things that don’t belong.
  2. Never overload the closet.  
  3. If you get something new, get rid of something old.
  4. Keep similar items together in the closet so it’s easier to find things. 
  5. Try different folding methods.  
  6. Use plywood or drawer liners to keep small items from falling through wire shelving.
  7. Use every inch of space. 

Organizing a linen closet will make your day-to-day less stressful. You won’t be frantically running around looking for household supplies when you know where everything is. Get the family on board and stay organized with these linen closet organization ideas.

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