Kitchen Soap Caddies Help Keep Sink Bacteria At Bay

Sink caddies aid in kitchen organization by preventing excess water from leaking or dripping onto upper cabinets and providing adequate air circulation for your preferred cleaning equipment, allowing sponges to completely dry among uses.

Keeping your sponge on a platform, and soap organized

There are so many advantages to getting a kitchen soap caddy. They include:

  • It keeps all of the necessities in your kitchen in order.
  • It keeps the sink area always in a clean and fresh condition. We’ve all experienced the moist stench that can pervade this space if it isn’t neatly organized.
  • As many feature drainage holes, it is far more sanitary. Your kitchen instruments can air out among the uses rather than lying on the counters or in the sink.

Expert Tip

Caddies can help keep the area around your kitchen sink clean. Nevertheless, strong cleaning your caddy weekly is still recommended to keep it clean.

Here are some tips for keeping your sponge and soap structured on a platform:

After every use, wring out your sponge wholly and wash away any loose debris or food. Keep it in a dry place. Allowing your sponge to sit watery on a counter for an extended period of time causes it to take longer to dry and enables bacteria to grow quickly completely. Furthermore, don’t put moist sponges in a closed container like under the sink or a bucket.

Rustic Wood Kitchen Soap Trays for Counter Tops – Farmhouse Dish Decor

The dispenser trays are typically made out of high-quality materials with woodsy details that definitely make them one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the distraught rounded rectangular-shaped tray is specially made of Paulownia and has a small footprint that allows it to fit just anywhere!

Besides, this wooden tray is ideal for holding soap dispensers on your bathroom or kitchen sink, as well as serving as a coin tray, jewelry dish, key holder, makeup storage, candle holder, and many more! In addition, this tray will look great in any room of the house, whether it’s contemporary, shabby, or farmstead.

Last but not least, the dispenser tray can be used as a housewarming gift, Christmas gift, bridal shower gift, or any other type of gift. Their designs are just simple and complement the dispensers perfectly.


Can hold 2 soap dispensers side by side

Super lightweight and compact for easy portability

Ideal farmhouse home decor


Sometimes it might slide on the counter

Cute kitchen soap Caddy with sponge holder

This Generic sponge holder is typically designed to keep your kitchen organized, tidy, and clean. It is ideal for holding washing tools, such as soap, sponge, brusher, and wool. Besides, it is made from premium resistant-metal steel, which is super enduring to last for a really long time. 

Moreover, the kitchen sponge holder comes with a drip tray, holding water from your sponge to keep the surface always dry. The overall appearance is sleek with a slim and lightweight design. Therefore, you can easily move and place the holder anywhere you want. 

Besides, the small design makes this cute kitchen soap caddy ideal for those having small spaces. In other words, you can put it under the sink or even on the top of the counter. 


Long-lasting with the solid steel

Space-saving and portable design

Very easy to wash or clean 


The slip resistance should be improved 

Kitchen soap dispenser set with Sink Tray Drainer Rack

This ARTLEO sponge holder is exceptionally convenient and space-saving. In particular, this sponge caddy’s drip tray is derived from the front, allowing it to be put close to the water tap to save space. Dragging it out from the side is more difficult and time-consuming. This tray makes it far handier to use as needed with the moveable design.

Besides, this sink caddy features a rectangle bottom for more storage capacity, making it easier to hold sponges, soap, drain stoppers, and dish brushes while keeping your countertop nice and clean.

Unrestricted ventilation is another awesome feature of this kitchen soap caddy. Particularly, the wind can easily reach the sponge caddy from any direction, allowing the sponge to dry far quickly. Besides, the sponge holder’s perforated bottom enhances the draining region and inlet air pace! Vanities, kitchen counters, and bathrooms are all excellent choices.


Convenient to make the countertop tidy

Portable design and save a lot of space

Really enduring with stainless steel construction 


The drain tray can’t hold a lot

Farmhouse kitchen soap caddy for the bathroom

The Mud Pie kitchen soap caddy is typically designed with the inspiration of the farmhouse with the wooden handle. This design is not only elegant beautiful but also makes it easier to move around. So, you can put the sink caddy anywhere, like in your bathroom or kitchen.

At the same time, the storage space is made from high-quality ceramic, creating a perfect combination of luxurious ceramic and a simple yet stylish wooden handle. 

With the 8.5″ x 6″ dimension, this sink caddy is ideal for 2 pump dispensers (like one soap and one lotion). Or you can also store your sponge and dishwashing solution, keeping the cleaning always clean and tidy.


Durable construction to last longer

Very simple to move around

Great looking that fits any interior design


The pump doesn’t seem to work really well

Final Thoughts

One of the best kitchen soap caddies will help you tidy up your kitchen sink area. They will not only free up extra room, but they can also make your sink area more sanitary. You don’t need to leave your dish toolkits in the sink, which can result in bad odors and bacteria accumulation.

Take into account the size of your sink as well when purchasing a kitchen soap caddy to ensure you get the right one. There are several different types, but one with adequate drainage is recommended. If the soap caddy is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, that will be even better.

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