Conquer Kids’ Room Clutter With These 13 Ideas

Staying on top of cleaning and organizing children’s rooms can be overwhelming, especially when they are too young to help or older and don’t care what their room looks like. From toddlers to teens, kids of all ages struggle with cleaning and organizing their rooms.

Once you added storage solutions to a child’s room, life becomes so much easier! They learn how to keep their room picked up, they know where things live, and they do a much better job of keeping it all clean.

Will their bedrooms always neat and tidy? No way! They are still kids, but at least their rooms won’t look like a bomb went off and you won’t have to clean them as often anymore. That’s a win in my book!

Let’s talk about what needs to be organized in a kid’s room, how you can get them to help keep it organized and clean, and some easy DIY solutions you can make to help get the job done, even if you have never DIYed anything in your life.

1. What Needs Organized in a Kid’s Room?

Young girl cleaning up her room
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This list isn’t all-inclusive, but these are the main things that need to be organized in a kid’s room.

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Art supplies
  • Sports gear – unless you store it somewhere else in your home
  • Board games

2. How Do I Get My Kids to Clean Their Rooms?

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The way to get your kids to buy into keeping their rooms clean and organized is to make it fun and make it easy.

  • When you have more than one child, you can make it a competition to see who gets done first. Give a prize to the winner.
  • Time the clean up and see if they can beat their previous time.
  • Do it together to teach them how to do it and create good habits.
  • Give them storage solutions for all the things to make it easy to stay organized.

Now, let’s look at some easy DIY storage solutions for kids’ rooms.

3. DIY Rotating Bookcase

rotating bookcase with books and toys
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Perfect for small spaces, this rotating bookshelf is a beginner project that anyone can make. It’s on a lazy Susan turntable so it fits nicely in a corner for easy access and great book organization. I built this for my son’s room and he loves it! Tutorial to build your own here.

4. Bedside Table With Book Storage

DIY bedside table with two shelves for book storage to organize kids rooms

A bedside table that is easy to make and will hold books and toys for your little one. This easy DIY kid’s room organizing idea can be made in a weekend. It has a shelf for front facing books so your child can see them and even a small shelf for their favorite toys. Build your own!

5. Rain Gutter Bookshelves

wall mounted book shelves made from rain gutters

Looking for a cheap and easy book storage idea for your child’s room? This is it! A rain gutter is the perfect solution to organizing books in a kids room or playroom. It’s an easy DIY project anyone can do . Tutorial here.

6. Simple DIY Plywood Toy Storage Box

teal painted DIY toy box
Image Credit: Abbotts at Home

Toy boxes will give you a lot of space and are a great idea for kids’ rooms. Putting favorite toys away in a toy box makes keeping their room clean easy and won’t take much time to keep it organized. This DIY toy box is an easy beginner build that anyone can make, paint it a color to match your kid’s room and it’s ready to go! Tutorial to build your own here.

7. Acrylic Toddler Book Shelves

Books in wall mounted acrylic book shelves
Image Credit: Toolbox Divas

Easy book storage for your toddler. Acrylic shelves make the books easy to see and you can mount them on the wall at their height to teach them how to put them back when they’re done looking at them. Making your own is super easy with acrylic sheets and heat gun. These are great for kids’ rooms, a playroom or anywhere in your home your child likes to read. Learn how to make them with this tutorial.

8. DIY Book Crate

wooden crate painted yellow for kids room organizing ideas to hold books
Image Credit: The Inspired Hive

A wooden crate, paint, and poster board is all you need to make this kid’s room organizing idea. Paint the crate any color to match your child’s room and put a piece of poster board in the bottom of each crate to keep the books from falling out. I love this idea and you could even make them for other toys too! Tutorial to make your own here.

9. DIY Closet Shelves

kids room organizing using shelves in the closet
Image Credit: Love and Renovations

Keeping a kid’s closet organized can be hard no matter the clothing size. Add extra storage and organizing space by adding shelves. With shelves you have a place for baskets or bins for toys, a place to sit shoes within easy reach and you’ll clear up floor for a more organized space. Learn more about this organizing idea here.

10. Kid’s Closet Organizer

boys organized closet
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Upgrade a kid’s closet over the weekend and make it closet functional with a ton of storage. The double hanging bars are perfect for their size clothing and can be adjusted as they get bigger. Use wire bins as a toy organizer for less used toys and give them drawers and cubbies for other clothing items. Learn how to upgrade a closet in a weekend here.

11. Organizing a Shared Kids’ Closet

kids closet with drawers and shelves with bins for organizing
Image Credit: Lemon Thistle

Having two kiddos share a closet can be chaotic. Who’s stuff is who’s and how do you keep it all organized? This shared closet idea is awesome!Add a hanging drawer unit to the middle as a divider and shelving on each side. Each child has their own fabric bins to keep them organized. Learn how to do it yourself here.

12. Kid’s Hanging Closet Organizer

Day of the week door hangers used in the closet for organizing kid's room ideas
Image Credit: Make Life Lovely

Do you have a child that is indecisive when it comes to picking outfits? Organize them by the day of the week with these hanging closet organizers. Take the guess work out choosing and get them out the door on time! Make your own here.

13. Tween Closet Organization

tween closet organizer with drawers and cubbies and hanging bar

This builder grade closet upgrade is easy to do and your tween girl will love it! She will have a place for shoes, bins for storage and shelves for her most important items. Add baskets to the top shelve to maximize storage. Learn how to do it yourself here.

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