Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free with These 10 Smart Storage Zones

Whether you have a large kitchen with lots of storage or a small one with limited cabinet space, kitchen cabinet organization is key for everyday use.

Planning is key when setting up kitchen storage. Before putting anything away, these steps are important to do first:

  • Categorize and prioritize items based on what function they serve and how frequently you use them.
  • Zone Planning. Divide your cabinets into zones based on what items they’ll hold and what each kitchen section is used for.
  • Store by height and weight. Place heavier items on lower shelves to make accessing them more manageable. Place lighter and less used items on higher shelves. Keep similar items together for easy access.
  • Utilize drawer dividers to organize utensils, cutlery, and small kitchen tools. You can even use them in larger drawers for pots and pans.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets into zones will make working in your kitchen easier, whether cooking or putting away groceries. These are some of the best places to store items in your kitchen. Even though they may seem obvious, these small switches are a game changer in your kitchen’s flow.

1. Drinking Glasses

hand reaching out for a drinking glass in a drinking glass cabinet close to the refrigerator for easy access
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Having drinking glasses close to where you fill them makes moving around the kitchen easier and more efficient. Place water cups or glasses closer to the refrigerator for easy access. This simple adjustment will keep you from searching for a glass when reaching for a refreshing drink.

2. Coffee Mugs

white mugs next to the coffee machine for easy access
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Coffee enthusiasts can streamline their morning routine by storing coffee mugs near their machines. This saves time and creates a designated coffee station. If you use a Keurig, store the coffee pods next to the coffee machine.

3. Snack Zone

2 little girls eatin potato chips
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Designate a specific cabinet or drawer as the “snack zone.” You can store items like granola bars, nuts, and popcorn in it. Choose a drawer or cabinet that kids can reach, but make sure to put rules in place for when they can get snacks and when they can’t.

4. Cooking Utensils

cooking utensils in drawer near stove
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Keep frequently used utensils, such as spatulas, ladles, and tongs, in a container on the countertop or a drawer near the stove. Invest in a knife holder on the countertop to save drawer space.

5. Kids Zone

colourful plastic utensils for kids in a drawer
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Create a designated cabinet or drawer space just for your kids. (Pro tip: keep it near the snack zone since they’ll be the ones asking often!). The Kids Corner can include plastic plates, cups, and utensils at a height they can reach. This will empower them to get what they want without assistance

6. Baking Essentials

woman putting away baking supplies from cabinet
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Gather your baking sheets, mixing bowls, and measuring cups in one designated cabinet. This perfect themed organization technique will make the baking process smoother. Store spices and baking goods close by, too.

7. Condiment Corner

condiments stored on the door of the refrigerator
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Who doesn’t love a little ketchup on a burger? Chances are, you have a bunch of condiments that have stacked up over the months or years. Group them in a designated area of your refrigerator door or keep them on a specific shelf.

8. Seasoning Station

Kitchen cabinet organization for spices
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For avid cooks, you could create a seasoning station near the stove. Store commonly used spices, oils, and condiments within arm’s reach so you can mix and match while you’re cooking. 

9. Dishcloth Drawer

neatly folded dish clothes in a kitchen drawer
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Keep two favorite towels on the stove for easy access, but create a designated drawer for other dishcloths, kitchen towels, and oven mitts. We recommend keeping it near the sink or dishwasher.

10. Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies stored under the kitchen sink
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Having cleaning supplies in the kitchen will save you time when it’s time to clean up. You’ll need a place to keep your cleaning supplies. We recommend storing them underneath the sink or in a pantry cabinet near your trash can.

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