Iron Board Holder

Although it takes up little space, the ironing board is among the most overlooked items in the planning phase at home. The great news is that there are different solutions to these issues. As of their market launch, ironing board holders have effectively solved this issue.

Better houseware iron and ironing board holder in chrome from Walmart

Make your life a lot easier! For a bit of laundry room, this TJ.MOREE ironing board holder is an excellent organizational tool. Everything is kept off the floor and not clustered on edge or on a shelf. If you’re a neat freak who needs a place for everything, this one-of-a-kind design will come in handy, and it’s OCD-friendly.

Sturdy chrome iron and ironing board hanger easily mounts on any wall or door. You won’t have to worry about where you’ll put your ironing board anymore. What’s more, the hook is specially designed to hold a variety of items, not just your ironing board alone, and is easily removed when not in use.

For ease of installation, mounting hardware is also included. This wall mount’s iron board holder can also be used to display small items on the wall. There are numerous applications for this item.


Come with mounting hardware for easy installation

Very easy to install with sturdy construction

The holder is versatile and fits any room


Not ideal for extra accessories

Laundry Room Iron Board Holder with Large Storage Wooden Base Basket

Organize it all in one place; the spacious wooden-base basket is ideal for holding your iron, spray bottle, and starch. Two long metal hooks can be used to hang your ironing board which is suitable for boards with T-shaped legs. Moreover, this design helps save a lot of space in your house.

In the fully-functioning basket of the TJ.MOREE ironing board holder, there is a natural wooden component. It produces a woodsy yet sophisticated style while making sure that stored objects are secure. The text “iron” on the front of the basket represents a clean environment, and it resounds your family’s principle of doing all the laundry together.

This iron board holder is ideal for storing both ironing gadgets and clothes in your sewing room, utility room, and laundry room, but it is also perfect for keeping everyday items organized and readily available in your bedroom or bathroom as well. The iron caddy is delivered fully installed; all you have to do is attach the removable hooks to the basket and hang the entire iron caddy on the wall. Assemblement takes just 5 minutes and includes all necessary hardware.


Come in a stylish and sturdy design

The storage capacity is just really large

The compact design saves lots of space


The hangers seem to be a little bit too long

How do you hang an ironing board?

Use the iron board holder to store your ironing board. You just need to place your ironing board on the holder by laying every side of the bottom onto the hangers if you have a T-shaped ironing board. A dual-hook system is typically used in these types of hangers. As a result, every base side must be perfectly aligned. Adjust the adjustable hooks and hang the ironing board feet as per the shape of the board for U-shaped and V-shaped boards. Check that the feet are stable and won’t fall off the hooks.

An ironing board should be hung with a sharp edge at the top. Because the broader end will be heavier, you’ll want to ensure it’s at the bottom. To maintain your ironing board from falling whenever you are opening and closing the door, keep in mind it needs to be secure.

If you buy an ironing board holder that includes a compartment for your iron and other items, ensure that your iron and gadgets are secure and well-organized.

Always tie the cable of your iron together or cover it tidily around the iron. A dangling cord from the door is never a good idea.

How much does an ironing board weigh?

Although there are no exact benchmarks (except for Brabantia’s own measurement system), often these ironing boards can be broken down into some size groups down below:

Ironing Board, Small and Narrow Size(12×43 inches)

A portable ironing board might be the best option for you if you’re looking for convenience. Its lightweight design, weighing around 7.5 pounds, makes it simple to set up and is especially beneficial for those who face challenges with heavier and bulkier boards. To accommodate for the slim design, it’s sometimes as long as or slightly longer than “larger” ironing boards.

Ironing Board, Regular Size (13×53 inches)

This ironing board will handle most ironing circumstances, but it will fall short if you are going to use it for bigger loads or heavier objects, such as those weighing 8 pounds or over.

Boards that are larger and wider (18×49 inches)

The weight of these bigger ironing boards varies a lot, occasionally by as much as 10 pounds.

Quilting Board, Special Size (19×55 inches)

Whereas the contour and make of customized ironing boards vary, we’ve discovered that the average width is around 19 inches. You can also set it up to cleanse with your stitching table thanks to the height adjustment of 30 to 38 inches. These boards are a little more substantial, weighing between 20 and 29 pounds.

What are the best ironing board covers?

There are lots of choices, and some will provide you with an effectively ironing experience than many others. 

My Materials

  • With that in mind, we recommend ironing board covers made of 100% unbleached Teflon or cotton.
  • Heat, stain, and water resistance are common characteristics of these fabrics.
  • Teflon and cotton are both heat-reflective, so they will not get charred or burned.
  • They have the perfect texture (one that is smoother) for adequate heat transfer.
  •  Teflon and cotton ironing board covers do not have to be washed or cleaned every day, and they’re simple to keep clean.
  • These two textiles are also great since they keep your clothes from sliding around on the table.

By Surface

The best ironing board covers feature ”non-stick” (or reflective) surfaces that absorb heat and prevent it from lingering on the surface.

The use of a reflective surface speeds up ironing and provides protection for clothing from being burned.

Heavy cushioning protects against heat damage and adds extra grip or traction to great ironing board covers.

By Look

An “ornament” ironing board cover can be visibly enlightening, even if color and design aren’t required.

You can get an ironing board cover in vibrant color, with complex designs and patterns, or with artistic illustrations.

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