How to Start Decluttering When You are Overwhelmed

How to Start Decluttering When You are Overwhelmed

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Do you know that you need to declutter and get your home organized but you just don’t want to start? Figuring out decluttering strategies that work is what you need to start.

Maybe you’ve tried to get organized in the past and get rid of clutter but it never worked and so you ask yourself.

Why even bother?

As someone who really spends a lot of time trying to understand clutter and figure out how to get in control of it. I understand where you are coming from.

There are a few decluttering mistakes I have made and I am constantly seeing other people make as well. These simple decluttering strategies will make it so much easier to be successful.

This summer Isabella is visiting both my family for awhile and my in-laws for awhile. So that leaves me with a lot more free time than normal. So I’m going to be doing some major organization projects and getting our home really tidy and organized.

Maybe decluttering in summer when your kids are home won’t work, it might be easier when the school year starts and you have the house to yourself more.

If you want to be successful with decluttering you need to think it through and set yourself up to win and not be defeated. So give these four decluttering strategies a try and see how much easier getting organized and decluttered can be.

1. You need to have a plan for what to do with the stuff you declutter

One of the big mistakes I’ve had and seen others have when it comes to organizing and decluttering is not having a plan of what to do with what you want to get rid of.

Way too often you will make the decision to declutter. Even going so far as to put stuff aside to get rid of and then it just sits there. Maybe in your car or a closet and you mean to do something with it but you don’t.

So it just becomes clutter again.

So before you even declutter find out what you want to do with the stuff. Maybe you will hold a garage sale, or give it to goodwill. Maybe you can sell the stuff on Craigslist.

Decide what you are going to do with things and make a commitment to get rid of the stuff as soon as possible.

We’ve been decluttering recently and found a place local to us that you can sell your old electronics and DVDs to. So we have taken a lot of our old DVDs and gotten rid of them for a little extra cash.

If you’ve heard of ThredUp they sell used clothes. They can send you a bag to put clothes you want to get rid of to back to them. So I’m working on that too. Trying to clean out our closets and get rid of clothing that we either no longer want or that no longer fits.

Stuff you are planning to get rid of but instead sits in your trunk or in the closet for months is now just a different form of clutter. It might be more out of sight but it’s not dealt with. So make a plan before you start of what to do with the stuff you no longer want and stick to the plan.

2. Don’t try to do it all at once

One of the best simple decluttering strategies is to avoid the mistake of trying to do it all at once. Don’t do this. If you pull out everything and try to do it all you are only going to make it harder on yourself and make it more work.

Instead, break it down and do sections of your home one at a time. Or do it by types of clutter like all the books, all your clothes or shoes, kitchen cabinets, office supplies, etc.

Tackle each area or type one at a time. Then move on to the next. This will help you to see progress and results which can be a great motivator to continue organizing when you don’t want to.

Plus how many of you have made the decision to declutter a room all at once pulled everything out and then ended up not wanting to finish it? After making this mistake too many times I came up with the process of doing it section by section. That way I didn’t end up making a larger mess that no one wanted to deal with.

The Kon Marie method is a great way to declutter by types of items. This post by Abby Lawson really explains how to do it well.

3. You need to know your why

I have found that with decluttering and organizing that just like with other parts of my life. It becomes so much easier to do if I get clear on my why. If you figure out the big why that is pushing you to do this.

Maybe you suffer from anxiety and know that having an organized home will help you relieve some of that problem. That is a great reason to declutter and organize. You and your family’s health and well being can be the motivation you need to get things done and keep them nice.

Maybe you want to be able to open your home up to guests more, to begin to invite people over for dinner and parties but haven’t in the past because you didn’t want people seeing the state of your home.

Getting rid of things and having less stuff will make it so much easier to clean up quickly if you have an opportunity to invite people over.

Figuring out your why that is driving you to do something makes it so much easier to do things. It gives you the encouragement and motivation you need to push through your excuses and get things done.

4. Make a commitment to less

When it comes to a successful but simple decluttering strategy this may be the one that you need to make sure to follow through with. Once you declutter and get rid of the things you no longer need. You need to make the commitment to bring in less to your home.

This doesn’t have to be a bad or upsetting thing. Here are 24 reasons why having less can make your life happier. Of course, you will have to buy or receive new things in your life. I’m not saying that you should live a minimalist lifestyle unless that is something you really want to do.

I know we enjoy our stuff and that my daughter is given a lot of wonderful things from our family’s.

It’s a matter of not falling back in to the old patterns that led you to a life of too much clutter. The way too often trips to Target had to stop once we got serious about living with less. Buying things when I was feeling sad just to feel better hads to stop. Accepting things from other people who were getting rid of them just to be nice even though you don’t need them needed to stop.

Learning to say no to things you don’t really need because it feels better to live in a less chaotic space is key to keeping things from going back to how they were.

Set limits on the ammount of new things that you can bring and how often you need to go through and purge things to keep the number of items you have more resonable.

We have found that it’s helpful to go through our daughters clothes at the end of the school year and before her birthday in October to get rid of things that she no longer wears or that no longer fit. This has helped to keep her closet more manageble.

Looking for what you should start to declutter? Here are more than 100 Things to Declutter From Your Home Right Now.

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