How to Sanitize Home after Covid Recovery

You probably had COVID-19 and are recovering from it. Or maybe, you are caring for your relatives who had it. If this is the case, it is really crucial to sanitize your home. It is widely believed that the virus can be effectively removed from household surfaces with frequent cleaning and sanitizing products. 

Accordingly, you should sanitize every surface and item in your home. It seems to be easy to get a compact sanitizer box for home disinfection. But if you need to disinfect a large area while having nobody to help with, which sanitizing machine should you get to save time and labor?

In addition, which disinfectants should you use? What sanitizing machine is best for the home? How to sanitize home after covid recovery? All of these questions might make you feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, this article gives you the two best sanitizing machines for indoors and outdoors. 

Sanitizing machine for home

There are different disinfect devices to sanitize home that come in various styles, such as fogger sprayers, sanitize boxes, etc. Depending on your space or items that need to be disinfected, there is always a suitable machine for sanitization. But the best sanitizing machine for home usually comes in a compact design to save space. Among various models available out there, the LETORS 10L Large Capacity UV Light Sanitizer tends to be the best pick.

LETORS 10L Large Capacity UV Light Sanitizer

Efficient sterilization is the very first and greatest attribute of the LETORS 10L Large Capacity UV Light Sanitizer. It is made from premium material to last longer. At the same time, the UV-light band is between 220 and 270mm, which is proven to kill viruses and bacteria in around 10 minutes effectively. 

Coming in a simple yet clean design, you just need to open the door, put your stuff inside, close the door, and turn the switch to start the sanitization. With the magnetic suction door, the UV light will automatically close as you open the door. Therefore, this device is completely safe for your health. 

In addition, this LETORS sanitizing machine comes in a 10L large capacity box so that you can sterilize many things at the same time. Besides, the sanitizer comes in a removable layered structure, which provides enough room for different items (baby bottles, salon tools, tableware, etc.). Unfortunately, this sanitizing machine is not ideal for disinfecting surfaces, such as tables, floors, walls, etc. 


Offer a very large capacity with a removable layered structure

Use a strong UV-light band for powerful sterilization

High-quality and safe materials to protect your health

Can be used to disinfect various items


There is little noise during the sanitization

Sanitizing mist covid

It is important to sanitize both indoors and outdoors to ensure a clean environment. If you need to disinfect a big area, then fogger sprayers will be the most optimum choice. They often come in a long cord with a large capacity tank and powerful spraying volume. Here is the best sanitizing machine for big areas, such as commercials, offices, hospitals, etc. 

Sanifog 5 Liter Fogger Machine Disinfectant – Use with Alcohol

The Sanifog ULV fogger sprayer is a good machine that helps you disinfect a large area within minutes. With the 15 ft of handheld cord and high spray volume of 80-1380ml/min, this disinfectant fogger can clean and sanitize different areas (home, schools, hospitals, restaurants, commercials, etc.) within 10 to 15 minutes. 

Besides, this machine is actually convenient and efficient with the head hose that can be easily adjusted to any angle, together with an immediate switch on and off. What’s more, a liquid disinfectant can also be used with the Sanifog sprayer. Equipped with an 800W power output, the ULV fogger can produce 10 – 150 micron droplets, which are required for disinfection.

Lastly, the 5-liter large capacity tank is enough to disinfect a large area at one time. This cold mist fogger offers high-speed, rotating spraying with no obstructions. As such, the sanitizing machine is ideal for both indoor and outdoor misting. Ultimately, this is a labor-saving, fast-spraying, and efficient-disinfection solution.


Save time and labor sanitizing large areas

Efficient spraying speeds with no blocking

Easy to use with the adjustable handheld cord

Can spray bleach and alcohol up to 90% concentration


The capacity tank is sometimes not stable

Conclusion – Why you should sanitize your home after a covid recovery period

During the home recovery after having covid, it is really important to sanitize your home. Cleaning and sanitizing your home can help significantly reduce the potential risk of COVID spread. Besides, using proper disinfectants to sanitize clothes, surfaces, and items you contact with also helps protect people around you. That’s why you should get yourself a sanitizing machine to protect you and your beloved ones.

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