How to Organize Your Kids School Papers

If you are a parent than I am sure you are aware of how much paperwork your kids end up with each year. From school papers, artwork, programs, awards, report cards, pictures and more. It begins to become overwhelming. Which is why a few years ago I started organizing my daughter’s paperwork in an attempt to keep it in one place and easy to find. It works and so I want to share how to easily organize your child’s paperwork.

It’s summer now but a new school year will be starting soon so now is the to figure out how to easily organize your child’s paperwork. Taking an hour to get this set up will make it easier through the school year to put things away and find the stuff again. 

I picked up a storage box and hanging folders. This allowed me to separate out her school years and other activities into their own folders. This has really helped keep the incoming paperwork organized. I definitely don’t keep everything she brings home. Especially in kindergarten, she brought home 10-15 things a week. I would need a whole file box for each year. 

That would be excessive and unnecessary. I try to keep things that either is projects she’s worked really hard on, personal writings that will be fun to read someday. I don’t keep worksheets or doodles unless I feel like she will want to see them when she’s older or I want to hang on to them. 
Then I also have folders for the special things she does and stuff I want to make sure to keep like report cards and pictures. As she gets things during the school year I put them in the right folders and that way when I want to get pictures of her I know just where to look.

Only having one child this helps so much and I’m sure it would be even more helpful to moms and dads with multiple kids.

Though if you have multiple kids you’ll need to either get different colored bins or label the outside with their names or photo. I might still put Isabella’s name on the outside just so she’ll have it on there.

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