How to Organize a Small Kitchen With No Pantry

Maximize kitchen storage space with these practical ideas for how to organize a small kitchen with no pantry. Learn simple, space-efficient solutions to keep your kitchen clutter-free and fully functional.

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Are you stuck with a small kitchen without a pantry? Getting creative with your storage and workspace will help. Read on for practical ideas for organizing a small kitchen. 

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Stainless steel pots and pans hanging by the window how to organize a small kitchen

Pots, pans, and other cookware maximize a large portion of storage space in the kitchen, and in small spaces, this can be tricky. Try these ideas to store your cookware

Hang Pots and Pans on the Wall

Utilizing wall space in a small kitchen will create ample new storage opportunities. Pegboard and hooks can be used to organize lightweight pots or pans. Hooks and nails can also be anchored into the wall directly to store heavier cookware.

Use the Oven Drawer

Most stoves and ovens come with a storage drawer at the bottom. This space is the perfect remedy for large sheet pans and casserole dishes.

Install Pot Racks

Allow your cookware to be easily accessible with a wall-mounted pot rack, or store your pots and pans up high with ceiling pot racks. 

Cooking Utensils

Kitchen interior with pegboard

Cooking utensil storage can affect countertop space and available drawer space in a small kitchen. Try a wall-mounted option like these to create new storage:


Pegboard is a low-cost material and it can hold a lot of utensils. It is easily customizable to fit any design aesthetic.

Kitchen Rail

A wall-mounted kitchen rail with hooks is a stylish option to hold your cooking utensils. One can be DIYed with a wooden dowel rod and hooks.

Small Appliances

White toaster on the countertop of a kitchen

Small appliances are convenient, but storing them can create a hassle. Let’s see how to organize small appliances in a small kitchen with no pantry:

On the Countertop

If the countertop is your only storage choice for small appliances, place them where the counters meet a corner to save space. Use a small appliance slider to make moving them back and forth easier. 

Freestanding Cabinet

A freestanding cabinet can add storage to the kitchen and a place to organize small appliances. If your kitchen lacks floor space for a freestanding cabinet, consider placing it in an adjacent room.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is similar to a freestanding cabinet but includes wheels, making it convenient to move wherever needed.


spices mounted on the wall

Spices are a staple in great cooking, but what do you do when you run out of storage for these cooking essentials? Try the following ideas for spice storage:

Spice Racks

Spice racks come in a variety of styles, but which style is best for you? Here are some popular spice rack storage options:

  • Wall Mount Spice Racks, like this pack of six, are great for stacking or separating. They can be organized to fit any kitchen layout. 
  • Countertop Spice Racks work well in small kitchens with no pantry by freeing up much-needed cabinet and drawer space. They come in diverse shapes and sizes so as not to diminish counter space.
  • Magnetic Spice Racks are an incredible space saver. Attach a magnetic spice rack to your refrigerator and free up storage space on the countertop or inside cabinets.
  • Cabinet Organizers like these tiered spice racks work well to hold large quantities of spices in different sizes. The tiered spice racks make locating your needed spice quick and simple.

Spice Storage in a Drawer

Laying spice bottles flat in a shallow drawer is a great way to organize in a small kitchen without a pantry. When you pull the drawer open the labels are easy to read. 

Canned Goods

Can goods on kitchen counter

In a small kitchen with no pantry, storing canned goods becomes a problem. Use the following solutions to organize yours without taking up too much space:

Bins and Baskets

Baskets and bins work well to stack multiple cans. Place them in a corner of the countertop out of the way or place one in a cabinet for easy access.


Turntables hold items on a portable shelf that spins. If you use a stackable turntable, you’ll save even more space and fit a lot of cans.


A deep kitchen drawer can hold a good amount of canned goods. Choose one deep enough to open and close easily when full of cans. 

Tiered Stands

Just like the tiered storage for spices, there is tiered storage for canned goods too. These work well on a countertop or in a cabinet.  

Dry Goods

dry food stored in glass storage

Dry goods, like flour and sugar, take up a lot of cabinet space and require creativity to store without a pantry. Let’s look at how to organize dry goods in a small kitchen.

Glass Containers

Placing the dry goods in glass containers makes storage easier in the following locations:

  • Open Shelves add charm to any kitchen, use wall space, and create excellent storage to showcase your glass jars.
  • Countertop storage of dry goods in glass containers is aesthetically pleasing, and you won’t mind displaying them on your countertops. 


Snacks tend to take over a small kitchen with no pantry. Dedicate a drawer in your kitchen to everyday snacks for easy access, these handy snack containers are perfect to organize your snack drawer. 

Repurposed Furniture

Repurposed furniture, like buffets and hutches or freestanding cupboards, make stylish kitchen additions and can serve as pantries. They can be placed in dining rooms if they don’t fit in the kitchen, and they make a lovely accent piece equipped with storage.

Efficient Use of Cabinets

Cabinets are key storage locations in all kitchens, but limited space and short shelves create issues when storing items. You can make efficient use of your cabinets with a pull-out cabinet organizer. 

Pull-out cabinet organizers create an extra level inside a cabinet and work with all typical kitchen items. One of the most significant benefits is that each shelf on the organizer is on a track so you can easily pull them out when you need something, rather than digging to the back of the cabinet. 

Under Cabinet Storage 

We’ve covered the wall space, drawers, and inside cabinets; is there any room left? Yes. You can attach storage containers, such as under cabinet baskets to create even more storage space. 

Under-cabinet baskets are great for kitchen towels and oven mitts. Plus, doing so frees up a drawer for different items.

It’s frustrating to cook in a kitchen where you can’t find or store everything you need. Small kitchens with no pantry may seem intimidating; however, as you implement the above ideas, you’ll soon find that you can make any kitchen work, regardless of size. 

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