How to Organize a Small Bedroom

One of the rooms we spend the most time in is our bedrooms. We sleep there and relax after long days and keep our clothes in our bedrooms. This is why we already cleaned our closets.

You will sleep better and feel less stressed if you have a tidy and organized bedroom. So let’s spend a little time getting our bedrooms in order. I live in an apartment so space is limited so these tips on how to organize your small bedroom should work whether your bedroom is big or small.

1 Get Set Up for Success

Grab an empty laundry basket or box to put things that don’t belong in your bedroom to put them away. Grab some dusting spray and a rag, a trash bag, and a vacuum. Having everything ready will make it easier to stay focused and on task.

When space is limited it doesn’t take much to make it messy. So we are going to get rid of things in the bedroom that doesn’t belong. This is how to best quickly organize your small bedroom

2. Make Your Bed

When you clean your bedroom it’s always helpful to start with making your bed. This will make the room instantly look better. Plus it gives you a clear surface to fold clothes.

Better yet get your bed all clean. Take all the bedding off – sheets, mattress protector, comforter – and throw it in the wash.

Sprinkle your mattress with some baking soda to remove any odor.  Allow it to sit for a few hours.  Before you put the clean sheets back on the bed, vacuum the baking soda up.

Dust the bed frame.  Then when your bedding is washed and dried, make your bed again.

3. Do a Quick Declutter

Now let’s get rid of some of the things we don’t need so out bedrooms will be less cluttered. Having less clutter makes any space look more organized. So it’s no surprise it’s also how to organize a small bedroom easily.

In my 100 Things to Declutter From Your Home Right Now I have quite a few ideas of things you can declutter from your bedrooms.

They are:

1 worn or damaged sheets 

2. extra blankets or bedding that can be donated 

3. clothing that is stained or ruined 

4. Clothing that is outdated or no longer fits 

5. Earrings that are missing a pair

6. Any broken or outdated jewelry that is no longer worn

7. broken or unused electronics that can be donated or recycled 

8. scarves and belts that you don’t want or wear any longer 

9. unused purses and unworn shoes

10. storage boxes or containers that you don’t need 

11. Worn out undergarments and socks 

12. old candles that are burned down or you don’t enjoy 

So go through your space and clear some clutter to help get your room in order.

4. Clean off and Dust Furniture

Pick up anything on bookshelves and furniture that doesn’t belong. Then straighten the remaining items after you dust.

To dust Run dust rag over all horizontal surfaces, including bookshelves, the tops of light switches and fixtures, picture frames, clocks, mirrors, and any knick-knacks or figurines.

If you are wondering how to organize your small bedroom one of the best tips is to keep surfaces clear. In a small space messy surfaces like dressers and nightstands will make it look really disorganized.

5. Vacuum Floors

Lastly, and the part that makes the biggest difference, vacuum the floors well. It’s especially nice to deodorize your carpet with baking soda or carpet deodorizer powder. Sprinkle on carpet and vacuum it up to help your bedroom smell better.

Here are some helpful bedroom organizing tips from one of my favorite cleaning vloggers from Clean My Space

Anika Gandhi

Anika Gandhi is on a mission to declutter and organize all the things around her and is here to inspire and encourage you to do the same!

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