How to Make a Home Management Plan

How to Make a Home Management Plan

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I have realized how I’ve actually made my life harder by not having a good system in  place at home. I’m all about trying to make life easier so this is something I’m desperate to change as quickly as possible. After we were all recently struck ill with the flu that left us home bound and not up for doing much our home kind of fell apart again. It’s happened before but this time, I’m fed up with it and am determined to make life easier by putting together a plan for our home and my blog that will make things smoother.

My 5 step plan to make life easier at home

1 Have extra supplies on hand at home.  There is nothing more frustrating than feeling sick and needing things like toilet paper, drinks, medicine, etc. Luckily my husband was able to go out and get stuff that we needed this time.

My plan is to start keeping more extras at home of things we are likely to need and not want to go out and get. This is possible with things like medications, canned goods, paper products and things like that. Stuff that won’t quickly go bad and can be kept on hand for awhile till needed.

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2.  Do a load of laundry a day. I’m going to figure out how to get control of the beast that is laundry. No matter what I try and do to get it under control it never seems to work or it does and I don’t stick to it. This problem just gets worse and more out of control when we are all too sick and tired to even try to work on it.

I have found it easier to do a load a day or every other day at least. It’s much easier to have just one smaller load to put away at a time. Then for me to devote a day or weekend to trying to get it all done. Growing up my mom always did all the laundry over the weekend. For me though when there is so much to do I just end up avoiding it.

3.  Purge extra clothes so we have less. I also think that it will make laundry much easier once I make the time for a big clothes purge. For just three people the amount of clothing that we own is just ridiculous. This is really true for my 9-year-old daughter. One little girl has more clothing than the two parents in the house combined.

So the plan is to do a purge of as much clothing as I can for the three of us. Anything that doesn’t fit, we don’t like or is not in good condition. Just doing this I’m hoping will get rid of at least a third of our clothing. The less clothing we have the smaller our laundry pile will be.

4. Split house responsibilities among family members. Having everyone help out around the house is always important and needed for getting the maximum amount of things done in the most fair way. This is even more true when it becomes harder for everyone to get things done while sick or in busy periods of life.

I feel like we already do a decent job of splitting up chores among the three of us at home. I know though that we could divide up things better and both my husband and I agree we need to start having our daughter do more.

So we are working hard on setting chores that she can do at her age, now that she’s older there are quite a bit she can do. So part of my plan is figuring out how to best get my daughter to do more and to divide the rest up better between my husband and me.
5. Start setting a weekly cleaning and chore routine. I’ve never been good at doing things on a routine. I tend to not do things for awhile and then do it all at once. Which works ok most of the time. I realize though that some things tend to get forgotten about though which is why I’m looking to start a weekly routine.

That way I can be sure to get more done and not overlook things and forget about them. So my weekly routine will have certain things that need to get done each week on specific days. Also, the chores that my family does will be a part of this weekly routine.
These ideas for a home plan would have always helped make life easier but I came to realize that I really needed them when my home fell apart after we were all ill for a week. This plan will be put into effect as soon as I can and will go a long way to making my life better and easier for us all.

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