5 Easy Tips to Keep Up with Housework

Cleaning your house, it’s something we have to do but not necessarily something we want to do. So these five easy tips to keep up with cleaning and keep an organized house. They don’t take a lot of time which is great and they make the house so much cleaner. Â I’m not much of a homemaker but I do my best to try and keeping it simple and easy is what works best for me and probably for a lot of you as well. So here are five easy tips to help you to keep up with housework.

1. My #1 problem with keeping my house clean was that I never would keep up with it. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been following the advice of so many other bloggers and people on Pinterest. I spend 15-20 minutes cleaning at night. That usually gives me time to do dishes and clean up the kitchen. With a few minutes to straighten the living room/dining room. I’m amazed how much that helps me keep up with things.

2. Laundry was also one of my trouble zones so 3 or 4 nights a week I do and put away a load of laundry. It works so much better for me than leaving it all and trying to get it all done in a weekend. When I did that I usually ended up doing about half and then quitting. Or washing it and not putting it away.

3. do some cleaning while waiting for other things. Examples: when I’m cooking dinner, I will get dishes in the sink so they can soak and be easier to wash, I will also pick up trash and dishes around the house and take the trash out. When my daughter is in the shower or bath I will pick up the bathroom or my bedroom which is right outside the bathroom. I’m trying to get in the habit of picking up as I go so that things are less work lately.

4. trying to get my daughter to clean up after herself. Right now I’ve got her to take care of her shoes, put her dishes in the sink, put her laundry away. We are going to add more chores to her list but it’s a good start. I want her to get use to cleaning up after herself. 

5. Running the vacuum through the living room/dining room and master bedroom. Our dog sheds a lot so doing this at least once a week keeps it from being too big of a problem. Isabella will help with that sometimes, she’s pretty good with the vacuum.

I’m by no means a clean and tidy person but just doing these 5 easy tips to keep up with cleaning my house and not be such an eyesore. I hope these tips help to teach you how to keep up with cleaning with a bit of ease.

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