How to Get Motivated to Organize: 5 Useful Tips

So you know that you have too much clutter and that to get the organized home that you want you to need to do some decluttering and get rid of stuff. It’s hard though and I know it can be difficult to get motivated to declutter and get in the mood to organize. 

One of the biggest challenges to being organized that I have found is finding the motivation to do it and getting in the mindset and mood to organize. 

Believe it or not, it is possible though to get in the mood to organize if you know how to do it. I don’t like to organize or clean and growing up I would do anything to avoid my chores and many of those bad habits carried over to my adult years. 

That’s why I have come up with these 5 quick tips to get you in the mood to organize. Some of us just struggle when it comes to getting organized. Once I get in the right mood to organize it makes the whole process easier and I am able to accomplish more. The hope I have with this post is that you will have the same results and start getting more organized.  

5 Quick tips to get in the mood to organize

1) Figure out your why

Whenever something is a challenge in my life and is something I would rather not do. I find it to be so helpful to figure out my why. Why is this thing that I don’t want to do important enough for me to do it?

It can be hard to find the motivation to clean especially when you aren’t someone who enjoys organizing or cleaning. So you need to figure out your why. 

Maybe you want to entertain more and your home is not in the shape for guests. 

 You are tired of the stress that you and your family feel about the clutter and chaos of your home. So you know that if you get things organized you will all feel more relaxed. 

My daughter is a social butterfly, unlike her introverted mom, and wants people to come over all the time. Her room is constantly a mess and so we go over her why. That she wants her friends to come over which means she needs to keep her room and bathroom picked up. 

2). Give yourself rewards for your progress

In our lives, there are so many things we don’t want to do and too often they take up so much time that we don’t have time or energy for the things we want to do and enjoy. 

So when I say to give yourself rewards for your progress most of the rewards I’m giving myself are just the permission to do what I enjoy and take a little time for me after completing a task. Occasionally it will be a purchase like a reward of going to get a coffee but mostly it’s just telling myself that after I’m done with my list I get an hour to myself to relax. That gives me a burst of motivation. 

3). Envision the end result

When you are really struggling with how to get in the mood to organize it can be really helpful to stop and think about the end result. If your bedroom is filled with piles of laundry and just looking at it gives you anxiety. No judgment from me. I have the same struggles. 

So to make it easier and help you get in the mood to organize first stop and envision what you want for the space. How you want the room to look and to feel. When you are all done organizing and entering that part of your home how does it look? How do you feel when you are in your clean bedroom or living room or kitchen? 

Having that vision in your mind can really be a motivator to work harder and more quickly. So that you can get to the clean space and have those good feelings. 

4). Make it a part of your daily routine

Even though routines are not something we all enjoy. I use to find them super frustrating mostly because they were full of chores and tasks I didn’t want to do anyway. Growing up I rebelled against routines all the time. 

As an adult, though I realize that when you make things a part of your routine they become easier to do and they make it so you don’t have to think about those tasks. You just do them. 

So I suggest that you make either a morning or evening cleaning routine. It really depends if you are someone who wants to get things done at night or in the mornings. I tend to do better at night, it’s when I have the most energy and motivation. 

Come up with 3-5 tasks you can do that would make a big impact on the state of your home. Take out the trash, pick up toys, do the dishes, do a load of laundry. Just a few simple tasks that if you make the time to do them as a routine will make your home much nicer. 

5). Get your energy up to start

The way to make it easier to get in the mood to organize is to make it more fun. The more fun that you have the more that you will enjoy doing it. which will give you the desire and motivation to do it more often. We all don’t want to do things that we dread. So make it less dreadful. 

The way to get your energy up and make it more fun can be done in a few ways. Listening to music or to an audible book can help you when you are cleaning. 

Those are a few of the ways I’ve found to get in the mood to organize. When you follow these 5 tips it will make it a lot easier for you to get ready to organize your home. If you are trying to get more organized. Here are quite a few things you can declutter

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