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15 Things to Declutter in Your Kitchen Today

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I have a huge list of all things that you can declutter from your home. It’s a great comprehensive list of things to get rid of. I know though that trying to declutter your whole home can be an overwhelming thought. So I wanted to create a series of posts going room by room and decluttering these spaces. So here are the things to declutter in your kitchen.

Our kitchens are probably one of our most visited rooms in our homes. How many times a day are you in your kitchen?

Probably a lot right.

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We know clutter can cause us stress and if your kitchen is cluttered and you are in and out of it all day.

Then you are dealing with the stress of that mess constantly.

Here are things to declutter in your kitchen

1 chipped or broken dishes

Get rid of any dishes that are chipped or stained. Sell or donate items you no longer use but are still in good condition. It’s helpful to only keep things that are in good condition. You will have less stuff overall and the things you have will be in better condition.

2 appliances you never use

One of the main causes of kitchen counter clutter is small appliances that take up a lot of space. If you really use them all that’s fine but make sure they aren’t just clutter.

Go through and get rid of or donate any ones you don’t want to keep or don’t work. Find a spot to store rarely used ones off the counter. For ones you want to keep but don’t need on a regular basis.

3 expired food

Check your pantry for any expired food. Get rid of anything that is bad and donate anything that can still be used but you won’t use up. Go through your fridge and freezer and toss out any expired food.

4 Tupperware and storange containers

Do you have Tupperware and storage containers that no longer have matching lids? Most of us do and they need to be dealt with. Match up what fits together and toss out the rest.

5 Plastic bags

Go through all those plastic bags from stores that you get when you forget to bring your reusable bags. They add up so quickly and can take over a lot of space. You can keep a few for things you might need and recycle the rest.

6 spices

You probably have lots of spices either in a rack or in your pantry. Make sure that you don’t have duplicates, merge them together to save space and keep them organized. Get rid of expired products or spices you know you won’t ever use.

Maybe you bought a spice for a recipe you didn’t end up liking and so you won’t make it again and it’s not a spice you need any longer.

7 Bakeware

Toss any cookware or bakeware that is broken or rusted. Pull out anything that you haven’t used in a while and sell or donate it.

If you have duplicates you don’t need don’t keep them just because. It’s time to purge unused and unneeded stuff.

8 cuttlery/kitchen utensils

Keep what you need to have on hand for cutlery based on your family size, get rid of warped or damaged pieces.

Keep good quality kitchen utensils and get rid of damaged broken or duplicate pieces.

9 cookbooks

Donate cookbooks that you no longer use.  For books that you only use one or two recipes, consider writing them output them in a recipe box or binder rather than keeping the whole book.  If you keep recipe magazines, tear out the pages that you would like and store them in a binder.

With most recipes, online cookbooks often aren’t used enough to keep a ton of them. So only keep what you really use and not clutter your kitchen with unused books.

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10 Mugs

If you are like me you have too many mugs.  So first recycle any chipped or broken glasses.  If you have extra, mismatched pieces, let them go.  If you are a coffee mug collector, keep your favorites to put on display and donate the rest.

I really try to not let collecting things lead to overwhelm and stress. So keep mugs you love but not so many it’s just cluttered cupboards.

11 Glasses

 Get rid of anything that is chipped or broken. Sell or donate items that you no longer use and are not needed.

12. ovenmits/potholders

One of the things to declutter in your kitchen that tends to get overlooked is your oven mitts and potholders. Go through and get rid of any that are worn and donate if you have too many.

13. Towels

Same as with oven mitts and pot holders kitchen towels can quickly become something you have too many of. You need to declutter them and get rid of worn or stained towels and too many duplicates.

14 Under the Sink

Go through under your sink and deal with the cleaning supplies and get rid of anything that you don’t like or empty bottles and trash anything you don’t need.

15 Junk Drawer

Most of us have a “junk drawer” with miscellaneous items – just make sure you actually need what you keep!  Go through this drawer and look for old batteries, extra office supplies, candles, tools, phone chargers or extra cords that you no longer use, etc.

A junk drawer can be useful to keep this stuff in but you don’t want it stuffed and filled with clutter. So make sure you include it in things to declutter in your kitchen

So get to work on decluttering your kitchen with these ideas of things to declutter in your kitchen. I hope this post helps you out and that you can make a dent in your clutter problem.

What rooms do you need help decluttering. This post is the first in a series of decluttering your home posts. So leave a comment below and share where you need help decluttering.

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