Company Coming? Here is How to Clean Up Quickly

This week I have been trying to do some cleaning. Of course the week we are having a sleepover and I have so much to do my allergies are out of control. Isn’t that the way life works sometimes though. You just got to roll with it. So I’ve been doing what I can, getting lot of help from my husband and daughter ( it is her sleepover after all so she has to really be willing to help make sure things are tidy). So when you need to clean your house up fast you need all the help you can get.

So I am not a big fan of organization. I  like things cleaned up but I don’t enjoy doing the cleaning up part. So I am always saving tips on cleaning fast and getting a lot done in no time. That way I can get a bunch done at once and then focus on the details later. So I haven’t done any type of roundup post in awhile and I was on Pinterest searching my organization and cleaning board and thought I’d share some fun posts.

So first up is a few of the best posts that I’ve discovered on how to organize and clean your home quickly. Then I will share the tips that have worked the best for me to get things done quickly.

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My quickly clean up top tips

  1. Do the dishes in the sink. Then fill the sink with hot soapy water. Any dishes you find around the house stick in the hot water so they can soak while you clean.

2. Make all the beds. For our house that’s only two beds and since the bed is a big part of the room and the focus so getting it made instantly cleans up the bedrooms. Also I fold the blankets on the couch so it looks neater in the living room.

3. Take care of the tops. First it’s important to clear up the surfaces. So clean off and wipe down the kitchen counters, coffee table, dining table and any other counters or tables in your home. I’ve noticed how quickly things look cleaner when all the surfaces are cleaned off.

4. Do a quick sweep through of all your main areas. Clean up any dishes, laundry and trash. This will get things looking tidy  very fast. This won’t take long but it will make a really big impact.

5. Put away things where they can’t be seen if you are having guests over. For us we put all laundry baskets in the laundry room. Put away in big toys like the easel of Bella’s in a bedroom. We also pick up any items on the floor put them in a basket to be dealt with after guests leave.

6. Now clean up the floors. The simple act of vacuuming all the carpets will really make your home look nicer. Especially if like us you have pets. We have cats and dogs  so our carpet needs to be vacuumed all the time. I also sweep and mop the hard floors around the house.

So hopefully these articles and my quick tips will help you clean up your house in a hurry. If you have any other quick and simple cleaning tips I’d love to hear them in the comments. So please share.

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