20 Home Office Organizing Ideas

Looking for some home office organizing ideas? Here are 20 home office organizing ideas to inspire you to get organized.

image of organized office shelves with text

Even if you don’t have a specific room as an office in your home I’m betting you probably have an office area set up somewhere.

It could be just a desk or a bookcase. Somewhere in your home where papers get stored and supplies get kept.

Maybe, you work from home and need a full office or just need a place to pay bills and organize your family’s important documents.  

Here are some of the most amazing home office organizing ideas to help you have the office you desire. 

1. Pretty Pink Office from Classy Clutter

Pink home office with cube bookcases for desk and pink rug

Mallory over at Classy Clutter has the most beautiful pink office. I’d love to create an office space just like it. You need to check it out. It’s a beautiful work space that will help inspire you to work.

2. Organizing Files with The Organized Housewife

Binders used as home office organizing for family paperwork

Struggling to keep your files and paperwork organized? I found some great tips on organizing your files over at The Organized Housewife. Such great ideas for office organization to give a try.

3. DIY Desktop Pen Organizer from Amber Oliver

DIY desktop pen organizer

Are you like me and you have a ton of pens? Keep your pens organized and where you can find them with this cute DIY pen organizer from Amber Oliver. I love this as a DIY desk organization idea.

4. Glam Office Storage Boxes from J Petite

Storage boxes for office organizing

Do you have lots of office supplies and stuff in your home office that you want to keep tidy and organized? These cute boxes are adorable and useful. You can make your own for under $30!

5. DIY Laptop Stand From Anika’s DIY Life

Laptop stand with laptop sitting on top of desk

Add some extra desk organization to your list of home office organizing ideas with this DIY laptop stand. It will bring your laptop up to eye level and give you space underneath for extra storage.

6. Organize With Jars From Style Blueprint

Glass jars filled with markers, sharpies and crayons

Want to add a pop of color to your office and keep your family’s art supplies organized? A great way to do that is by storing them in clear jars. So much better than keeping them in a drawer or in the original packaging they come in.

7. DIY Wire Spool Desk Organizer from Remodelacasa

rotating desk organizer for office supplies

Make your own turning desk organizer to organize office supplies using a wire spool and a few other supplies. It’s a great way to repurpose items you already have and turn it into home office organization.

8. File Cabinet Makeover from Design Improvised

metal filing cabinet makeover using chalkboard paint

File cabinets are very helpful to have if you have a lot of papers. They can be kind of ugly though. Makeover a metal filing cabinet using chalkboard paint. You can even use the side for a to do list!

9. Organized Office from Polished Habitat

view of organizing cabinet in home office

#organizinggoals! This home office has me just a bit jealous of how pretty and organized it is. From the closet all the way down to the desk drawers, there isn’t a single area that isn’t organized.

10. Plywood Pegboard Organizer from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY pegboard organizer made from plywood

I love this pegboard organizer and it has a magnetic section to hold notes to keep you organized. It would be perfect on the wall as a home office organizing idea.

11. Desk Drawer Organization from Kellynan

organized desk drawer with clear dividers

Messy Desk drawers can make me feel stressed. How about you? If you are looking for drawer organizers these are the perfect solution for organizing your office supplies in a desk drawer. I love how decluttered and tidy they are.

12. File Organizing System From a Bowl Full of Lemons

File cabinet drawer with multi colored file folders

Feeling overwhelmed and burdened by stacks of papers? I understand I have been there too. You need more storage space for those papers. Check out this awesome filing system to get all your papers organized once and for all!

13. Organizing Labels for Your Home Office from a Girl and Her Blog

top of rolling cart with colored pencils and markers and organizing label on the front

Do you want a way to make your organization pretty? I think labels can do just that. You don’t have to have a fancy cutting machine to make your own, you can make your own labels using your computer and Microsoft word.

14. DIY Pin Up Clipboard from Sugar and Cloth

DIY clipboard hanging on the wall above a desk

Display inspirational photos or quotes using this pin up clipboard. It’s easy to make using plywood and bullnose clips. It’s small so it’s designed to not get cluttered. change out your inspiration as often as you like for a fun office decor organization idea.

15. Small Office Nook from Small Stuff Counts

small office area with monitor above desk

You may not have an entire room dedicated to a home office. Make the most of your office space no matter where it is with these great ideas. Hanging your monitor on the wall is a great solution for freeing up desktop space.

16. Mason Jar Organizer from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY desk organizer made from wood holding mason jars

Another cute and stylish way to organize office supplies on your desktop is with this DIY mason jar organizer. It’s an easy beginner project you can make from scrap wood to organize pens, markers, paper clips, or other small office supplies.

17. Small Home Office Organization with Lolly Jane

White hanging wall file on wallpapered wall

Hanging wall file organizers are a great solution for paperwork or files that you need to get to on a daily basis. This small office area is full of home office organizing ideas to make a small office space function well.

18. Acrylic Wall Calendar from Jen Woodhouse

Office area in bedroom with acrylic calendar hanging above the desk

I love this wall calendar idea to use in a home office. It’s easy to make and you can wipe it off easier than you can a chalkboard surface. Customize the vinyl to any color you like to match your office decor.

19. Two Person Home Office Organization from Making Manzanita

Home office for two

Two people sharing an office can be challenging, but with these home office organization ideas you’ll be able to work together in perfect harmony. Wait until you see the entire wall pegboard organization!

20. Double Desk with Ikea Alex Drawers from Living Letter Home

desk in home office with three Ikea Alex drawer units

Talk about the ultimate home office organization! Three Ikea Alex drawer units make the perfect base for a mega desk. You’ll have no lack of storage when you have these in your home office.

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