25 Cute Home Office Organization Products You’ll Love

Your home office doesn’t have to be boring; check out these 25 cute home office organization products from Amazon and add some personality to your space.

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Organizing your home office to help you to be productive can be challenging. Where do you put all the stuff you need to do your work and what do you need to organize?

The key to having an organized office is to have a place for everything. Organizational systems help to give all of your things a designated space to live. 

Things to Organize in Your Home Office

If you’re completely paperless and store all your paper digitally, kudos! That cuts down on a lot of home office clutter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have cute office organizing products in your home office.

Here are some of my favorite 25 home office organization products you’ll want to get for yourself!

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Home Office Organization Products

1. White Wooden Desk Organizer

white wooden desk orgnaizer

Organize your desktop with this cute wooden white desk organizer. It has a drawer for small items like paper clips, slots for pens, and space for file folders. A complete organizing package in one cut desktop unit.

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2. Rose Gold Desk Organizer

metal desk organizer in rose gold

This desk organizer is all about the glam with a rose gold finish that is super trendy right now. With a drawer perfect for post-it notes, a shelf, and file folder storage, your desk will stay organized so you can be productive.

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3. Vegan Leather Desk Mat

leather desk mat in pink

A desk mat will help keep your desktop clean and organized. It will give you an even smooth surface to work on. It’s great for running your mouse. This desk mat comes in 8 colors, is made from vegan leather, and is reversible.

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4. Screen Pencil Holders

pencil holders that attach to your computer to keep them out of the way and off your desktop

Pencil and pen holders are a great way to keep your desktop organized, but they can get in the way if you have a small desk. These screen pencil holders attach to your computer to save space and keep your pens and pencils within easy reach.

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5. Under desk slide-out drawers

clear slide out drawers for a desk without drawers

Do you have a work desk without drawers? These are amazing ideas for adding drawers to your desk. Great for organizing office supplies, you’ll be able to put them away and have more room to work, but everything will still be within arm’s reach.

6. 3-Piece Pencil Cup Holder Set

black and white 3-piece pencil cup holder set

These cute pencil holder cups are inexpensive and stylish. They’ll add style to your home office space and organize your pens and pencils.

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7. Device Charging Station

Device charging station with space for cell phones, tablets and laptops

Organize all your electronic devices and charge them all in one place with this charging station. It has room for cell phones, tablets, and even laptops.

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Do you like to DIY? You can make your device a charging station; this one even has a wireless charger!

8. Acrylic File Holders

set of 2 clear acrylic file holders

Acrylic file holders a great for storing and organizing your important files. You can also use them for magazines, manuals, or notebooks. You can mount them on the wall or on your desk or a filing cabinet.

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9. Monitor Stand

Monitor stand with drawers and storage for home office organization

A monitor stand is great for adding storage to the top of your desk. It also has the added benefit of being ergonomic, getting your monitor up to eye level to save strain on your neck and shoulders.

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Laptop stands are easy to DIY. Check out this one made with scrap wood!

10. Rolling Organization Cart

3-tier organization cart for home office

Carts are a great way to get organized in your home office. This 3-tiered cart has cups for pens and pencils. There are three organizing shelf bins to hold files and books. It’s on wheels so you can easily roll it around where you need it.

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11. Label Maker

pink label maker

All that organizing requires labels, and this little cutie is perfect! It comes in two different styles and is blue-tooth enabled. Use it with the free app for Android or IOS and get your home office organized.

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12. Filing Cabinet

Black filing cabinet with white shelving

Forget those ugly metal filing cabinets, get a filing cabinet and shelving unit in one. Lock up important papers, keep them safe, and use the shelves for storage. This filing cabinet is on wheels so you move it anywhere you need it. It’s the perfect piece of organizing office furniture for your home office.

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13. Fun Post-it Dispenser

Cat post-it dispenser with pin post-it notes

Every home office needs a little bit of fun! All work and no play… well, you know the saying. This fun Post-it dispenser can sit anywhere on your desk. It will keep your Post-it notepad easy to get to and bring a smile to your face when you see it. We all need something fun to brighten our day when we work from home!

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14. Felt Pinboard

felt strips to use as a display board on your wall

In place of a regular old cork bulletin board, consider these felt pinboard strips. You can arrange them any way you want, and they attach to the wall with sticky strips. Easy to put up and easy to take down.

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15. Wire Grid Wall Organizer

black wire grid wall organizer

Wall space is a great place to set up an organizing system. This wire grid wall organizer keeps important notes and reminders front and center. Add a couple of shelves for even more organization or a little bit of cute office decor. 

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16. Rose Gold Wall Organizer

rose gold wire wall organizer

Organize file folder and small office supplies on the shelf of the wire wall organizer. It’s finished in trendy rose gold and you can hang it anywhere for extra organization. It’s perfect for a small office space where you need to use vertical space to stay organized.

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17. File Holder

Wood wall file holders with leather front strap to hole files in place

Aren’t these cute?! They’re minimal and perfect for keeping files organized in your home office. The leather strap across the front holds files, notebooks, or a planner.

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18. Storage Baskets with Lids

Three white storage baskets with bamboo lids or home office organization

Great for storing office supplies, craft supplies, or anything else you need to keep organized and out of sight. These organizing baskets come with bamboo lids and easily stack on top of each other.

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19. Wall Clock

Green wall clock

Every home office needs a clock. I have a slight obsession with clocks and have one or more in every room of our house. In your home office, they don’t just make great wall decor; you can, use them to keep track of time. I love this earthy green color!

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20. Pegboard Wall Organizer

pegboard wall organizer

Pegboard aren’t just for garages or workshops; they are great to use in a home office. This pegboard kit includes four pegboards and 14 accessories to help you organize.

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Want to try making your own? This one is made from scrap plywood and is an easy beginner project! It even has a magnetic section.

21. Cord Keepers

pink cord keepers for device power cords

Nothing is more annoying then when cords fall off your desk and get lost behind it. Cord keepers are the answer. You can attach them anywhere on your desk to hold all your device cords. I love mine! I have it attached to the backside surface of the top of my desk so you can’t see it.

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22. Adjustable Phone Holder Stand

rose gold phone stand

A place to sit your phone is much better than having it sitting on your desk, taking up space or getting buried under your work. This phone stand is adjustable so that you can raise it to any height.

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23. Reusable Cable Ties

cord ties in black, pink and white

Manage cords with these silicone zip ties. Tie up extra cords to keep them neat inside your desk, or use them to manage all the power cords for your devices under or behind your desk. They are made of silicone and are resuable!

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24. Desk Lamp

white desk lamp

Task lighting is important when working from home. You can adjust this lamp to focus on what you are working on using the 25 lighting modes to best suit your task.

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25. Rotating Pencil Holder

rotating desk organizer

Have all your office supplies at your fingertips using this rotating pencil holder. This rotating pencil holder is perfect for pens, pencils, and anything else you need to keep handy while working.

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