Cute Home Office Organization Ideas

Do you follow home organization accounts on Instagram? I follow quite a few and a couple of recent pictures have got me wanting to redo my office space in our home. I love home office organization ideas. 

I also know you guys love home office organization ideas because this office organization post does quite well. So since I was looking for office inspiration it seemed like a great idea for a post to help me organize my ideas and help you get some home office organization ideas as well. 

  1. a cute set of desk accessories. There are countless ones to choose from but I fell in love with this light pink set.

2. In your office, you need a place to sit. That can be cute too. Check out this adorable chair makeover here.

3. This Elephant phone stand was just added to my Amazon cart because come on how adorable and functional is this guy!

4. As much as I love getting new things to organize a space I’m also a big fan of doing some good DIY too. I love this idea of using an old shutter to sort mail. So cute and functional.

5. Sorting papers are not one of my favorite tasks. At least with these adorable file folders, it can be cute if not enjoyable.

6. Here is another great DIY project that I’m going to have to give a try. It is such a great and cute desk organizer from Sugar and Cloth. Check it out here.

7. These little succulents because if you are like me and enjoy a plant in your home but need it to be hard to kill. I have one plant survivor in our home. I’m so proud of it because it has survived when the many before it have not.

8. One of my favorite home office organization ideas that I’ve come across is the idea of using a cart to store things off your desk. Sometimes the desk gets too crowded so using a cart is such a wonderful idea. You can check out how it was done here.

9. A great home organization idea is to use magazine holders. I have quite a few but I love this DIY version so I’m going to add a few of these adorable holders to my office space. Check out how to make them yourself here.

10. One way to make your home office more personal and look better is to have pictures and art on the walls. I love this word art from Target and we currently have this up on our wall above the desk.

11. Here is another cart idea. While this one was made for a craft room it would be perfect in a home office to store supplies in a cute and practical way. Find the craft cart tutorial here.

12. A great way to maximize space especially in a small home is to use vertical space and go up with storage and not just use flat surfaces.

That’s why these wall organizers would be a great home office organization idea for your home.

13. Want to get your home office drawers organized? These DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers are the answer. Look how amazing they look and they keep your drawers from being cluttered.

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