12 Best Places to Buy Home Decor on a Budget

Instagram and Pinterest are full of inspiring spaces with beautiful home decor. Influencers share their finds, showcasing must-have items we can’t live without. You can watch for hours, dreaming of everything you want to buy. But where can you get those amazing home decor finds without breaking the bank?

Affordable home decor can be hard to find. Stores like CB2, Anthropologie, and AllModern have some great deals in their clearance section, but their inventory is not within the budget of the average person. Then, along came the overstock stores full of budget-friendly, named-brand decor anyone can afford. You can shop in person or online to find the best deals on home decor at these 12 affordable stores.

1. TJ Maxx

Outside of a TJ Maxx store
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TJ Maxx is known for its budget-friendly prices for clothing and purses, but have you cruised down the home decor aisle?! They have a little bit of everything. From bedding to cookware and artwork to small home decor, you can find amazing items to add to any space in your home. All of their items are overstocked from big brands, and the selection is ever-changing, so if you see something you like, you better not leave it for your next trip because it might not be there. Don’t forget to check out their website for even more great deals and have them shipped to your home.

2. Marshalls

Outside of a Marshall's store
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Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores are similar because the same company owns them. You can find all the same types of budget-friendly home decor in Marshalls that you would find in a TJ Maxx store. Furniture pieces, bedding, throw pillows, vases, and more. All at an affordable price and all name-brand products that will make your friends think you spent a fortune on your home decor. Your secret is safe with us.

3. Homegoods

Outside of a HomeGoods Store
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Home Goods, owned by the same company as TJ Maxx and Marshalls, is dedicated solely to home goods. Clever of them to pick that name, don’t you think? From furniture to small home decor and bedding to pet items, you will spend hours browsing the aisles of your local Home Goods store. Like their sister stores, the inventory is ever-changing, so don’t leave that great deal at the store if you find something you think you can’t live without. You can also order online if you don’t want to fight the crowds.

5. Temu

shoping with the TEMU app
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Temu burst onto the scene and quickly became one of the most popular online shopping spaces, and shipping doesn’t take as long as you would think. Their app makes Shopping easy, and the daily deals to tempt you will have you down a shopping rabbit hole for hours. Temu draws you in with unbelievable prices for your first order, and you get to spin their virtual wheel for even more deals. Once you’ve placed your first order, you don’t get those crazy, cheap prices again. The prices are still great, don’t get us wrong, but if you want the lowest prices on the app, you have to shop the lightening deals. Check item descriptions carefully to ensure you know what you are getting. You win some, and you lose some when shopping with Temu.

5. Amazon

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Amazon is another great place to find home decor at an affordable price. Influencers on Facebook and Instagram have added to Amazon’s popularity in the home decor space with reels of their favorite Amazon must-haves. Anything and everything you ever thought about buying for your home can be found on Amazon. Rugs, bedding, furniture, and more are right at your fingertips with their easy “add to cart” button. Make sure you read the descriptions and specifications completely before purchasing to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

6. Walmart

Walmart has upped its game when it comes to its home decor aisles. Items seem to be of better quality now than in the past. Vases, bedding, and trending decor items have found their way into your local Walmart, featuring popular brands like Better Homes and Gardens, Drew Barrymore, MoDRN, Thyme and Table, Pioneer Woman, and more. You can find even more great deals on Walmart’s website and have them shipped directly to you.

7. Wayfair

shopping Wayfair online
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For those who aren’t into shopping in person, Wayfair is a great destination for shopping home decor. They don’t just sell furniture but also offer an array of other home goods to bring design inspiration to life. From artwork to faux plants and vases to lighting, you can decorate an entire room with their trendy items. With home accessories starting at under $10 Wayfair offers great decor at affordable prices.

8. H&M

outside an H&M store
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Set a beautiful table or deck out your outdoor sofa with a pile of beautiful throw pillows when you shop from the H&M website. H&M has it all when it comes to home decor. From dishes to candles and bedding to furniture, prices start at under $9.99. You can pick up a great steal in their seasonal clearance section and shop the latest trends. Members get free shipping for over $40, enticing you to fill your cart before checking out.

9. Aldi

Outside an Aldi store
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Have you heard of the “Aldi Aisle of Shame” page on Facebook? People post pictures of the home decor items they picked up at Aldi. Who knew you could get such great deals on home decor there?! Cutting boards, blankets, small decor items, and more can be picked up super cheap at your local Aldi store. Stock is extremely limited and changes constantly, so if you see something you like, you better buy it.

10. IKEA

Outside of an IKEA store
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Ikea is well known for its furniture and storage options, but it also excels in the affordable home decor category. As you walk through the room displays, nearly everything you see is available to buy. Their in-store marketing efforts can’t be beat. Throw pillows, blankets, wall art, dishes, and more! You can wander for hours in those perfectly styled spaces, filling your card with affordable items to buy. Kudos to Ikea for making us want all the things.

11. Big Lots

Outside a Big Lots store
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Big Lots has always had home decor, but you must search it to find the gems. Plant pots, vases, and throw pillows are a must-buy at Big Lots. Bedding is reasonably priced, and small decor items can be found if you look hard enough. When you take the time to look, you can find some terrific deals at Big Lots.

12. Dollar General

Outside of a Dollar General Store
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Are you surprised to see Dollar General on the list? The home decor section has expanded recently in most stores, and the quality is decent. Throw blankets, vases, decorative dishes, and candle holders are all great items to buy to stay on a budget. Small home accessories add layers to your space, and you’re sure to find something you’ll like at the nearest Dollar General.

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