20 Home Command Center Ideas to Inspire You

A home command center is a great way to organize your home and keep track of your family’s schedules. By having a central location for all of your important information, you can easily keep track of what’s going on in your home.

Section 1: What is a Home Command Center?

A family command center is a designated area in your home where you can organize your family’s schedules, paperwork, and other important items. By having a designated space for all of your important information, you can easily keep track of what’s going on in your home.

This is an area of my home I need to set up again this year. Our old method is no longer working so I’m planning to set up a more functional command center. So this post was helpful research in different command center ideas and gave me some fresh ideas I’m excited to try out.

Section 2: How to Create a Command Center for your family

There are a few things you will need to create a command center in your home:

1. A desk or table

2. A bulletin board or cork board

3. A dry erase calendar

4. A to-do list

5. A family organizer

6. Storage bins or baskets

7. Hanging Wall Files

Once you have these items, you can begin creating your own command center in your home.

Here are 20 command center examples to get you started:

  1. A “Hidden” Kitchen Command Center from One Good Thing

2. A command Center Made with Ikea Items from Feeling Nifty

3. Here’s a great Entryway Command center that allows for purses and bags to be hung up too from Ellison Made

4. A Kitchen Command Center from A Shade of Teal

5. A Command Center on the Fridge from The Simply Organized Home

6. A Family Command Center from Lemon Lime Adventures

7. A command Center Plan from Happily Even Mom

8. A Fridge Command Center from Eating Healthy Spending Less

9. A Great Wall Command Center from The Simple Life

10. This 1Thirve Command Center (Which I love personally) from Organizedish

11. This adorable Command Center from Jennifer Maker

12. A cute Family Command Center from the Learning Momma

13. Not a lot of wall space? Here is a command center in a closet from The Happy Housie

14. If you have a big empty wall this is a great Big Command Center from Jessica Welling

15. A Command Center for Busy Moms From Aileen Cooks

16. This really Lovely Command Center from Kippia at Home

17. A sweet and simple Command Center from Abby Lawson

18. This gorgeous Command Center from The Caldwell Project

19. An indepth Command Center Guide from Haute House Love

20. A Beautiful Kitchen Command Center from Clean and Scentsible

Section 3: How to Organize Your Home Command Center?

There are a few ways to set up a home command center. You can use a desk, a closet, or even an unused room. The important part is to have a designated space where you can store your important papers, keep your household tasks organized, and have quick access to the items you need most often.

The main thing to consider when setting up your command center is to make it work for your home and family. 

1. Desk: A desk is a great option for a home command center because it provides a large surface area to work on. If you have a desk in a central location in your home, this can be your go-to spot for working on school projects, paying bills, or completing other tasks. You can also use a desk to store your computer and other electronics.

2. Closet: A closet can be turned into a home command center by adding a few shelves and hooks to the walls. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. You can store your paperwork and other important items on the shelves, and hang your coat and other items on the hooks.

3 Wall: If space is not something you have a lot of in your home you can make a command center that just uses the wall. With hanging files, a calendar, bulletin or cork board, etc.

Section 4: How to Use Your family Command Center?

A home command center can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:

1. Keep your family’s schedule on the calendar. This is a great way to see everyone’s upcoming events at a glance.

2. Use the to-do list to keep track of all of your household tasks.

3. Store your important papers in the storage bins or baskets. This will keep your desk or table clear and organized.

4. Use the family organizer to keep track of your family’s contact information, addresses, and other important information.

A home command center is a great way to organize your home and keep track of your family’s schedules. By including a calendar, to-do list, and contact list, you can easily keep track of everything that’s going on in your home.

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