25 Home Command Center Ideas to Inspire You

A home command center is a great way to organize your home and keep track of your family’s schedules. Having a central location for all your important information lets you easily keep track of what’s going on in your home.

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What Is a Home Command Center?

A family command center is a designated area in your home where you can organize your family’s schedules, paperwork, and other important items.

Having a designated space for all your important information lets you easily keep track of everyone’s schedules, appointments, homework, and more.

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How to Create a Command Center for Your Family

There are a few things you will need to create a family command center in your home:

Where to Set up a Home Command Center

You have to set up and organize your home command center in a way that will work best for your family. You can set up a home command center in a few different places.

You can set it up in an office space, in the entryway, or even in your kitchen. Your family command center should be in a place where everyone will see it daily.

Things to Include in Your Home Command Center

The main thing to consider when setting up your command center is to make it work for your home and family. Consider the most important things you need to keep track of and include them in your setup.

Here are just a few suggestions of things you may want to include in your family command center

  • Schedules
  • Appointments
  • Kids activities
  • Meal planning and weekly menu
  • Homework and papers that need to go back to school
  • Shopping lists
  • To-do lists
  • Cleaning schedule
  • A place to hang backpacks
  • Somewhere to keep keys
  • Messages
  • Bills that need to be paid
  • A list of important contacts

A home command center will help you stay on top of all the comings and goings of your family. It will reduce the stress of the hectic life we all find ourselves in with work and family by keeping you organized.

Check out these 25 family command center ideas to inspire you to create your own!

Kitchen Command Center Ideas

1. “Hidden” Kitchen Command Center from One Good Thing

woman writing on family command center

Create a simple kitchen family command center inside a cabinet door. It’s easy to incorporate an organization station with a weekly calendar, a place to leave messages, and more. All you need is a whiteboard, some sticky notes, and magnets, and you’re all set.

Read the full post to create your own!

2. Command Center on the Fridge from The Simply Organized Home

command center on the side of the fridge

The side of the refrigerator is a great place to add a home command center. It won’t take up wall space, and it’s in a central location for everyone to access.

This simple family command center includes a monthly calendar to track appointments, a magnetic notepad for lists or messages, and a plastic storage bin for important papers.

Learn more about this refrigerator command center!

3. Fridge Command Center from Eating Healthy Spending Less

family command center on the side of the fridge

Keep an inventory of your fridge, meal plan, and shopping list handy with this dedicated space. The side of the refrigerator is the perfect place to keep all things meal planning right at your fingertips.

Create your own kitchen command center!

4. Industrial Command Center from Love Create Celebrate

industrial style kitchen command center

Having your household command center in the kitchen is a great idea! You can build a wall organizer like this one to add to your kitchen. Magnetic chalk paint creates the perfect memo board to organize everything needed for busy families.

Make your own!

5. Refrigerator Command Center from Country Chic Cottage

family command center on the refrigerator

This simple family command center gives you everything you need to organize your family. A cork board for printed schedules, list clipboards, and a dry-erase board for meal planning or leaving messages.

Learn more about this refrigerator command center.

6. Home Command Center from Jennifer Maker

command center next to kitchen

This kitchen family command center idea will work for the whole family. It includes a family calendar, a place for incoming mail, and even a shelf to use as a drop zone for your keys. You can customize your family command center like this one using your Cricut Machine for a stylish fun space to suit your busy family.

Make your own!

7. Kitchen Command Center from Clean and Scentsible

family command center built-in desk in kitchen

A small desk in the kitchen works perfectly for a home command center. You have desk drawers for important papers and a place to pay bills or meal plan or for the kiddos to do homework.

Place a wall command center above and add bins for folders and other everyday items you need to keep your household running smoothly.

Read more about this kitchen command center idea

8. Kitchen Command Center Home Ideas from The Caldwell Project

Wall command center

A magnetic board made from sheet metal and plexiglass is a stand-out feature in this kitchen command center wall. Take-out menus, phone holders, and a charging station make this command center a must-have for your kitchen.

DIY this command center for your home.

Entryway Family Command Center Ideas

9. Entryway Command Center from Ellison Made

Home command center in the entryway with hooks to hang backbacks

Set up a family command center in your entryway for the ultimate family organization. Low hanging hooks make keeping backpacks organized easy for younger kids. A family calendar keeps everyone’s schedules and appointments organized.

Make your own entryway command center drop zone!

10. Farmhouse Style Family Command Center from Crafting Chicks

farmhouse style family command center with paper, baskets, calendar, and hooks

Farmhouse style is so popular; if you love it, you will love this entryway command center! Complete with a calendar, to-do lists, and drop a drop zone for keys and bags, this simple family organizing hub checks all the boxes.

Create your own!

11. Entry Way Command Center from Kippia at Home

colorful command center idea with bright colored monogram wall decor, wall file holders, and hooks

This entryway command center features a cute wire clipboard for invitations and reminder cards. How many appointment cards have you lost as soon as you get them? It also has a drop zone for keys, bags, and a to-do list board. I love that notepaper roll holder for making grocery lists or leaving messages!

Create your own!

12. Mudroom/Entry Wall Command Center from The Simple Life

Command center in the entry hallway

Paper calendars are great to use in a household command center, but consider an acrylic calendar instead. It’s easy to wipe off, looks great, and saves a few trees in the process. Add homework, organizing wall folders, and a clock to always keep you on time.

See it all here!

13. Thirve Command Center from Organized-ish

Wall command center with calendar file holder and hooks

All of the components for this family entry wall command center are pre-made and can be purchased to create your own custom family organizer board. For your entry, you can include hooks for bags and keys, a file box for incoming papers or homework, a peg board for invitations and reminders, and a calendar.

Keep your family organized by creating your own.

Family Command Center Wall Ideas

14. Family Wall Command Center from Makining Manzanita

Command center on a wall

Like the command center above, this home command center is made with pre-made sections, but customized for different things and placed in a central location for everyone to see. Choose a meal planner, a whiteboard to create your own calendar and a place to hold incoming papers.

Learn how to create your own!

15. A Family Command Center from Lemon Lime Adventures

family command center with text overlay labeling the different sections

To do lists, chore charts, cleaning checklists, this family command center has it all! Keep everyone on time and your home organized with these great ideas.

Make your own!

16. Command Center Plan from Happily Ever Mom

Family command center with text overlay labeling the different sections

Meal planning, monthly calendars, and a place to hang your keys are all essential items in a home command center. Add magnetic paint to the wall and you can hang up all of your kids’ artwork. Genius!

See how to do it yourself!

17. Family Command Center from the Learning Momma

Family command center using picture frames

Create your own wall family organizing system using printables and picture frames! It’s cost effective because you don’t have to buy them, you can make them yourself. Use dry erase markers to add to your lists and calendar, then wipe them off and start over when you need to change it.

Create your own easy command center!

18. Large Wall Command Center from Jessica Welling

home command center on black painted wall background

Organize your household with large wall command center. It has everything you need to keep your entire family on track and your home running smoothly. To do lists, school work folders, a schedule calendar, a meal planner, this home command center has it all.

Organize your family!

19. Command Center for Busy Moms From Aileen Cooks

Command center using picture frames, hooks, and shelves

A meal planner, grocery list, and calendar are just some of the things you can keep organized with this family wall command center. I love the idea of writing my grocery list with a dry erase marker and just snapping a picture of it with my phone!

See how to set this up in your home!

20. Simple Command Center from Abby Lawson

simple home command center with clock and pin board

This simple command center is perfect for any small space in your home. A magnetic board is a great place to feature a photo or keep reminder cards and file folders to help you corral the paper mess.

Create your own.

21. The Ultimate Home Command Center from Haute House Love

Ultimate command center set up on the wall on either side of a turquoise door

Wow! This is definitely the ultimate family command center hub. Each family member has their own section and it’s laid out beautifully to go with the home’s decor.

Keep your family organized with this command center idea!

22. DIY Shiplap Command Center from Ideas for the Home by Kenerry

Simple command center made using shiplap

Organize your family’s schedule and keep up with reminder cards with this simple shiplap family wall organizer. It’s easy to make yourself! Sometimes simple is best.

Make your own!

23. Hallway Family Command Center from Where the Smiles Have Been

family command center in the hallway

Choose a central wall in your home and create a home command center complete with a fun growth chart for younger kids. To-do lists, calendars, and meal planning will keep your whole family organized and your home running smoothly.

See all the details here.

24. Command Center Made with Ikea Items from Feeling Nifty

family command center with cabinet underneath

This family command center idea features a meal planner, grocery list, and mail organizer. Don’t forget about the pull out drawer storage from IKEA! It’s a great place to organize papers and other items that help keep your home on track and organized.

See all the details here.

25. Command Center in a Closet from The Happy Housie

command center in a closet

A small closet is a great spot to add a family command center! You can really pack in a lot of organization into such a small area.

Add a shelf for a desktop to have a place to sit and pay bills or meal plan.  Wall systems for hanging folders and bins are perfect for the space you will have to keep everyday items at your fingertips.

Are you ready to create your own family command center in your home? I know these 25 command center ideas for home will inspire you to get it done. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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