High Touch Areas – Sanitizing, Disinfecting, And Protecting Your Family And Home

Intro – “Cleaning your home with hospital grade disinfectant wipes”

Disinfectants are essential as they have the capacity to maintain your home, office, work area, public building, and other high touch areas completely germ-free. If you use common disinfectants, bacteria or germs and viruses can sometimes linger. What category would you put an essential disinfectant in? Well, they have the ability to fight organisms, infections, or germs to a degree, but not completely. In other words, such disinfectants have only temporary effects, requiring you to use them more frequently than you should.

In the event of a disease pandemic that is rapidly spreading, you must keep your immediate surroundings protected and virus-free. As a result, the two best hospital grade disinfectant wipes are strongly recommended.

High touch areas protocol in Hospitals and Patient Rooms

If you have ever spent some time working in healthcare, you are likely aware of the term “high touch areasâ€. In fact, these are surfaces that are often found in the patient care region or patient’s room, such as overbed tables, bed rails, light switches, etc.

Hospital disinfecting wipes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), must be used for the proper contact time. You can look at the label on your disinfecting wipes to see how long the surface needs to be wet in order to kill germs. In general, these disinfectant wipes are efficient for single-surface cleanup, use around patients with pulmonary problems, wiping down hospital supplies after every use, and disinfecting common places when used with the proper contact time.

Cleaning Your Home’s High Touch Areas

Even if we’re not going home, we must also clean and sanitize high-touch areas. Because every residence is different, the surfaces we make contact with the most will also differ based on our everyday routines and habits. In the home, some examples of high touch areas include:

  • Bathroom counters
  • Computers
  • Dining chairs (arms, seat, and back)
  • Doorknobs
  • Game controllers
  • Kitchen counters
  • Light switches
  • Phones
  • Sink faucets and knobs
  • Table surfaces
  • Toilets (handle and seat)
  • Toys
  • TV remote controls

Either direct contact with bodily secretions or indirect contact with other contaminated surfaces, such as ineffectually washed sponges or poorly washed hands, can lead to contamination of these high-touch areas. That’s why you should use disinfecting wipes to make these surfaces clean and germ-free. Here are the two best hospital grade disinfectant wipes you can count on.

Max Disinfecting Wipes (2 Pack) Hospital Grade EPA – 320 Wipes

These Micro-Scientific Opti-Cide Disinfecting Wipes are a multipurpose cleaner, odor remover, and disinfectant. As such, they can be used anywhere cross-contamination is a concern. Each consumable disinfectant wipe is pre-moistened and has a scrubbing side for stubborn stains and dirt like soap scum and lubricants and a softer side for sweeping away daily clutter.

They have a really powerful scrubbing capacity that cleans and disinfects surfaces rapidly and efficiently while remaining safe on outer surfaces. Acrylic, aluminum, counters, electronics, glass, sealed granite, stainless steel, tubs, tile, and other tough and non-porous surfaces are all safe that can be cleaned and disinfected with these wipes.

Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, and virucidal are the truly wide spectrum that these wipes can disinfect. When used as directed, it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within only 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Suitable for both home and hospital uses

Offer a powerful and fast scrubbing ability 

Applicable for various types of surfaces


The wipes seem to be a little bit small

Germicidal Disinfecting Wipes, 6″ x 6-3/4″, 160 Wipes

The very first thing to talk about the PDI germicidal disinfecting wipes is their compatibility with a wide range of equipment and surfaces commonly found in healthcare settings. But they are only used for surfaces, so remember to wear your gloves when wiping and disinfecting surfaces to keep your hands safe.

These germicidal disinfecting wipes can effectively kill up to 30 different microorganisms within 2 minutes. To efficiently disinfect contagious surfaces, the product should stay wet for 2 minutes.

Generally speaking, these wipes offer a really powerful rubbing capability. Use them to wipe away germs, grime, and bacteria from surfaces without scrubbing against the surface. Not only used for cleaning and disinfecting hospital equipment, but these wipes are effective for other home surfaces too.


Multipurpose design for both home and hospitals

Can kill a wide variety of grime, germs, and bacteria

Compatible with a broad array of surfaces


The scent seems to be a little bit strong

Conclusion – Having hospital grades disinfectant wipes help with sanitizing once in a while

While these hospital disinfectant wipes should not be used in place of a thorough cleaning service, they are useful for fast cleaning up slight clutter or spills throughout the facility, as well as disinfecting nurse’s stations and hospital instruments after every use. Disposable wipes are suitable for use in high-touch areas in dental clinics, chiropractic offices, waiting areas, and other zones where patients congregate.

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