12 Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know

Every day, we use products from smartphones to kitchen appliances, each designed to make our lives easier and more convenient. But what if I told you that many of these products contain hidden features and functions that go unnoticed by most of us?

Manufacturers don’t always advertise all the uses and functions of the products we buy. Whether it’s a hidden setting that boosts performance, a clever design feature that improves usability, or a hidden compartment that adds versatility, you’ll be amazed by what you’ve been missing out on.

Why aren’t we told about all the features of the products we buy? Why keep them a secret? Some things may remain a mystery, but we’re shedding light on 12 hidden features that will blow your mind.

1. Extra Lace Holes in Sneakers

Sneaker with extra holes
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Do you know what the extra holes in your tennis shoes are for? They are usually in a weird spot but aren’t just for looks. They help you lace your shoes tighter to get a snugger fit. Who knew?

2. Small Random Buttons on Blue Jeans

rivets on a faded blue jeans
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Why are there so many random small buttons on your blue jeans? Those rivets, patented by Levi Strauss, help keep them from wearing out or ripping in those spots.

3. Long Neck Bottle

man and woman toasting a long neck bottle
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The long neck on some beverage bottles may look nice, but it has a purpose. Holding a bottle by the longer neck is easier and more comfortable.

4. Loops on the Back of a Shirt

loop on the back of a jean shirt
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The loops on the back of dress shirts started with the Navy. The loops made it easier for them to hang up their shirts. Later, a loop on the back of your shirt became a status symbol, but nowadays, it’s pretty common.

5. Arrow on a Car’s Gas Gauge

arrow on gas gauge
Image Credit: Shutterstock

How often have you pulled in to get gas only to find out your gas tank was on the other side? The arrow next to the gas pump icon on your dash indicates which side of the car your gas tank is on, making it easier to remember which side of the pump to pull up on. This is helpful when you buy a new car, trust me.

6. Hole Next to the Camera Lens on an iPhone

an image of an iPhone with an arrow pointing at the hole next to the camera
Image Credit: Shutterstock

iPhones keep evolving and adding more camera lenses, but have you noticed that little hole next to the lenses? That’s a microphone. Who knew?

7. Apple Power Cord

apple power cord on a black background
Image Credit: Susanne Stewart

I was today years old when I found out those wings popped out of my Apple power cord! Being able to wrap up the charging cord certainly makes it easier to take it places.

8. Ridges on Coins

ridges on silver coins
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Some coins have ridges, and some don’t. Why is that? The ridges were added to coins to keep them from being melted down and made into smaller denomination coins. Yep, some people tried to do that.

9. Bumps on a Keyboard

bumps on keyboard
Image Credit: Susanne Stewart

Have you ever lost your spot on your keyboard only to look up and see lines of gibberish? On some keyboards, the F and J keys have small bumps that help you easily find your place and get back on track. It takes a little practice to get used to using them, but once you do, finding your finger placement gets a lot easier

10. Tabs on a Soda Can

soda cans displayed from above exposing tabs
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Some people like to use a straw to drink soda from a can. If you’re one of them, turn the tab around and have an instant straw holder!

11. Hole in the Handle of a Cooking Pot

hole in a pot handle place on top of a stove top
Image Credit: Susanne Stewart

The hole in the handle of your favorite cooking pot isn’t just for hanging it up, as we all believed. Although you can do that too, it’s designed to hold your spoon. This only works for cooking utensils with small handles, so we aren’t sure this hidden feature is good, but give it a try anyway.

12. Car Headrest

display of a luxury car headrest
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered why the headrests in your car are detachable? If you are trapped in your car, you can pull it out and break the window to get out. Let’s hope you never have to do it, but just in case, now you know.

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