15 Simple Habits of People Who Keep Their Homes Organized

Do you envy your best friend that seems to be able to juggle family schedules, work, and household tasks with ease? They make it seem so easy, while you’re struggling to get dinner on the table around your family’s busy schedule.

Organized people don’t just breeze through their day without a plan. They have habits and systems in place to make things run smoothly. While it won’t happen immediately, starting with these simple habits will get you on your way to being just as organized, less stressed, and give you back time in your day.

1. Make the Bed Every Morning

woman making her bed with white sheets in 5 minutes
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We know you’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Making your bed in the morning is the best way to start the day—after coffee, of course. Doing this one small task sets an organized and focused mindset in motion. It only takes 5 minutes, so why not? All of the most organized people do it, and look where they are.

2. Do Dishes After Meals

female hands washing dishes for an organized home
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There was a reason you had the chore of doing dishes after dinner. Cleaning up after dinner is a habit organized people do every day. Not only does it get rid of the mess and make the kitchen look clean and organized, but it also sets you up for a successful morning routine where you can get your day started with what needs to be done instead of falling behind.

3. Have a Laundry Schedule and Stick to It

woman putting clothes in washing machine during laundry
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Some experts suggest doing laundry every day, but we advocate for a laundry schedule once a week. Everyone in the household knows what day it is and can have their laundry ready to be washed. Doing it once a week also promotes choosing your outfits for the week to keep your daily routine running smoothly.

4. Put Things Away After Use

collection of power tools
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Putting things away after they are used may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a habit some people don’t practice. You may think you’ll come back and do it later, but more than likely, you will get distracted, and it won’t get done. Put the scissors away after opening a package, roll up the cord on that flat iron and put it away, and put the tools away after a home repair project. You’ll feel much better not seeing those things lying around later.

5. They Do it Now, Not Later

woman holding neatly folded linen to place them in a linen closet
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Organized people don’t procrastinate. They do it now instead of waiting for later. No matter what it is, whether it’s returning phone calls, dealing with the mail, or cleaning out the linen closet, organized people do it when it needs to be done. Start with a daily to-do list of things that must be done and check them off as they get done. There’s something about checking a task off a list that is so satisfying and will set you on your way to organized success.

6. Delegate to Family Members

kids helping their father with house chores
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Do you think organized people do it all by themselves? They don’t! They enlist the help of everyone in the household to get things done. No one person can do it all, so get the family involved in household chores. Kids and spouses can all pitch in and get things done. Tweens and teens may protest, but try this list of chores to get them involved.

7. Get Rid of Things They No Longer Need

woman decluttering donating and cleaning closet for an organized home
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Keeping items that don’t get used and aren’t needed leads to clutter, which is something that organized people don’t allow. Do a declutter and throw away, sell, or donate things that aren’t being used. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of 100 things you can declutter today.

8. Have Clutter Free Surfaces

Modern white clean and clutter-free kitchen counter
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Clutter-free surfaces don’t mean you can’t have anything on your coffee table or kitchen counters. It does mean you need to clear off things that aren’t used daily or that don’t make sense in the space. Everything should have a home and be put back where it goes when not being used.

9. Use Organizing Systems

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Organizing systems are instrumental in keeping organized people organized. From planners to labels, the systems you have in place to help you succeed are very important. Daily and weekly task lists keep your household chores on track, a Home Command Center will help keep everyone’s schedules running smoothly, and labeling storage will make it easier to stay tidy and put things where they go. Don’t try to implement them all at once, start with one system, then build on it to get you organized.

10. Clean as They Go

woman cooking while cleaning to keep kitchen organized
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Cleaning as you go makes what you are doing easier and it makes clean up afterwards a breeze. Whether you’re working on landscaping, painting a room, or cooking a family meal, mastering the habit of cleaning as you go is key to being organized.

11. Use the One Touch Rule

couple taking groceries out of brown paper bag and storing in fridge
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Have you heard of the one touch rule? We often think of this when putting away groceries. It makes sense and cuts down on the time it takes to unload those bags. Don’t just take items out of the bag and put them on the counter, take them out of the bag and put them directly where they belong. You’ll gain a few precious minutes that you can use to do something else.

12. Store Things Within Easy Reach

female hands storing linens within easy reach
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Whether it’s in the kitchen or in your linen closet, storing things within easy reach is a practice everyone should do. It makes it easy to get what you need and eliminates the jumbled mess storage can become when people start digging around looking for stuff. Store most used items in lower spaces and put the less used items away higher up. Don’t forget the labels!

13. Know How to Prioritize

woman writing a to-do list to stay organized
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Organized people know how to prioritize. Deciding what’s most important and getting it done before lesser needed tasks is key to keeping everything running smoothly. Prioritize items in your daily schedule so you can relax and enjoy the evening with family.

14. Tidy the House Before Going to Bed

woman tidying up her home for it to stay organized
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Fold the throw blanket, put the sofa pillows back, clean up snacks, and do quick counter wipe down before you go to bed. Having to do it the next day will set your daily schedule behind before you even get started. You’ll be thankful to wake up to a tidy home and start your day less stressed.

15. Don’t Have a Junk Drawer

Office supplies in a junk drawer
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It’s not an unheard of concept. What’s in your junk drawer anyway? Things that you didn’t put where they belong, items you stored away to deal with later? Just elimate the junk drawer completely and your life will be much easier.

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