12 Things in Your Garage You Should Toss Right Now!

Many homeowners lack storage, and the garage becomes the catch-all for forgotten hobbies, sports, and furniture. Here are 12 things in your garage you should go ahead and toss today.

1. Old Tools

rusty unused tools forgotten in the garage
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When it comes to tools, we always think, “I might need this size screwdriver or wrench.” Broken and rusty tools take up so much storage space in a garage; trying to use them can cause injury and damage. Go ahead and toss those old channel locks.

2. Cardboard Boxes

stack of cardboard boxes all laid up in the garage
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That box- you know, the good one you swore you should keep- it’s time to toss it out. Whether it is the television box from Black Friday deals or a 16-piece cookware set, the space in your garage is way more valuable.

3. Old Lumber

old baseboards and trim pieces
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Old building materials can take up valuable space in your garage, and honestly, you don’t need the old baseboards or tile remnants. Clear out the building materials and enjoy the extra headroom.

4. Remnants of Paint Colors of the Past

leftover paint stored on the shelves in the garage
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Paint is expensive, and it is tempting to hold on to that quarter can of paint for touch-ups, but after five years, even correctly stored paint goes bad. Make sure to dispose of paint properly, but go ahead and let that collection go. See how to store leftover paint the right way.

5. A Time Capsule of Outgrown Toys

person holding a box of old toys
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Your kids’ interests change as frequently as the seasons, and that trendy toy they are hyper-fixated on will be yesterday’s news fairly quickly. After donating what you can, toss those old and broken toys to free up valuable space in your garage.

6. Old Shovels

four old rusted shovels on a white background
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The garage seems to be the graveyard of broken lawn tools and equipment. Disposing of these items can be troublesome due to their bulky size, but that pile of rakes and shovels collecting cobwebs in the corner needs to go. Toss the old lawn tools in favor of usable space.

7. Last Year’s Favorite Hobby

old unused craft supplies left out in the garage
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Remember that crochet hobby you spent hundreds of dollars of materials on and made one incomplete scarf? It’s time to get rid of all that yarn. Toss the old hobby supplies or donate them and reclaim your garage.

8. Garage Walk-in Closet

woman holding clothes with the intention to donate them
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Clothes piles don’t just affect the bedroom floor; that donation box has been sitting in the garage long enough. Clear out those boxes of outgrown clothing to free up ample space in your garage for needed storage. 

9. Outdated Electronics

old unused electronics on a white background to throw away
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You will never use that portable CD player again, so why is it and other electronics taking up space in your garage? Throw out the boombox, panel television, and those four broken laptops today.

10. Forgotten Home Gym

pedals of an unused gym equipment stored in the garage
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If all the exercise equipment you purchased has gone to a forgotten garage corner, it’s time to let it go. Remove the mismatched dumbbells and half-deflated medicine balls in favor of usable storage space.

11. Furniture for the Garage Sale

old furniture at the front of a property on a bright sunny day for garage sale
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Furniture is expensive, and when you replace it with something new, it is understandable to want to recoup some cost. Unused furniture sitting in a garage can inhibit space for parking or needed storage, so donate or list that unused furniture and free up space.

12. Cleats, Bats, and Balls

old baseball bat and glove laying on the floor
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As children grow up, they will try new sports or outgrow old sports equipment. Storing those items in your garage long-term can take up so much usable space. Clear out the clutter and donate items in decent shape to youth programs.

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