The Best Tips for Decluttering Your Home Quickly

Decluttering your home can seem like such a massive and overwhelming process and because of that, it can be very tempting to avoid doing it. It can feel impossible to imagine decluttering your home quickly so we don’t want to do it. I’m guilty of avoiding tasks I don’t want to do as well.

The problem is that it just makes your clutter problem worse. Which is something we really don’t want. Right?

So since we have to declutter and deal with the abundance of stuff we have in our homes. Let’s be smart about it. Let’s figure out how to declutter our home quickly so that we can get it done and move on to more fun things.

Do you have an issue with too much stuff and it feels like there is just too much clutter? You are definitely not alone because most people feel like they have too much stuff. Here are a few crazy facts about clutter.

  • The U.S. Department of Energy reports that one-quarter of people with two-car garages have so much stuff in there that they can’t park a car.
  • The average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothing every year. (source)
  • Worrying their home isn’t clean or organized enough is the 5th most common stress trigger for Americans. 47% say this caused stress within the past month. (Huffington Post survey)
  • 61% of women who have a hard time finding anything in their closet end up buying new clothes. (OnePoll survey)

Where do I start decluttering

This is a question I see come up for a lot of people when it comes to decluttering. Where do I start decluttering? or How do I start decluttering?

Sometimes the clutter that we’ve allowed to accumulate sometimes for years becomes so big and overwhelming. We know we need to declutter and to get rid of stuff but there is stuff everywhere and how do we begin?

For me the easiest way to begin decluttering is to pick one area of a room. Not the whole room because that is just too much to start with for me. Just one part of the room. That may be your pantry in the kitchen, the shoes in your closet, the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, etc.

Then go through that area and get rid of the trash, items that you no longer want or use and only keep things you need or will actually use. If you don’t know what to get rid of make sure you check out my list of 100 things to declutter today.

Why it’s important to declutter?

It is a lot of work to get your home organized and to take control of clutter. Especially if you haven’t kept up on it and it’s gotten out of hand. So why should you make time to deal with clutter? It’s not going to be fun and it’s a lot of work but it’s important that you do so.

Why is it so important?

A cluttered home can make you feel more overwhelmed and stressed out because a cluttered environment is stressful.

10 Ways to declutter your home quickly

1 Get rid of trash first

If you are ready to begin the process of decluttering your home the first place to start is with trash.

If you want to really declutter your home fast then doing the trash first will give you a big win by getting rid of a lot at once.

Plus it will be easier to start decluttering the items around the house if the trash is already gone and out of the way. So grab some trash bags and get rid of things.

Old mail and magazines, recyclables, and items that are broken beyond repair should be removed and disposed of in trash bags.  Remember to shred any documents containing your personal information.

Be honest with yourself. So many things you think you will use one day you will probably not use so get rid of them.

2 get rid of paper clutter

This can include piles of bills, junk mail, kid’s artwork, and school papers, really so many of us have way too much paper clutter taking over spaces in our homes.

I have found that having a set mail space that all mail goes to after you go through and toss junk mail greatly helps to cut down on the amount of paper piles. We get so much junk and getting rid of it as soomn as we come inside really helps it not to be spread around.

For kids paperwork and projects check out my How to organize your kids paperwork post from a few years ago. Especially if you have more than one child. I only have one kid and the amount of paper clutter just from her has been incredible.

3 Have a donation box/bin

When it comes to decluttering your home quickly the goal is to get rid of a lot of things from in the home that you no longer need. So, you need to know exactly what you plan to do with them. 

A great way to do this is to keep a decluttering box or bin handy in a closet or the garage, wherever is convenient in your home. If you come across something you don’t need anymore or the kids have outgrown, go ahead and put it straight in the decluttering bag.  Once the box or bin is full, take it to your local donation center.

Schedule another purging weekend in a month or two. It gets easier with each round.  If you have another decluttering weekend scheduled, you can tackle some areas that may have been too hard this first round!

4 Figure out what you really use/need

If you want to declutter your home quickly it’s going to take some effort and you are going to have to make some decisions. It’s time to figure out what you should keep based on what you will actually use and need. Not everything can be kept or you won’t get rid of any clutter.

This may be really hard for you if you have a lot of items you are sentimental about. This can really be a struggle when dealing with things that were your kids that they’ve outgrown or when dealing with gifts from people or things you’ve inherited from loved ones.

Here is a great post on decluttering sentimental items. It’s something I’ve gotten better at over the years but still struggle with. It’s important to really focus on what you really need and what is important. Keeping that in mind can really help you to work through the clutter.

5 Know your why

When it comes to doing something you don’t really want to do this is the top that can really make it possible. Like so many things decluttering is more something we should do or need to do and not really something we want to do.

To make it easier and therefore less work you need to figure out and establish your why.

Why are you decluttering?

Just because you should or need to is not a good why. Instead, let’s say because you want your home to feel more relaxed and less stressful. Or you want a home you can host events in. Maybe you want to be able to be the home where your kids can invite their friends over more often and it’s too hard to with all this stuff.

There are lots of reasons to declutter so think about it and figure out what your reason why is. That way when you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged during the decluttering process you can remember your reason to give yourself a boost of motivation.

Staying motivated is so important in the process of decluttering your home quickly. When you are discouraged or overwhelmed it becomes much harder to do.

6 Keep your surfaces clearer

One easy way to declutter your home quickly is to take care of your surfaces, that means tables, shelves and counters. Try to only keep what you really need on your counters so that they are usable spaces. Declutter your tables and try to keep them clear as possible.

It’s time to break that habit of dumping everything on the dining room table and letting it be a catch all.

71 in 1 out or 1 in 2 out

This decluttering your home quickly tip is simple. For every one item you bring in to your home you have to get rid of one item. When you are first starting out decluttering I would aim for one item in and two items out to really start seeing results.

The fact is that you are going to keep getting stuff. Either from doing your own shopping or as gifts. So having this rule in place makes it easier. You get a new sweater so pick one item from your closet to part with.

You need a new pot for the kitchen well what can you put in the donate box? Start making this 1 in and 1 out rule a habit and you should see that you have less clutter build-up.

8 Use a checklist to go through clutter quickly

If you are ready to declutter your home quickly then I want you to grab this checklist of things to declutter. It’s from my 100+ things to declutter post and full of ideas of things you may not even realize you need to declutter. So grab your copy and begin decluttering your home quickly starting today.

9 Set Limitations

This tip goes along with the 1 in 1 out rule. It’s important when decluttering to set limits for things coming back in. No matter how hard you try you aren’t going to stop your family from having stuff. We need a certain amount of things in our homes. It’s a matter of not going over the line from a regular amount to a cluttered amount. 

I have found that when my daughter was younger doing a donation of toys that are no longer played with right before holidays keep the number of toys down. I also do regular purging of clothing that my daughter has grown out of to either give to younger family members or donate. 

If you don’t have the space and people offer you things for free you need to set the limitation by saying no thank you. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by clutter out of obligation from others. You are always free to say no.

10. Ask for Help

One of the most important rules for decluttering your home quickly that I have is to ask for help.

You don’t need to do it all on your own. Unless you live alone and then it is all your responsibility. If you live with other people, like your spouse and children then everyone should share in the responsibility of taking care of the home.

So in our home, I do some things, my husband does some other things and my daughter has her own responsibilities. As she gets older those change as she becomes able to do new things and handle more.  Here are some chores for your teen that we have found to be a good starting point with our daughter.

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